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2014 Elections

Election season and ISIS: The two contexts of ‘degrade and ultimately destroy’

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 8, 2014 – In recent months, the Islamic State went from “a JV team,” according to President Obama, to “a threat to the civilized world… beyond anything that we’ve seen … (and) as sophisticated and well-funded as any group,” according to Secretary of Defense Hagel. The President has since revised his position to ...

The UCSB shooting won’t lead to more gun control

Unfortunately for gun control advocates the USCB shooting cannot and will not spark a gun control debate that will catch the right amount of fire to make national waves. And while the gun control handbook literally instructs their supporters to capitalize on the emotional distress of a populace after a shooting incident, their seeds will bear no fruit.

Multiculturalism is the GOP’s biggest problem this year

OCALA, Fla., April 22, 2014 — The primary reason for President Obama’s second-term victory, and the most pressing issue for the next election, is not economics, foreign policy, or even populism. Instead, it is something we generally hear little about: multiculturalism. While recognizing diversity is accepting the facts of reality, multiculturalism is something else entirely. As ...

Team Obama heads downballot

Widely lauded for their use of technology and advance data analysis in 2012, Democrats are trying to replicate the smartest aspects of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign with Project Ivy.

2014 Elections: Three things the GOP must do to win

The Obama Administration’s rocky implementation of the Affordable Care Act has made the Republican Party increasingly optimistic in the early days of 2014. Each piece of bad Obamacare news has helped cement “Winning the Senate” as the top item on the GOP New Year’s resolution list.