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Bold statement in Brooklyn, Boxing’s Deontay Wilder drops Stiverne

Written By | Nov 5, 2017
Boxing's Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder (right) gave boxing fans time to go home and turn their clocks back with a first round knockout of Bermane Stiverne Saturday. Photo: Stephanie Trapp, Showtime Boxing

SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 4, 2017 – American Deontay Wilder wasted no time in making a bold statement in Brooklyn in the strongest possible terms, dropping Bermane Stiverne three times en route to a stoppage at 2:59 of the first round of their bout Saturday.

Boxing’s Deontay Wilder retains the WBC heavyweight title and remains undefeated.

Stiverne (25-3-1, 21 KOs) came in heavy, and appeared slow. Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs) went straight to Stiverne and fired snapping jabs for two minutes with little resistance. Pounding his own chest, Wilder dropped Stiverne via a right hand off a left jab. Stiverne got up slowly, pacing and turning his back to referee Arthur Mercante. Wilder posed in front of Stiverne, and resumed his attached with two pair of right and left hands. Stiverne was down again. For a moment, it appeared Stiverne might not get up. But he did.

Wilder moved forward and with seconds left in the round, pinned Stiverne to the ropes. A flurry of punches and it was over, with referee Arthur Mercante having to wrest Wilder away from Stiverne down on the canvas.

Boxing's Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder avenged the only opponent to take him the distance with a first round knockout of Bermane Stiverne. Photo: Stephanie Trapp, Showtime Boxing

Boxing’s Deontay Wilder recognized the fight

Wilder acknowledged his struggle to schedule fights against top-level opposition for multiple reasons which haven’t been his fault.

“So much frustration, man, it just seemed like my career has been crazy, so many guys ducking, so many guys using PEDs. I just want to prove I am the best, I know am the best,” said Wilder.

Will the fans see him face British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in a superfight in the glamour division of boxing? “I’ve been waiting on that fight for a long time.” Speaking to the camera and directly to Joshua, Wilder said, “I declare war on you. Do you accept my challenge? I know I’m the champion.”

Despite his lackluster effort, Wilder credited Stiverne for getting in the ring when others would not. “It takes a lot of pride and courage – my love goes to him, I want peace man. At least he stepped up, he was a clean fighter, he did the best he can do. My prayers go out to him.”

Waiting for Deontay Wilder to fulfill his boxing potential Saturday 

Boxing’s Deontay Wilder to fight Joshua?

Wilder said he’s willing to fight Joshua in Great Britain, but he isn’t keen to face fellow British heavyweight Dillian Whyte first while waiting on Joshua.

“The thing about it, a king don’t chase a peasant. I want Joshua. If he don’t give me that fight, we got other plans. They’re trying to give me a peasant like Dillian Whyte without the king on the contract.”

Speaking again to Joshua, Wilder said, “No more dodging, no more excuses, let’s see who’s the best, are you up for the test? Make the date, don’t wait!”

It’s likely Joshua will fight someone like Joseph Parker before he squares off with Wilder. Tyson Fury claims he’s back in the ring training. If he puts himself back into the mix, it could provide an appetizer while we’re waiting for the main dish.

Boxing's Deontay Wilder

Shawn Porter (left) and Adrian Granados tangled for 12 tough rounds in Brooklyn Saturday. Photo: Stephanie Trapp, Showtime Boxing

Shawn Porter vs. Adrian Granados

Former welterweight titleholder Shawn Porter (28-2-1, 17 KOs) and Adrian Granados (18-6-2, 12 KOs) provided a thrill a minute in a roller coaster of a fight with enough twists and turns worthy of a Disneyland ride. At some points the pair fought in a phone booth. At other times, one chased the other around the ring like a linebacker looking for a sack.

All three judges awarded the bout to Porter by identical scores of 117-111.

You can’t have an all-action fight like this one without both men being able to take a shot as well as deliver one, and both Porter and Granados unloaded on each other. Porter made the lead right followed by a compact left hook work for him all night long. Granados, who had never been past 10 rounds, showed tremendous stamina and an impressive home for those hooks as he stood up to the shots. Granados stood and traded with Porter, who must have wondered what it would take to stop Granados.

Boxing's Deontay Wilder

Adrian Granados (right) showed a granite will to go with his granite chin, maintaining his record of never being stopped against Shawn Porter. Photo: Stephanie Trapp, Showtime Boxing

Porter noticeably slowed down in the final rounds. After the fight, he explained he had likely broken his hand. “My dad is pretty sure we broke it, I don’t know,” said Porter, whose hand had an icebag on it during his post-fight interview. “I hurt it in the sixth round, and when I hit him in the tenth round it hurt, so we had to change the game plan.”

“He did good, my hat goes off to him (Granados),” said Porter. We came in prepared to knock him out. We know how hard his head is.” Porter, who is now the WBC silver champion, becomes the mandatory challenger for Keith Thurman in a rematch of their entertaining first bout.

A dismayed Granados said, “I controlled the whole fight… I’m not going to blow up. Shawn’s a great guy. I gotta knock everybody out, I’m going to keep on fighting and keep on training.” The Chicago native took his opportunity at the microphone to call for an end to the violence in his hometown, a worthy use of his airtime.

Sergey Lipinets (right) and Akihiro Kondo put on a spirited bout in Brooklyn Saturday. Photo: Stephanie Trapp, Showtime Boxing

Sergey Lipinets vs. Akihiro Kondo

Sergey Lipinets (13-0, 10 KOs) of Kazakhstan remained undefeated and takes home the IBF junior welterweight title to his home in Los Angeles with a unanimous decision over Akihiro Kondo (29-7-1, 16 KOs) of Japan. Scores were 118-110 and 117 – 111 X 2.

The fight wasn’t as lopsided as the scorecards indicate. Although Lipinets landed a few dozen more power punches overall, Kondo was never seriously hurt and put up a solid offense of his own. Lipinets suffered a cut mid-forehead halfway through the fight due to an accidental headbutt. Lipinets navigated it well thanks to using his boxing skills when he needed to in between attention from his cutman. Kondo demonstrated good stamina and pressed the action. In all it was a fun scrap with plenty of enjoyable action. Kondo would be a welcome addition to any future card.

Dmitry Bivol (left) showed he’s a force in the wide open light heavyweight division with a first round knockout of Trent Broadhurst. Photo: HBO Boxing

Fans in Monte Carlo were barely settled into their seats in the intimate 400 seat theater when Dmitry Bivol of Russia (12-0, 10 KOs) ended the first round with a straight right to Trent Broadhurst of Australia (20-2, 12 KOs), ending the fight without a referee’s count. Bivol retains the WBA light heavyweight title he acquired after Andre Ward announced his retirement.

Bivol’s knockout power and slick hand speed were on full if brief display. Everyone expected an early end to this bout, but perhaps not quite this early. Broadhurst figured out within seconds of the opening bell Bivol was dangerous, and after a taking a few early shots was too cautious to challenge the Russian at all.

Boxing's Deontay Wilder

Trent Broadhurst couldn’t withstand the power of Dmitry Bivol. Photo: HBO Boxing

Bivol says he’d like to fight Sullivan Barrera, who is scheduled to fight a previous Bivol foe, Felix Valera, at Madison Square Garden on November 25. Barrera responded via Twitter he’s all about it. Assuming Barrera prevails and the fight is ordered, it’s a matchup to look forward to on the 2018 boxing schedule.

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