The left’s Constitutional twist: You better love The Kiss


HOUSTON, May 16, 2014 — The framers of the Constitution would be dismayed at the way the secular left has twisted the very essence of one of the greatest political documents ever written.

If they could see how the left has been trying to twist the Constitution by their in-your-face policies, they would shake their heads in disbelief. Americans can’t read and understand a document fewer than 4,500 words long?

A document designed to protect Americans and our liberties from government and from each other has been distorted into a justification to obliterate freedom. It was designed as the political foundation of a nation erected on principles, and every day it is used to erode those principles.

Each day we pick up the morning paper or turn on the TV to learn that another policy is being introduced that will grant someone the power to take over one more bit of our lives, or to further undermine the foundations of our society.

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Government cowers before the power of the secular left, passing laws designed to turn in-your-face politics into on-your-knees laws. Your values, your aspirations and your family mean nothing unless they deliver more votes.

What does the military need with an atheist chaplain? When did the role of the military turn from defending the country to nurturing leftist sensibilities and social experiments? You don’t approve? Shut up or get out.

There is a war on the right of Americans to express their opinions, except those that fit the agenda of the far left. Consider Cliven Bundy, and Donald Sterling.

Bundy and Sterling are men from another era. They said what too many people might think. Most of us don’t think the way they do, so why not scoff at them, ridicule them, and dismiss them as the subhuman vermin they are?

Not only does the far-left play that game, but an increasing number of the conservative thinkers have joined in.

We applaud when people express moral views, as long as those views are our own. We treasure the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but only when it is interpreted exactly as we interpret it. If your interpretation is different, if your moral views are different, we have no interest in any other qualities you might have as a human being, and in fact we deny your humanity. You’re a backward fool worth less than what one might find on the floor of a public restroom.

This is the politics of personal destruction. It’s the new national pastime. Now everyone can be a target: president, billionaire, rancher, private citizen; we’ll destroy you for what you say in public, and what you say in private; it doesnt matter who you are or what you do, but only what you think, and if your thoughts aren’t orthodox, heaven help you.

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Members of the Supreme Court often disagree and write contradicting opinions. That process is no longer respected. If the court decides the wrong way, it is just a political tool. That belief is held by left and right. In the politics of personal destruction game, there can be no respect for the opposition, and no respect for the institution. We kick yet more of the foundation out from under the edifice of the American state.

Michael Sam gave his boyfriend a kiss on ESPN. Some thought that was great; others thought it was awful. You are allowed to express yourself if you think it’s great; if you don’t, the NFL will fine you and put you on suspension. There is only one permissible moral take on this, which makes us moral absolutists.

Congratulations, Dolphins, you’ve just argued that there is absolute morality, that one side can speak for God or whatever moral absolute exists, and you got the liberal press and those who want to be free from God to stand up and cheer.

Some fans of the NFL don’t want to applaud The Kiss, nor do they want to support it in front of their kids. You may consider them poor, benighted souls with the moral value of a cabbage, but when did God talk you out of a burning Steak Diane to tell you it’s okay to stone anyone who didn’t like The Kiss? Where in the Constitution did you get the idea that it’s okay to fire and fine people for opposing points of view? When did the Dolphins management become our arbiters of public morality?

The yammering crowd of morality Nazis may want uniformity of thought, but they’ll settle for uniformity of expression. Don’t say anything bad, even in the privacy of your home, because if it gets out, you’re royally up the creek. Watch out for the housekeeper or the resentful girlfriend or the angry child with a cell phone.

“Shame on you,” if you don’t like Obamacare, or think that voter ID might be an okay idea. You’re a racist. Drop dead, don’t bother going to work, you don’t deserve a job. “Shame on you” if you didn’t like The Kiss, or if you’re not convinced that same-sex marriage is a good idea. You’re a homophobe. Drop dead, don’t bother going to work, you’re fired. “Shame on you” if you don’t think churches should have to pay for abortions. You’re a hateful misogynist and your god is dead. Who cares what religious people think?

Welcome to America in 2014. The Founding Fathers would be stunned that this is what we’ve crafted from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is what they bled to create — a nation of whinging, self-righteous, purse-lipped bullies.

Many things have changed since my school days, I was raised not even knowing a bully. In my small town us boys were corn and catfish feed. We felt that we had the choice of friends, and we believed that the teaching of morality was the American way. Even if we didn’t believe what the majority did, it was our God-given and constitutionally-protected right to believe it.

Bullies always end up on the bottom, and so will this in-your-face, on-your-knees crowd. The only question is, how long will the rest of us will tolerate the jack-booted feet on our necks?

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  • R. Thomas

    When is enough,Enough.I am a straight white conservative male.A vet,Who swore to uphold and defend the constitution.where are the rest of you, Who swore the same.This has become insane!please someone tell me what can we do?

    • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

      Thank you for your service to our country. I feel the same way & am trying to educate my children & adults I’m in contact with. I wish there was a way to wake everyone up!!

      • WhiteEagle1937

        Before you can wake everone up Will have get rid of the liberal

        • seal

          uh, before you can ‘wake everyone up’, you have to get rid of the false right/left paradigm- a ‘liberal’ can make the same statement towards ‘conservatives’ and both are equally right/wrong- they don’t mean anything, its empty talk..
          both parties are equally controlled by private interest groups and corporations that are above politics.
          You have the illusion of choice with the false left/ right- but the groups get their people in on either side, and their agendas get furthered whomever is in office…

          • WhiteEagle1937

            A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

          • francesca9

            Harry Reid is a crook.

    • edster48

      is that you Ron?

    • Enubus

      Congratulations my friend, you fell down a rabbit hole and didn’t even realize it. Now you reside in Wonderland, where the rules are dictated by mentally ill mad hatters and Demoncrat door mice, with Ovomit as the red queen, if you know what I mean. Lock and Load!

  • SgtWD

    Anyone who would remove, restrict, or infringe upon your Rights presumes to be your Master. If
    you allow them to be your Master, that makes you their Slave. You have a choice; you can be a Slave or a Free American Citizen. Choose Wisely.

  • Charles Vandegriffe

    What can we do? Well I am 84 years young and I just finished a 10 week course on the constitution, federalist papers and founding fathers writings–Why? to better understand the violations that currently are going on in our country. We can voice our desires at the election box this coming November and elect people with integrity at all levels of politics as they say politics start at the local level–so keep the faith and sometimes in life one has to go to the bottom of the barrel to realize what we are missing–the American people always rise to the occasion–I know as I seen it happen–

    • francesca9

      Good for you, It would be nice if everyone would just read the constitution!

  • edster48

    I never have, nor will I ever, submit to this PC rubbish. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. My opinions are my own and you don’t have to like them. Every American has the RIGHT to express their opinions and not be punished for it. I will fight this until the day I die.

    • seal

      opinions are your own huh? Can you explain the origin of every thought that comes in your head?

      • edster48

        Why should I have to? Especially to an ignoramus like yourself.
        Go hump someone else’s leg, mutt.

        • seal

          because given your statement, you should be able to– but that’s about what I thought– I mean with the predictable/reactionary comment..
          but the deeper point is, no most people don’t think for themselves because people have no idea about what all implanted in the subconscious that causes their actions/reactions- esp those that like to exclaim ‘they think for themselves— as they roughly fall into the same boat as everyone else, when it all shakes out…
          But don’t want to lose the point that you are trying to express yourself whether its popular opinion or not- which is a good thing…and the positives should always be accentuated 🙂 good job

          • Sharon Fairchild Johnson

            Oh, here
            ‘s an original (or not) thought…SHUT UP, seal

          • undem

            Just think, if he’d used bad grammar, you could have corrected that too.

      • Carla Cox

        We have the right to any thought no matter it’s origin!
        You professed one here even though it is rediculous!

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      Obama’s administration is in support of U.N. Resolution 16/18 which would criminalize any criticism of Islam. Not only would such a resolution be a violation of our First Amendment as guaranteed by our Constitution, but it would lend support to the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission of imposing Islamic Sharia law upon our land.

  • francesca9

    I don’t have to love “the kiss”. Now who is going to make me? You have the right to love “the kiss”……it is called freedom of speech.