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Leave the NFL Overtime Coin Toss rule alone

Written By | Jan 24, 2022
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KC Chiefs Patrick Mahomes video screen shot

A phenomenal NFL weekend was capped by an epic game for the ages between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. The lead changed three times in the final two minutes. Josh Allen gave the Bills the lead with 13 seconds left in regulation. Patrick Mahomes delivered a miracle, tying the game and winning in overtime. The game became an instant classic and should represent everything that is right about football.

Bring on those who have to find rain on the sunniest of days or ruin a fantastic sports moment. Bring on the political complaints.

Many of the people complaining do not even realize their complaints are political.

They think they are arguing about sports, but there is an ugly sheen of politics beneath their sports argument.

The Chiefs won the overtime coin toss and scored a touchdown, ending the game. The argument is that the NFL overtime rules should be changed because the Bills never saw the ball in overtime. Stunningly, many of the people advocating for this rule change claim to be politically conservative.

The only thing that should bother society more than liberals are conservatives who act like liberals.

Liberals are the people who constantly try to argue that rules are stupid.

Conservatives believe in rules. Liberals say we must change things in the name of fairness. Trying to force fairness is a progressive bad habit that ends up harming everyone involved. Usually, these regressive demands change where a change is unnecessary. They invent a problem and then demand a solution to a fictional problem.

There is no need to change the overtime rule.

The Bills did not lose to the Chiefs because of a coin toss.

The Bills lost because they could not hold a lead with only 13 seconds to play in regulation.

There is no excuse for that inability to protect the lead.

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To being with, this game never should have gone to overtime

The game was fair. It was clean. The officials called only four penalties the entire game. They let the players play. The players did so in spectacular fashion. Changing the rules implies that the Chief’s victory was tainted. It was not.

The Bills were great. The Chiefs were one play better. Josh Allen was spectacular. Patrick Mahomes was just slightly better. The Bills should have won in regulation. They failed to do so. The Buffalo defense melted down at the worst possible time due to exhaustion.

If the Bills wanted the ball in overtime, their defense should have forced a stop.

Had the Bills won the overtime coin toss, the same would be said of the Kansas City defense.

The overtime rules did not defeat the Bills.

The Kansas City Chiefs did because Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the National Football League right now. In acts of pure class and sportsmanship, Allen and Mahomes hugged after the game. so did Bills coach Sean McDermott and Chiefs coach Andy Reid. They all accepted the results without blame. The fans need to do the same. Accept the rules.

Leave the NFL overtime rules alone. NFL overtime is called sudden death for a reason.

Do not be a liberal. Accept the rules and move on. If the players and coaches on the losing team can admit the game was fair, that should be good enough for the rest of us as well.


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