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World Cup dominates ESPN ratings – Olbermann implores US don’t be soccer’s British light

Written By | Jul 2, 2014

WASHINGTON, July 2, 2014 – ESPN has reported that the World Cup Soccer match between the USA and Belgium gave the broadcaster a 9.6 overnight rating, making it the highest rating for a World Cup match on ESPN and/or ESPN2.

These numbers represent a 5% increase of the US v Ghana match in 2010.

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Top-ten metered markets watching were New york (15.) Hartford/.New Haven (13.2), Washington, D.C. (12.8), Richmond (12.3), Boston (12.2), West Pam Beach (12.), Baltimore (11.4), Cincinnati (11.4), San Diego (11.) Columbus (10.8),  Norfolk (10.8), Orlando (10.8)

Online the World Cup is besting live stream of Internet sporting events.  ESPN live streams have seen more than 30 million viewing hours during the World Cup in Brazil, making it the most-streamed sporting even in the US.  NBC reported that the 2012 Summer Olympics generated 20.4 million viewing hours.  Winter Olympics at Sochi creating 10.8 million viewing hours.

As of the end of Monday, June 30, ESPN has streamed 1.8 billion minutes, or29.8 million hours, of World Match coverage.

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Technology experts are saying the increase, while there is an increase of interest in soccer, may also be due to better mobile aps and online delivery to mobile devices such as smart phone and table devices.

However not everyone cares.  Keith Oberlmann doesn’t, though he has some advice for US Soccer – don’t be British soccer light. And stay away from FIFA! Here is John Oliver on FIFA and soccer mania!


Jacquie Kubin

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