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2016 Presidential Election

It’s time to bury the Jeb Bush campaign

The Bush campaign rolled out a new slogan today, "Jeb Can Fix It", but the electorate and media are already dancing on his grave. Don't R.I.P. Jeb!, just go away.

The 2016 Presidency may hinge on smart use of the Smartphone

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2015—Here’s a tip for the crop of 2016 presidential hopefuls: skip the listening tours, the campaign swag and television commercials; instead, program yourself a Smartphone app. Less than a week after her announcement that she would run for president in 2016, America is already weary of Hillary Clinton’s manufactured everyman show. ...

The Clintons, Obamas and the ghost of Michael Dukakis

Michael Dukakis, the former Massachusetts governor and failed presidential candidate. Before him came Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter and George McGovern. They were all politically liberal presidential candidates who lost their elections by a landslide.