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2nd Amendment

S. 2105: A bill to end all gun registries

When the federal government fails to pass another piece of knee jerk, emotionally driven law in a long line of knee jerk, emotionally driven law, the states feel that it is their duty to pick up where Washington left off. They do this in the form of state gun registries, firearms identification cards, weapons classifications bans, and restrictive conceal carry issuance guidelines, all which the federal government is too scared to do.

HIGGINS: Fighting to restore 2nd amendment rights in Washington D.C.

This legislation seeks to undo that irony, to remedy that situation. It represents, along with other proposed legislation, a push back against the radical anti-gun culture which seeks to demonize and denigrate firearms owners. This legislation seeks to empower the people of Washington to take their safety into their own hands, because the police don’t have to.

Almost, Arizona: Jan Brewer Vetoes Gun Rights Laws

As the law did in Georgia, and if the bill was passed in Arizona, it would have forced the government of Arizona to admit that they cannot be universally responsible for the safety of their citizens at all time, and that if the state makes no provisions to secure their safety the people are charged with securing their own.

Illinois legislators square off on gun rights

The proposals limiting the freedom and places where an individual can carry their firearm are simply meant to deter gun owners from purchasing guns, owning guns, and carrying guns on a daily basis.

Bloomberg’s ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’: Saving you from you

The time has come! It is time for the people of the United States to get up and join Every Town for Gun Safety in their crusade to bring the fight to the NRA! Former Mayor of New York City, the safest and least gun crime ridden city in the World, has pledged to raise $50 million to help elect smart, “gun sense” minded politicians in local and federal elections around the country.

Holder seeks new smart gun technologies

There seem to be no bounds to the limits that the Obama Administration will push their anti-gun agenda on the American people. There seems to be no restraint anymore, no hiding the fact that the Obama Administration seeks to control the gun industry, and gun owners in the United States of America.

The EU, US, and the Arms Trade Treaty

Heavily veiled as an attempt to stifle the illicit global arms trade currently responsible for adding fuel to the fire of countless wars and conflicts around the globe, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has far reaching implications for the sovereignties and individual liberties of American citizens.

Florida moves to strengthen gun rights

We will continue to see this trend in America. As more states move to restrict gun rights, other states will respond accordingly to loosen theirs or in some cases block the efforts of the Federal government to infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

Witaschek Verdict Highlights Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

This is what it boils down to, this case against Mr. Witaschek, and that is cronyism and ignorance. If we are to apply the law equally as it states under the Fourteenth Amendment then David Gregory and Dianne Feinstein need to be brought up in charges. If we are to have responsible governance then lawmakers who wish to pass gun control legislation need to be informed about guns, period.

The Christie gun control conundrum of a Red Governor in a Blue State

Chris Christie, embattled governor of the Garden State, is facing an important decision. Indeed with the national spotlight on him in mind for a 2016 Presidential run, as well as a result of recent scandals, all of his decisions are important and have national implications.