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Wuhan virus: The virus by any other name is still China’s COVID-19

Written By | Mar 15, 2020
China, Wuhan Virus, CoronaVirus

Video still from “World War Z.”

WASHINGTON — As the Wuhan virus (COVID-19) spreads into their comfortable part of the world, Americans can be forgiven for believing the nation is entering a zombie apocalypse. Americans feel like the victims of the flesh-eating monsters in the novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.”

That’s because the story’s Patient Zero, like that of Wuhan, hails from The People’s Republic of China.

As author Max Brooks once observed:

“China used to be the largest exporter of human organs on the world market. Who knows how many infected corneas, infected pituitary glands… Mother of God, who knows how many infected kidneys they pumped into the global market. And that’s just the organs! You want to talk about the ‘donated’ eggs from political prisoners, the sperm, the blood? You think immigration was the only way the infected swept the planet?

Adventures in self-censorship

Brad Pitt confronts a flesh-eating zombie in Paramount Pictures’ “World War Z.” Screen capture.

When Hollywood bought the rights to the book, it soon discovered China’s oligarchs weren’t thrilled their nation was portrayed as the epicenter of a monstrous pandemic that reanimates the dead. Dr. Gu Wen Kuei, professor of Infectious Diseases at Chongqing University, even jokes that folks residing in the small Chinese village of Patient Zero have “the hygiene habits of hillbillies.”

The “World War Z” movie script took great pains to omit such politically incorrect observations from the film. But the $175 million film starring Brad Pitt did keep China as the source of the fictional pandemic.

According to the entertainment website TheWrap:

“When executives at Paramount viewed the last cut… they were not concerned by the violence or its reengineered ending. They were worried about a minor plot point that involved a sensitive topic: China.”

Paramount removed all mention of the “sensitive topic.” But Chinese censors refused to allow the film’s exhibition in the communist giant nonetheless. China, it seemed, was still boiling mad over the written words of Max Brooks, not the self-censored screen adaptation by a groveling Paramount Pictures.

Wuhan zombies dwell among us

CNN White House corespondent Jim Acosta.

Unfortunately, this self-censoring language of sycophancy has now crept into the mutterings of our fake-news media and politicians. For instance, CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta seemed clearly out of sorts when President Donald Trump referred to the Wuhan plague as a “foreign virus,” that can “come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia,” said Acosta.

Katie Rogers of the New York Times mirrored that sentiment.

“The name Covid-19 was clinical and nondescript, and that was exactly the point when the World Health Organization revealed it to guard against stigmatization of the place from which it originated. But a month later, the recommended terminology for the coronavirus has not extended to every corner of politics.
“Some conservative politicians and officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are using ‘Wuhan virus,’ a term that proliferated on news sites and in political commentary, mostly before the virus received an official name.”

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Wuhan virus, AOC, China, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

AOC. Image via Ben Shapiro YouTube video discussing CNN AOC interview.

More brilliant insights from AOC

And the Democratic Party’s millennial intellectual, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, opined:

“Honestly, it sounds almost so silly to say, but there’s a lot of restaurants that are feeling the pain of racism, where people are literally not patroning [patronizing] Chinese restaurants, they’re not patoning [patronizing] Asian restaurants because of just straight-up racism around the coronavirus.”
WHO taking sides on the Wuhan virus issue?

Like Hollywood and some of Washington’s clueless power brokers, the media seems to be getting its talking points from Beijing.

China, Foreign Minister, Zhao Lijian, Wuhan Virus, COVID-19

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. South China Morning Post screen capture.

In a recent statement, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang sternly noted:

“Despite the fact that the WHO [World Health Organization] has officially named this novel type of coronavirus, certain American politicians, disrespecting science and the WHO decision, jumped at the first chance to stigmatize China and Wuhan with it. We condemn this despicable practice.”
What about Taiwan?

The United Nations World Health Organization has exercised extreme caution, taking care not to antagonize China of late. Particularly when it comes to the Wuhan virus pandemic. China is, after all, a major financial contributor. Even Jim Acosta’s CNN recently reported on the communist giant’s influence over the global health organization:

“Perhaps one of the most overt examples of China’s sway over the WHO is its success in blocking Taiwan’s access to the body, a position that could have very real consequences for the Taiwanese people if the [Wuhan] virus takes hold there.”
UN, World Health Organization, WHO, China, Wuhan Virus, CoronaVirus

UN World Health Organization Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Photo: WHO.

But the UN no longer recognizes Taiwan’s independence. The island nation is out of sight / out of mind for WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He was a gushing volcano of praise, however, over China’s conduct in the current global health crisis as noted by the Telegraph and other sources.

“China took action massively at the epicenter, at the source of the outbreak – the shutdown of Wuhan City – and that helped in preventing cases from being exported to other provinces in China and the rest of the world… the actions of China are making us safer.”

But Ghebreyesus has also defended his strangely outsized praise for the People’s Republic.

“I know there is a lot of pressure on WHO when we appreciate what China is doing but because of pressure, we should not fail to tell the truth. We should tell the truth and that’s the truth. China doesn’t need to ask to be praised and I don’t expect any country asks to be praised. It was not, it is not. That’s the truth, the whole truth and with my colleagues, we speak the same language because we have seen these concrete things that should be appreciated.”
Wuhan virus also attacking honesty and common sense

Ghebreyesus now finds himself so far up the backside of his Chinese paymasters that most would forgive you for thinking him a proctologist.

But his absurd comments show the extent to which the Zombie Wuhan virus is eating away at the brains of CNN’s Jim Acosta, the New York Time’s Katie Rogers, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the rubber-gloved Ghebreyesus.

The principal symptoms seem to embody an unthinking hatred of the United States and its president. In addition, they include the inability to see China as a global military and health threat.


Top Image: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, and Sterling Jerins shop during
zombie apocalypse in Paramount Pictures 2013 screen adaptation of “World War Z.”

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