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Progressive Left, Abortion, New York City, Cuomo

Abortion Politics and the Progressive Left destruction of America

WASHINGTON: It began with friends and family taking sides in a manner not seen in America since the Civil War.  After Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, anger in America has quickly escalated to a point where children are attacked. Where political correctness overshadows common sense. Where road rage leads to a man driving for ...

New York, Abortion, Paul H. Yarborough,

New York, New York: The rotting Big Apple legalizes infanticide

WASHINGTON: Andrew Cuomo et al seem to glory in the new law that allows a woman to forgo labor in place of removal and disposal of the womb-attached -super-fetus while claiming it’s not a child..  This seems to be the best nomenclature for New Yorkers since the womb dweller is apparently not legally a person. ...

Mother’s Day: Abortion’s assault on Motherhood in 2018

At the beginning of this new millennium, the assault upon the traditional role of motherhood may lead to the eradication of the model of the traditional family as the major building block of a stable society. Eradication of the value of the family is an existential threat to any healthy society.