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Liberal’s and Big Tech’s censorship efforts destroying democracy in America

WASHINGTON, D.C.: It is interesting that when you do a Google web search for “new website to report fake news,” the World Health Organization comes up top of the list today. (How to report misinformation online)  It raises the critical thinking question; At what point do fact-checkers become ministers of propaganda? When do fact-checkers become ...

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Patriots moving under the radar of the government and Big Tech, for now

WASHINGTON — As more and more people, organizations, businesses, and ideas are censored, or in the current vernacular-“canceled”- those who know the lessons of history can read the signs.  They can see the subtle changes in the government as it changes into a totalitarian edifice designed to destroy the populace. The pastor and German poet ...

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Internet Censorship: How something meant to be good became very evil

In March 1989, Berners-Lee – the son of computer scientists – began organizing the projects, computer systems, research, and knowledge in the first global use of the Internet.  The tool for this worldwide connection was HTML – hypertext markup language. All leading to the very first building blocks of the World Wide Web (WWW). Hypertext ...

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Destroying America: The rise of the Big Tech leftist robber barons

WASHINGTON. Tucker Carlson of Fox News is one of the few honest Conservatives in media. He refuses to see politicians with a giant “R” in front of their names as the alpha and omega of goodness and righteousness. Back in 2019, Carlson attacked big “R” conservative Sen. Mike Lee of Utah for his sudden about-face ...

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Big Tech and the MSM: Furthering the side effects of COVID confusion

DALLAS: Right now there is a battle in this country over who can voice an opinion, or free speech, on Big Tech Media – Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few. While American’s are suffering from whiplash over the constantly changing narrative from the CDC, Fauci, Biden, and the World Health Organization, many of ...