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NFL 2021 Week 10 CDN Preview and Bettor’s Guide

Written By | Nov 9, 2021
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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana, November 9, 2021 — Somewhere in heaven, the late NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle is smiling. At the midpoint of the 2021 season, the NFL has what Rozelle desperately desired during his tenure. On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team. Critics deride this as parity, also known as mediocrity. Yet parity i the wrong term. The NFL does not want every team to finish 8-8. There are 12-4 teams and 4-12 teams every year. However, the 4-12 teams can beat the 12-4 teams. This is not parity. It is competitive balance. That’s the way it is as we await this week’s upcoming NFL 2021 Week 10 battles.

If ever there was a week to celebrate competitive balance, Week 9 of the 2021 NFL season was it.

The 4-4 Denver Broncos went into Dallas and throttled the 7-1 Cowboys. The Broncos led 30-0 and won 30-16.

The 3-4 Atlanta Falcons went into New Orleans and stunned the 5-2 Saints 27-25.

The 5-2 Las Vegas Raiders lost at the 2-6 New York Giants 20-16. The Giants defense kept the Raiders out of the end zone on five straight trips to the red zone. The Raiders were dealing with the tragic Henry Ruggs situation, but football does not tolerate excuses.

The 5-2 Buffalo Bills ran into a buzzsaw in Jacksonville and lost to the 1-6 Jaguars in a 9-6 street light.

The 6-2 Tennessee Titans went into Los Angeles and hit the 7-1 Rams in the mouth 28-9.

The 4-4 Cleveland Browns went into Cincinnati and demolished the 5-3 Bengals 41-16.

The 7-1 Green Bay Packers lost at the 4-4 Kansas City Chiefs 13-7. Aaron Rodgers did not play, but again, football does not tolerate excuses..

The 3-4 Minnesota Vikings went into Baltimore and took the Ravens to the limit. The Vikings led 24-10 before falling in overtime 34-31.

The 3-5 Chicago Bears went into Pittsburgh and nearly shocked a 4-3 Steelers team that had won three straight. The Bears overcame a 20-6 fourth quarter deficit to take a 27-26 lead. The Steelers kicked the winning field goal with 25 seconds left, but their 29-27 win was only secure when a 65 yard field goal try by the Bears fell a few yards short on the final play.

More competitive balance proof…

Out of 15 games, nine games saw the team with the weaker record defeat or nearly defeat the team with the stronger record. In seven of those games, the team with the weaker record did win. In four of those game, the weaker team went on the road and defeated the stronger team.

Not every game featured an upset. The Arizona Cardinals won easily to reclaim the NFL’s best record at 8-1. The New York Jets were as terrible as ever.

While the Stupor Bowl between the 1-7 Houston Texans and 1-7 Miami Dolphins lived up to its billing with nine combined turnovers, it was still competitive game won 17-9 by the Dolphins.

In other team sports, it seems like the same teams make the playoffs every year. A bunch of teams start the season knowing they have zero chance at the playoffs, much less a championship.

The National Football League truly does give fans of all 32 teams hope. Even the winless Detroit Lions will eventually defeat someone in stunning fashion. It has been more than 50 years since the 18-point underdog Jets shocked the then Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III. That spirit of plucky underdogs shocking heavy favorites still lives in the NFL today.

No matter how lopsided a match looks on paper, predicted results on paper are meaningless. Paper results are disproven every week. To quote ESPN uber-announcer Chris Berman “THAT’S why they PLAY the GAMES!”

Clearly, competitive balance in any given NFL battle is real. That’s why we watch the games.

With that, here is the 2021 NFL Week 10 Preview and Bettor’s Guide. Point spreads provided by and all times Eastern.

NFL 2021 Week 10: Thursday, November 11, 2021, 8:00 p.m.

Baltimore Ravens (-7.5) at Miami Dolphins —

As awful as the Dolphins are, the Ravens have struggled in recent weeks. The spread is too high for a road team that has lacked consistency. A garbage touchdown is plausible. Ravens win but fail to cover.

NFL 2021 Week 10: Sunday, November 14, 1:00 p.m.

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys (-9) —

The Cowboys will not be humiliated at home by an average team two weeks in a row. The Cowboys will take their anger out on a Falcons team lacking significant talent. The spread is high, but Matty Ice had his moment of glory last week. This week the interceptions will come. Cowboys cover.

New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans (-2.5) —

The Titans got their big statement win last week and have won four straight. The Saints loss at home to Atlanta was not acceptable, and their quarterback situation remains murky. The Titans will not have a letdown at home. If Adrian Peterson still has gas left in the tank, the Titans will punish the Saints in the trenches. Titans cover.

Buffalo Bills (-13.5) at New York Jets —

The Bills are not going to suffer embarrassing losses to inferior teams in two straight weeks. The Bills are the superior team, and the Jets find new ways to get worse. Yet the spread is way too high given that the Jets put up a ton of garbage points last week. Bills win but fail to cover.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-9.5) at Washington Mystery Men —

This spread would be high if Ron Rivera’s team had its normal good defense. This year their defense has regressed. Tom Brady will fire at will and shred the nameless Washington nomads without an identity. Buccaneers cover.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-10.5) —

The Jaguars won a shocker at home against Buffalo. Now comes the reality check. The Colts built up a 32 point lead at home against the Jets before settling for a 15 point win. Garbage time touchdowns do not defeat the spread when the game is a blowout. Colts cover.

Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5) —

The Steelers nearly blew a 14 point fourth quarter lead for the first time in franchise history, but they survived to win their fourth game in a row. The Lions are winless, witless and worthless. The Lions were competitive in some of the games but lost by 38 points at Philadelphia. The Steelers never win easy though. Steelers win but fail to cover.

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots (-1.5) —

Both teams won resounding road victories last week but the momentum favors the Patriots. They started 1-3 and have quietly gone 4-1 since. Bill Belichick will pull out all the stops to torment his former team that fired him 25 years ago. Patriots cover.

NFL 2021 Week 10: Sunday, November 14, 4:00 p.m.

Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers (-2.5) —

The Chargers spent years losing close games but this year are winning them. This year the Vikings are losing close games in agonizing fashion. Go with the trend, especially since Justin Herbert was impressive last week in a road win at Philadelphia. Chargers cover.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals (-10) —

The Cardinals won a game this year without their coach. they won last week without their quarterback or star receiver. The defense has been relentless. This week the Cardinals will be at full strength. The Panthers looked awful in an embarrassing home loss to New England. With Sam Darnold regressing, this game should not be competitive. Cardinals cover.

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (-4) —

Russell Wilson is back, but Aaron Rodgers should be as well. The Packers were immobile last week without him. This could be a duel to the final play. Packers win but fail to cover.

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos (-3) —

The Broncos have won two straight. They just went on the road and destroyed Dallas. The Broncos will not have a letdown at home against an Eagles team that lost at home to the Chargers. Teddy Bridgwater looked like his rookie self last week. If this is a trend, the Broncos can save their season. Broncos cover.

NFL 2021 Week 10: Sunday, November 14, 8:00 p.m.

Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5) at Las Vegas Raiders —

For the second time this season, the Raiders lost a very winnable game. Their red zone offense was horrendous at the Giants. The Chiefs barely survived at home against a Green Bay team starting a rookie quarterback in his first NFL game. The last two years the Raiders have started strong but turned into the faders down the stretch. Now they are without Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette. Yet the Raiders did pick up DeSean Jackson. The Chiefs are still the AFC West champions until proven otherwise. Chiefs cover.

NFL 2021 Week 10: Monday, November 15, 8:00 p.m.

Los Angeles Rams (-4.5) at San Francisco 49ers —

Both teams were humiliated at home last week, but the Rams are still much better than the 49ers. Yet with these NFC West division rivals, throw out the records. Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan will both pull out all the stops. This could go down to the final play. Expect the Rams to rebound. Rams win but fail to cover.


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