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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: The church is questioning Biden’s abortion hypocrisy

WASHINGTON:  Joe Biden has been a catastrophic failure on the domestic, international, and moral stage. Biden always claimed he was a pro-life democrat not supporting the Hyde Amendment a bipartisan rider that has prevented the direct public funding of abortion for decades.  Catholic Church leaders are now questioning if abortion proponents should be given the ...

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Democrat legislative agenda: Out of touch with America’s values

WASHINGTON: The new Congress is fully back in the legislative swing. Unfortunately, it appears the most radical wing of the Democratic Party is driving the parties agenda. Issues that would not be touched by the Democrats just a few years ago are now front and center. Over the last week, the Price of Business radio ...

Abortion, Infanticide, Bob Siegle

Infanticide in America: How did we fall so far so fast?

SAN DIEGO. Current law says that anyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen with rights. This point is being made in discussions about immigration. But such rights seem rather fleeting if a botched up late term abortion results in an abortion surviving viable baby. In those cases, the baby can be refused medical ...

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Ralph Northam is confused, but what kind of man is he?

WASHINGTON: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is “asking for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness.” The man he is today, he says, is not the man he was. Who he was isn’t clear. Northam is confused. In a statement yesterday, Northam says: “I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did ...