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Afghans swarm jet to flee Taliban, women frightened; 7 deaths reported

SAN DIEGO: A terrible panic has erupted sending hundreds to Afghanistan’s Kabul airport to try and escape the Taliban. The people are left to their own defenses as President Ashraf Ghani hides away having fled his country. The former leader, soft on the Taliban, left Afghan citizens to their own defenses. Including Afghan women who ...

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Danny Burch: The 20th American hostage released under President Trump

WASHINGTON: In September of 2017, American oil worker Danny Burke was kidnapped in Yemen. Unidentified gunmen grabbed the American, now married to a Yemeni national, from his car and in broad daylight. At the time, Nadia Forsa, Burch’s wife said  “They did it broad daylight in front of everyone.” Burch is just one of many ...

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Is President Trump praising the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

WASHINGTON: In a meeting with cabinet officials early in January, President Trump made a startling declaration.  He said that the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in 1979 came about because “terrorists were going into Russia.” This is a historic position being promoted by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, himself a Communist at the time ...

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America is reaching our limit on Middle East limited war engagements

WASHINGTON. It seems President Donald Trump is listening to the wise words of George Washington. The first President who famously warned those following in his footsteps to avoid “mischiefs of foreign intrigue.”  Furthermore “to guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” A chain of endless war This did not sit well with Defense Secretary and ...