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David Beckham reigns as World Cup’s Hottest player, but the competition is growing (slideshow)

Written By | Jul 1, 2014

WASHINGTON, July 1, 2014 – Those chiseled abs, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows, soulful eyes and broad, bright smiles. But what makes them really attractive is their love of the game.

Soccer has not yet gained the money prominence of Major League Baseball or National Football League players, but they are getting there. And the USA’s performance in the World Cup, as well as the growth of soccer fans in the US as more kids who grew up playing are now ticket and jersey playing adults, may mean soccer fever will stick around long after this series of games!

But lets get back to those eyes.

David Beckham still reigns at the top of the Soccer Hottie list. Beckham has made 115 career appearances in total, appearing at three FIFA World Cup editions (19982002 and 2006) and two UEFA European Championship tournaments (2000 and 2004), but as the sport grows in popularity, he has some competition.

Here are a few favorites from the world of soccer and the World Cup player rosters.  And by no means is this the definitive list, because actually, they all look great.

And while you might appreciate each of these players for their skill, you can’t deny those eyes.




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