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Bill of Rights

How to fight Trump (responsibly)

The uniquely American form of democracy may have flaws, but it is an amazing system that provides for both the rights of the individual and the greater good. Protecting this democracy is worth the work it requires.

Measure GOP candidates’ words against the Bill of Rights

American citizens should no longer settle for rhetoric designed to manipulate, but should strain to hear the wisdom within candidates’ words, words reflecting the bedrock values in the foundational documents, especially the American Bill of Rights.

Read, remember, and protect the Bill of Rights

Regardless of whether the “public servants” fully support the Constitution, it is indeed time for Americans to rededicate themselves “to preserve, protect, and defend” the Bill of Rights of these United States.

Gun Rights and the 14th Amendment

If the Fourteenth Amendment dictates equal application of the law, and if we are a nation of laws, then all gun laws passed by the United States Congress as well as subsequent legislation passed by states and counties should apply to law enforcement as well.

States rights and progressive hypocrisy

While the Left is lauding certain states who take it upon themselves to enact legislation on marijuana and marriage equality, championing their daring as they speed by federal law which is moving far too slow or not at all, they condemn states who take measures to protect the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms.