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Not Forsaken: a woman’s journey

FORT WORTH, Texas, August 24, 2019: Until the Mc Martin Preschool case hit the media in 1983, childhood sexual abuse really wasn’t part of mainstream thought. These crimes were often swept under the rug, the victims not believed, or incidents were played down. Many of them never told. Of course, this was not always so, ...

The American epidemic of emotional abuse

Nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime (48.4% and 48.8%), according to The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Mental health workers must collaborate with trauma survivors

BOSTON, February 22, 2014 – My name is Zoe Kessler, and I am both a clinical social worker and a survivor of commercial sex exploitation as a minor. As a clinician and an advocate against all forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), I have witnessed a gross misunderstanding for CSEC on the side ...

Tearing down the wall of silence: Victims of child sex abuse speak out

WASHINGTON, November 27, 2011—The world of college sports had been thrown off balance by recent allegations of sexual abuse against Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State University. Sandusky is accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with young boys he met through the “Second Mile” charity he founded in 1977, and using ...