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Allan C. Brownfeld

The Green Book, Negro, Allan C. Brownfeld

The story behind the Green Book: The Black persons guide to America

WASHINGTON:  Universal Picture – Dreamworks has released a movie based on the 1936 travel guide The Negro Motorist Green-Book.  For those of us who are old enough, and lived in the South, the years of segregation remain an indelible memory. I remember a time, not that long ago, when restaurants, rest-rooms, trains, buses and almost every ...

The immigration debate ignores that a dynamic society needs immigrants

WASHINGTON: The growing Immigration Debate debate over U.S. Immigration policy is an important one. However, it is often based on myth rather reality. It is true that every society must determine which immigrants it wishes to welcome. What requirements they must meet.  It is also true that we are not in proper control of our ...

Why do Republicans no longer oppose huge budget deficits

WASHINGTON: The Republican Party was once the party of free trade. The party in opposition to substantial budget deficits. Democrats, quite to the contrary, were the big spenders, utterly indifferent to deficits. Democrats, along with their colleagues in labor, are advocates of tariffs. Tariffs seen to protect American industries and jobs from the free market. ...

AIPAC: A Pro Israel friend or Israel’s worst enemy

By embracing the occupation and Israel's denial of political rights to millions of Palestinians, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is embracing policies that are harmful to Israel's long-term best interests. If AIPAC were a real friend, they would advance policies leading in a more hopeful direction.