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Sixteen important things we learned from Super Bowl LIII

Written By | Feb 4, 2019
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LOS ANGELES: The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time. Since only 16 points were scored in Super Bowl LIII (53), here are 16 takeaways from the game. 

1.) People who know nothing about football considered this game boring.

This was a chess masterpiece by the two greatest defensive minds in NFL history, Bill Belichick and Wade Phillips. Too many people think offense is beautiful and defense is ugly. This was not bad offense. It was fantastic defense by two of the very best. This game was a tribute to Deacon Jones, Mean Joe Greene, Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis, Buddy Ryan, and anyone who loves old-style football.

2.) It’s a shame the Pro Football Hall of Fame only allows head coaches and not assistant coaches.

Wade Phillips belongs in the Hall.

3.) When betting on youth vs. experience, choose experience every single time.

Last year youth defeated experience, but that is not the norm.

4.) The MVP stands for Most Valuable Player.

With all respect to Julian Edelman, no player deserved the award. The Most Valuable Person was clearly Bill Belichick.

5.) In a surprising turn of events, Sean McVay did not even try one fake punt with Johnny Hekker.

6.) Brandon Cooks dropped two touchdown passes in the end zone.

The first one was a great defensive play, but the second one was inexcusable. If he catches those two balls, the Rams win the Super Bowl.

7.) Tom Brady is better at inventing fictional enemies who disrespect him than anyone except Michael Jordan.

The whole “nobody gave us a chance” blather is nonsense. The Patriots were favored to win this game.

8.) Tom Brady is not the greatest quarterback of all time.

He is third behind Johnny Unitas and Otto Graham.

9.) Bill Belichick is not the greatest head coach of all time.

Young people need to read up on Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Paul Brown, and maybe a couple of others. 

10.) Belichick is the greatest defensive football mind of all time.

Wade Phillips is second.

11.) This was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

The Patriots became the lowest scoring team to ever win a Super Bowl. This happens when two teams who run the ball really well for some bizarre reason refuse to commit to the run for most of the big game.

12.) The Patriots are not the greatest NFL dynasty of all time.

They are better than the 1980s 49ers but not the 1960s Packers or the 1970s Steelers. The Browns of the 1940s and 1950s may still be the best.

13.) The Patriots won all six of their Super Bowls by a combined 29 points.

The 1983 Raiders, 1985 Bears, 1987 Redskins, 1989 49ers, 1992 Cowboys and 2013 Seahawks all won their individual Super Bowl by at least 29 points.

14.) For those thinking that a Chabad Rabbi won the MVP award, it was actually just Julian Edelman going for the Chabad Telethon look.
15.) The worst thing a good team who loses the Super Bowl can do is guarantee that they will be back.

Dan Marino never got back to the big game after his one appearance. Nobody on the Rams made that guarantee, which is smart.

16.) The Saints would have given the Patriots a much better game.

This is absolutely not a commentary on the controversial NFC Title Game. It comes down to the issue of experience. Sean Payton and Drew Brees had it. Sean McVay and Jared Goff did not.

17.) Bonus takeaway:

For all the talk of the entire country outside of New England hating the Patriots, it felt like a home game for them. One possibility is that plenty of Saints fans drove the relatively short drive from New Orleans to Atlanta to jeer the Rams. Another even more painful theory is that the reputation of Los Angeles fans being apathetic is deserved. Let us see how many Los Angeles Hollywood celebrities wear Patriots gear ahead of awards shows.

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