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amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Bob Taylor

Living with ALS: Guidelines for moving forward efficiently

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 6, 2019 – Sometimes I imagine myself in camouflage fatigues fighting an invisible creature called ALS. More commonly known as, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The truth is, that although ALS is a daily struggle that resembles a war, that’s where the similarities stop, because, in the end, the affliction is going to win. ...

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, als, night music, starry night, bob taylor

Living with ALS while battling the “Music of the Night”

CHARLOTTE, NC: Every day with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is an adventure. Most of the time it’s not pleasant, but there are exceptions now and then. Sometimes, there are actually benefits, though I can’t think any at the moment. As I have mentioned on several occasions, sleeping can be one of the most challenging ...

Living With ALS, Sleeping, Bob Taylor

Living with ALS and the challenge of sleeping

CHARLOTTE, NC:  One lesson ALS quickly teaches is that each day is a new experience. If “variety is the spice of life” then ALS has to rank among the “spiciest” diseases in existence. Comedian Redd Foxx would tell this one joke.  Foxx would say his uncle had two regrets in his whole life. One that ...

als, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gherig's Disease, Bob Taylor

Living with ALS: Reaching a milestone and giving thanks for the joys of life

CHARLOTTE, NC:  Today is a milestone for me because it marks my 100th column about ALS since being diagnosed with the condition. Though ALS is not something anyone desires to deal with, like almost anything else, there are mixed blessings hidden within the daily rituals of overcoming the on-going adjustments the ailment presents. Most people ...

Living with ALS, Victim, Disease, Victimized

Living with ALS, but not as a victim of the disease

Having lived with ALS for little over a year, things have happened to me I cannot control. Does that make me a victim? It might, but I continue to live, travel, write and love. So while my body may be a victim of the disease, I am not letting it take any more of my life than it can.

With ALS

Living with ALS: The milkman cometh – again

Each person deals with ALS in their own way. One thing I have noticed is that despite the level of loss of dexterity, almost everyone I encounter has a positive attitude and seems to have adjusted to their plight in their own personal way.