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Privacy Policy

Communities Digital News is a Maryland, LLC that is contributor owned. It’s primary purpose is to create content covering Politics, Global Affairs, Sports, Travel, Family, Health, Science, Business and current news.

We do not actively collect information from our site readers / visitors.

Communities Digital News first concern is the reader / site visitor and the protection of their personal information.

Communities Digital News email list collects email addresses and zip codes; This information will never be used for any purpose other than the distribution of regular email newsletters.  The email list is under the direct control of Communities Digital News and will never be made available to any third party, advertiser, or contributor to Communities Digital News.

Email addresses will never be sold, bartered, or provided to any third party for any reason.

We do not collect information from readers / site visitors who email writers or Communities Digital News ([email protected])

Communities Digital News does have advertisers on the sites that include, but are not limited to:

Google Ad Sense


These advertiser platforms are guided by their own privacy policies.  Advertisement platforms may change and this policy will be updated to include additions or changes of advertiser platforms.

Of those advertisements, they are delivered from hundreds of Advertisers across a multitude of Digital Content Provider properties. When you visit one of these properties, our automated system may collect “click stream data” related to your visit to the property.

Please contact [email protected] if any advertising is seen as questionable or offensive.  Please note the advertisers name, and if possible, link the ad goes to.

Click Stream Data is a virtual trail that a user leaves behind while surfing the Internet. A clickstream is a record of a user’s activity on the Internet, including every Web site and every page of every Web site that the user visits, how long the user was on a page or site, in what order the pages were visited, any newsgroups that the user participates in and even the e-mail addresses of mail that the user sends and receives. Both ISPs and individual Web sites are capable of tracking a user’s clickstream. (definition provided by http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/C/clickstream.html)

Click stream data is anonymous and can include information such as your IP address, content or pages viewed, the date and time at which that content was viewed and any interaction with content and advertisements on those properties. Technologies used to collect this click stream data include cookies and Web beacons.

In order to improve performance, we augment our click stream data with non-personally-identifiable behavioral and demographic data from Digital Content Providers and other partners. This anonymous data may include such things as postal code, age and gender. It may also include GPS location provided by Digital Content Providers with mobile properties.

Communities Digital News complies with and supports the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Communities Digital News utilizes Disqus to manage comments.  Disqus is governed by their company user and privacy policies.

Communities Digital News will endeavor to adhere and follows generally accepted industry standards for acceptable content and to protect against unauthorized access to, destruction or disclosure of data.  Any data that may be stored on our servers is treated as confidential and is not made generally available to the public or any third party.

Contributors are edited and we will not publish content that violates Communities Digital News content guidelines. Some examples include content that:

Adult Content
Content that is abusive or harmful to any group including women and children
Violent or advocating racial intolerance.
Copyrighted material without direct and clear attribution to original source
Abuse of Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
How to Hacking and cracking content
Content that promotes Violence
Content that promotes inappropriate use of violence and/or weapons
Content that would be generally considered to be illegal

Communities Digital News does report on the news and policy as it affects the conversation.  However when discussing sensitive issues, including gun ownership and law, LGBT issues, Immigration, or other issues, we demand that those discussions are respectful.

Our servers are protected by firewalls and are located in secure data facilities to further increase security. Please keep in mind, however, that despite these reasonable efforts to protect data on our servers no method of transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be secure.

Therefore, while we strive to protect your personal data at all times, we cannot guarantee its absolute security and shall not be liable for any breach of security by an outside party.

Communities Digital News, LLC
A Maryland Limited Liability Corporation
Contact: Jacquie Kubin – [email protected]