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Ben Taub General Hospital evacuated as police seek active shooter

Written By | Feb 21, 2017

HOUSTON, February 21, 2017 – With a call of Code White, the level one trauma center of Ben Taub hospital in Houston, Texas has gone into lockdown, evacuating patients as reports of an active shooter on the second floor, where there are 487 patients beds. More than 200 police officers have responded to the scene, some with assault rifles.

Houston Police are now searching the hospital and at this reporting (3:43 pm est) there are no reports of any persons being shot.

This is not the first active shooting incidence at the Ben Taub hospital. Click2Houston reported (October 24, 2014) that police confirmed that George Vallikappill, 58, shot and killed his co-worker, identified as 42-year-old Reena Ajit Koshy, after she ignored his romantic advances. Koshy was shot in the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy. Houston police said Kosy was shot in the back as she stood at her workstation.

Ben Taub is located near Rice University, the Houston Zoo, and the Children’s Hopsital. Evacuations continue as police are searching the premises for any shooters.

Police are confirming that this is an active shooter situation, though it appears no one has been harmed at this time (3:55 pm EST).

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

Police are reporting that at 1:59 pm local time, they received multiple calls of an active shooter on the second floor. Described as a bald white male of unknown age. At this time, though the police department have completed a preliminary search, they have yet to find a shooter, evidence of a shooter or anyone injured.  All hospital patients are being reported as being safe.


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