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1st Battalion, 8th Marines help hold last piece of ground in Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO: In strategic locations around the globe there is a USMC Ground Combat Element (GCE) on a Navy ship ready to respond to crises like Kabul. “The 24th [Marine Expeditionary Unit] MEU was on a regularly scheduled deployment when they were tasked to be prepared to conduct operations in Afghanistan,” says Maj. Jim Stenger, ...

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CAPS-Harris poll supports Kavanaugh, GoFundMe raises over $525K

WASHINGTON:  After just seven days, more than 11,000 American have voted with their pocketbook.  A GoFundMe account for the Kavanaugh Family has raised nearly $520K. With many donations between $5 and $10, Americans are showing their support of Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice. Rude statements by the anti-Trump and anti–Kavanaugh led to ...