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This is why you hate New York Yankee Derek Jeter

Written By | Sep 26, 2014

LOS ANGELES, September 26, 2014 — Unless you’re a Yankees fan, you probably hate the Yankees and you probably have pretty good reasons as well. You surely hate Alex Rodriguez, and there too you probably have pretty good reasons. Unfortunately, some of those same people also hate Derek Jeter.

Unless you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you probably do not have any good reasons to hate Derek Jeter, but you just do anyway. What has Derek Jeter done to deserve your hate? What has he done that makes you speak such vile things about another human?

Perhaps, you really hate that he was a first round draft pick and thus expected to succeed. Maybe you even hate the fact that he lived up to these expectations and made his Major League Debut at the ripe age of 20. You probably also hate that he was the rookie of the year. The nerve of that kid!

Could it be that you hate Derek Jeter because in an age of free agency where so few players stick with their team, Jeter has remained with the Yankees and never even entertained the thought of playing elsewhere. Even Kobe Bryant at times contemplated life outside of the Lakers organization.

Perhaps, it is Jeter’s constant professionalism on and off the field that gets your goat. The guy has spent 20 years in Major League Baseball and has played in 2745 games, yet he has never, not once, been kicked out of a game by an umpire. Even the well-mannered Clayton Kershaw has been given the boot from a game.

Clearly by hitting a home run for hit number 3000, Derek Jeter is a jerk. He definitely deserves your snide comments for that one. What was he thinking anyway? Hitting a home run for number 3000 is just a pompous show of arrogance, right?

Speaking of home runs, Jeter only has 264 in his career. What a jerk. Maybe you hate him because of the jump throw. Jeter says he practices that play. You call him a liar and say it was luck.

Surely, you hate Derek Jeter because he played his entire career in the height of the steroid era and the subsequent witch hunting era and he made it through completely unscathed, never accused, and never even suspected of using performance enhancing drugs.

You hate that he has five Gold Glove awards. Okay, you may have a leg to stand on there, but ultimately he is not to blame for the actions of the voters.

After the Yankees started winning with homegrown talent, George Steinbrenner spent whatever it took to keep the winning going. People hate the Yankees for that. Derek Jeter won five World Series titles with the Yankees during that time. While he surely helped those teams, he did not pay for their giant salaries out of his own pocket.

You probably will not admit this, but you secretly hate Jeter because of all of the beautiful women, movie stars, models, and unknowns alike, that have been linked romantically to him. Jealousy is always an ugly trait, regardless of your gender.

Derek Jeter is a rare player who does not seem to be the best at any one thing, but he does everything well. There are not many players out there who do everything well. Derek Jeter is the ultimate example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The guy’s career has played out like a sappy Disney movie only a kid would believe, but as the kids are saying these days, “Haters gonna hate.”

Kevin J. Wells is the Sports Editor for Communities Digital News. He also writes about Major League Baseball, punk rock music and food. Kevin also writes for New Noise Magazine and plays guitar in the Los Angeles punk band Emmer Effer. Follow him on Twitter @WellsOnBaseball

Kevin Wells

Kevin J. Wells was born and raised in the Los Angeles area in a town called Montrose. He is the Sports Editor and a baseball and punk music columnist at Communities Digital News. He also writes for New Noise Magazine and currently plays guitar for and is a founding member of the Los Angeles punk rock band, Emmer Effer.