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Who is liberal Hungarian billionaire George Soros, why does he matter?

KATONAH, NY: George Soros’ name often comes up in conversations without people really knowing the man they are talking about. People find the Hungarian billionaire to be either good or bad, without really addressing his end game which is very germane as to how people should decide about the man. The name of George Soros, ...

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Biden negotiates with Iran, but America must stand on right side of history

FRANCE: The new U.S. administration’s strategy is different from what the Obama administration intended. The Biden administration is considering renegotiating with Iran to set new guidelines for resuming nuclear talks because regional conditions have changed dramatically. Iran does not want to adapt to the regional changes shifting the balance of power. Instead, the regime is ...

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Americans Beware as mass insanity takes over Biden’s Amerika

FLORIDA: Insanity of the masses is nothing new, we’ve seen it throughout recorded history. Look at the Russian Revolution that started out against the ruling classes and quickly degraded into a frenzy of murder and mayhem. Until the last man standing was the most vicious killer among them, Vladimir Lenin. This cycle has repeated itself ...

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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: The church is questioning Biden’s abortion hypocrisy

WASHINGTON:  Joe Biden has been a catastrophic failure on the domestic, international, and moral stage. Biden always claimed he was a pro-life democrat not supporting the Hyde Amendment a bipartisan rider that has prevented the direct public funding of abortion for decades.  Catholic Church leaders are now questioning if abortion proponents should be given the ...