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NFL Draft 2020

NFL Draft 2020 Virtual Round 1 Recap

When they write their memoirs or journals about this coronavirus plague year, football fans may number NFL Draft 2020 as among the most important.

A scary Halloween NFL 2019 Week 9 Preview and Bettor’s Guide

LOS ANGELES:  Hispanic Heritage Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Major League Baseball are all in the rearview mirror. Daylight Savings Time is about to join them. We turn our clocks back to Standard time several hours before the first game kicks off on Sunday. Before we get bogged down in Thanksgiving and Black Friday, ...

nfl winning

Sixteen important things we learned from Super Bowl LIII

LOS ANGELES: The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time. Since only 16 points were scored in Super Bowl LIII (53), here are 16 takeaways from the game.  1.) People who know nothing about football considered this game boring. This was a chess masterpiece by ...

NFL 2018-2019 Conference Title Games Preview and Bettor’s Guide

HONOLULU,:  For casual fans, the Super Bowl is the only game that matters. It has been turned into an entertainment spectacle featuring pointless halftime shows. Parties feature annoying individuals who demand silence during the commercials and refuse to shut up during the game. The Conference Title Games are for Leatherheads. The Super Bowl is almost anti-climactic. ...

On Any Given Sunday: NFL Week 4 Preview of games and bettors guide

LOS ANGELES: “Any Given Sunday” is more than just a great Al Pacino football movie about the Miami Sharks. It is the reason we love football. Shocking upsets are the norm. David does beat Goliath. Critics call it parity, but the better term that the late NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle strived for is competitive balance. ...

NFL 2017 Draft Day 1: Sheer insanity

The 2017 National Football League Draft had the potential to be one of the worst drafts ever. Instead, it had riveting intrigue and shock after shock after shock.