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Shades of Benghazi in Afghanistan crisis link to betrayal, profit

SAN DIEGO: Sunday, the remains of  Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum came home from Afghanistan to his distraught mother Kathy McCollum. The C-17 Globemaster carried 13 sacred flag-draped silver coffins. McCollum’s grief is not unlike other moms and dads of the 13, or those killed in Benghazi. They are victims of egregious government failures. McCollum ...

In 2016, the masses defeated the pompous asses

LOS ANGELES: It looks like the 2016 election will never end. Democrats have yet to come to terms with how they lost, why they lost, and why they deserved to lose. Hillary Clinton still has not figured out exactly, “What Happened.” They are oblivious to the fact that Normal America does not want a King ...

The unending lies of Hillary Clinton

Clinton claimed to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first men to climb Mt. Everest. The explorer didn’t climb Everest until Clinton was 6 years old.