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Young Southern Republicans to know: Julia Letlow and Robby Starbuck

Written By | Mar 22, 2021
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Julia Letlow, Louisiana campaign image. Robby Starbuck, CPAC image

President Trump has said he does not want a third political party.  That it is time for the Trump Deplorables to overtake the Republican Party of elders such as Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney.  It is time for young Trump Deplorables like Julia Letlow and Robbie Starbuck to lead the party forward.

One can easily assume that President Trump of the 20 hour days, endless energy and ability to “get it done” regardless of what it is, identifies more with the young Republicans coming forward to challenge Democrat socialists and communists.

Louisiana 5th Congressional District – Firmly in the hands of Julia Letlow 

Luke Letlow won his election to Louisiana’s 5th Congressional. Unfortunately, before Letlow, a Republican, was able to take office he died from complications from COVID-19 at the age of 41.  In a special election, Julia Letlow easily won her husband’s House seat, beating out 11 other candidates. The upcoming House member received 65% of the vote.

From the sadness of her loss, emerges a strong, young, female Republican who brings a new perspective to Washington.  Widowed, raising two small children, Julia Letlow’s life is rapidly changing.

As is the Republican party.

“This is an incredible moment, and it is truly hard to put into words,” Letlow said in a statement after her victory was announced. “What was born out of the terrible tragedy of losing my husband, Luke, has become my mission in his honor to carry the torch and serve the good people of Louisiana’s 5th District.”

Mrs. Letlow has had the endorsement of prominent Republicans, including House Republican leading Kevin McCarthy (R_CA) who said that she  “offered a message that united Louisiana voters and defied predictions by winning this special election outright with a clear majority — a remarkable accomplishment among a field of 12 candidates.

“As Julia succeeds her late husband and our friend, Luke, we look forward to welcoming her to Congress, where her expertise in higher education will help us continue to deliver solutions for America,” said Rep. McCarthy. 

Mrs. Letlow also has the endorsement of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D):

“She has continued to exemplify strength, determination and tenacity in the wake of a terrible tragedy. I know that these same characteristics that got her through the last few months will make her an excellent advocate for Louisiana in Washington, D.C.,” the Democratic governor said in a statement.

Mrs. Letlow also had the endorsement of the state GOP and President Trump who said prior to the election that: “Julia Letlow is outstanding and so necessary to help save our Second Amendment, at the border, and for our military and vets.” The President continues to say  “Louisiana, get out and vote today — she will never disappoint! Julia has my complete and total endorsement.”

Another young Republican, Bernard Claston lost his bid for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. That race will move forward to an April 24th runoff between Democrats Troy Carter and Karen Carter Peterson (no relation) as neither received a plurality of votes necessary to win in Louisiana.

Conservatives should be uniting behind Claston, Letlow and Louisiana’s Special Elections

Robby Starbuck, A Young Republican running for Tennessee Senate against incumbent Jim Cooper

The Epoch Times says that “Robby Starbuck is pretty close to a paradigm of what I think this new Republican candidate should be.”

Mr. Starbuck, who is from Louisiana but now lives in Nashville, spoke at the Republican National Convention, is not your typical political candidate. Mr. Starbuck, whose family fled Castro’s Cuba, believes in Andrew Brietbart’s infamous comment, “Politics is downstream of culture.”  And Starbuck has his finger on culture.  On American youth.

His past includes working as a successful music director and producer working with name artists such as Natalie Portman, The Smashing Pumpkins, Snoop Dog, Megadeath, Machine Gun Kelly, to name just a few. He was named to OC Metros “Top 40 under 40” and he was nominated for Best Rock Video and Best Indie Video at the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs). Starbuck won the YouTube Play award, and won the Kerrang! Video of the Year award and Best Video With A Message at the MTV VMAs.

In addition, Starbuck directed or produced music videos for feature films such as the TerminatorL Genysis, Transformers: The Last Night, and The Spongebob Movie.

His work has been viewed over 5 Billion times worldwide.

Robby Starbuck is challenging the Democrat-held Senate Seat held since 2003

Being from a Cuban immigrant family, Starbuck understands the dangers of communism and religious repression.  And he has his platform firmly in hand.  He has opinions on redistricting and foreign policy. He speaks about the dangers of an Iran-friendly Joe Biden and the danger of the Biden administration undoing the gains President Trump made toward peace in the middle east.

Biden’s dystopian view of America and the continuing lockdowns

Mr. Starbuck sees China as the threat that it is and warns about the connections between Biden and the CCP. What may win him this seat is that he plans to walk into the minority communities to discuss the importance of school choice, a winning issue with both Black and Latino communities. That school’s first focus should be children, not the teacher’s unions.

Mr. Starbuck also plans outreaches to the Small Business owners Democrats are destroying via the lockdowns in order to bolster the big box stores that Democrats rely on for contributions.  He will portray the Republican Party as the party of small businesses, women, and the working class while enforcing that Democrats are the party of corporations and cultural elites.

Robby Starbuck is running against Jim Cooper whose brother is the mayor of Nashville.

Country Music Star John Rich calls Mayor Cooper “DeBlasio of the South.”

Rich is part of a vocal group of Nashville artists, bar and restaurant owners fighting against the corona-virus-related restrictions on bars and restaurants that have been a “disaster” for the town.

“It is gutted,” Rich says. “Mayor John Cooper has betrayed our town. He has betrayed Music City. He is the Judas to this town. He is now the ‘[New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio of the South’.”

Rich, one half of the famous country duo Big & Rich, says Cooper has lied to his constituents for months about the lockdowns saying Cooper brought Nashville “to its knees” under a false pretense, and said that he must have believed his “elite Democratic arrogance” could outdo perceived “dumb country hicks” that live in the Middle Tennessee city. (See the interview with Fox News Laura Ingraham here).

Robby hosts a  Podcast, Freedom Forever with Landon Newsom, another music producer who left Hollywood for Nashville. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Mrs. Letlow and Mr. Starbuck are just two young republicans fighting to restore the Republican party to the party of Patriotic Americans that can speak to the youth, women, minorities with the conviction that it is now hip to be square, as Republicans have long been cast.





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