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With our internal strife, is America’s military ready for war with China?

Written By | Jul 15, 2020
War with China, War, China, History, Stalin, The Great Purge

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Keenan Daniels –

WASHINGTON: As our Navy regularly makes Freedom of Navigation trips through the South China Sea, China sees this as an affront and provocative. They believe that Asia is theirs and that anyone who challenges this belief is their enemy. So much so that they are preparing for war over it.  However, President Trump recently rejected China’s claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea.

Where this ends is anyone’s guess, but some have issued dire warnings.

Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee for Asia, told the Washington Examiner.

I would predict there will be a clash within the next three to six months.

This prediction comes at a time when our military readiness is at an all-time low.

Are we ready for war with China?

Some might object to the characterization that our military readiness is at an all-time low, but let’s examine the facts. First of all, our readiness depends on military leadership. The corruption of any organization, be it police, government, or military, begins at the top and infects everything below it; not the other way around.

So, if our flag grade officers are not up to the task, those below will fail.

China: Politics, press, and tyranny make America part of a dangerous world

Let’s look at our present military leaders.

Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, made an abject apology for walking with President Trump to Lafayette Park and the burned church, stating,

“I should not have been there.  My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created the perception of the military involved in domestic politics.”

Did he somehow forget his oath of office? That part about ‘protecting the Constitution of the United States from its enemies, foreign and domestic?’ Yes, domestic politics is very much within the purview of the military. They do not make policy but do enforce it when their Commander in Chief demands it.

Standing alongside the Commander in Chief is supporting his oath. Milley’s apology speaks volumes about his fitness for the position.

Does anyone remember any military leaders apologizing for being seen with Obama after he ordered the Bureau of Land Management to confiscate Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle?

No, because by 2014 Obama had purged every honorable military leader and replaced them with a sycophant who swallowed the leftist kool-aid that he served. Every flag officer in service today was put there by Obama.

Only sanctimonious woke flag officers, and their minions were prompted throughout Obama’s two terms. Leaving President Trump with a cadre of Admirals and Generals who place loyalty of socialist ideals ahead of loyalty to the country.

That is why leaders, like Marine Corps General James ‘lapdog’ Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, General John Kelly, former White House Chief of Staff, Admiral  Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, 2007 – 2011, General Martin Dempsey, who followed Mullen, 2011 – 2015, Admiral  William McRaven, head of Special Operations Forces from 2011 – 2014, now turn on the current Commander in Chief.

The military rot goes deep

Like their empowering lowly Lieutenant Colonel’s, like Alexander Vindman, to think their opinion is more important than that of an elected President.

It is why when ordered by the Commander in Chief to implement changes to the transgender policy, no action is taken. It is also why when this President chooses to utilize the military in protecting American cities from communist rioters, the Armed forces balk and slows to a snail’s pace.

The Obama purges were right out of Josef Stalin’s playbook on how to program the armed forces to do his bidding. And the results of such purges can be expected to be the same.

What was the result of Stalin’s purges?

Stalin purged his most effective generals during ‘The Great Purge’ of 1936 to 1938, leaving his military in the hands of inept

War with China, War, China, History, Stalin, The Great Purge

Joseph Stalin. – Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC-USW33- 019081-C)

Generals that he chose for their loyalty, not their ability. Their inability to conduct war was openly evident when Russia invaded Finland in November 1939. It was two months after Germany invaded Poland, and due to their treaty with Russia, they gave half of Poland to Russia, who didn’t have to shoot a bullet.

Stalin, feeling powerful, invaded their neighbor, Finland in November, a really bad time to invade due to the harsh winter conditions. The new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Army charged into tiny Finland with all their might and knowledge possessed by these acceptable generals. Finland fought them to a standstill, even though they were badly outnumbered in troops and modern equipment.

In fact, the Soviet Army performed so poorly that it convinced Adolph Hitler to attack Russia in July 1941, believing it would be an easy victory.

At first, Germany destroyed the USSR forces, conquering all the way to Moscow. Only one of the harshest winters on record stopped the Nazi war machine. Certainly, Russia’s inept army, led by political generals, were incapable of doing so.

Stalin, in fear of total defeat, brought those generals out of the gulags, those that he hadn’t already killed, to lead the defense of Moscow. After securing Moscow, Stalin, ever the paranoid killer he was, once again purged many generals in a second purge of the armed forces; this time centering mostly on the Air Force.

It is why the Russian Air Force was never able to gain air superiority over Germany. In fact, if it weren’t for America and the British bombardment of German factories, Russia could not have survived, let alone defeated Germany.

Lessons from history

Today our military is more interested in social justice than in defeating an enemy on the battlefield. This is evident when physical standards are lowered to insure women in combat. A recent report praises the first female to pass the grueling Special Forces Q course, but near the end of the article admits that standards are constantly changing. Although it doesn’t say so, those changes are lowering the standards to accommodate women and ensure they pass.

China’s mouthpiece: America’s fake-news media blames the US first

A Marine corps review of women in ground combat proved that females in the combat arms severely deteriorated combat effectiveness. By as much as 75 percent of combat readiness. That is why Russia, during its darkest days in the battle of Moscow, relieved all females of active combat duties and placed them in roles other than front line units.

China also tried women in combat and learned the same lessons.

Israel did use women in combat but removed them from front line combat units after learning the same lessons. Today’s Israeli female soldiers are restricted to border patrol units. Due to the structure of Israel’s armed forces, it appears as if they are front line combat units, but are not in the order of battle. Its complicated, but female fighters in Israel are mostly a myth.

Loose lips sink ships

During the Obama years only those social justice warriors, who were willing to lower military standards and requirements, were promoted. Today they remain at the top of the ladder. And most of them are incompetent in military matters. Like the navy aircraft carrier commander who broke security by making sure the deteriorating health of his sailors, rendering his warship unfit for combat, found it’s way into the public domain.

An admission that China’s admirals have already used to convince the communist politburo that it demonstrates that the time is right to strike America.

If they do attack in the next three to six months, not only would they match up against American armed forces, whose leaders are unqualified to lead a boy scout troop, let alone a fighting force engaged in combat, but have a good chance of victory.

Add our present sorry state of military leadership, the communist resistance now underway at home

ANTIFA and black lives matter, which hamper any logistical transfers from America to troops overseas, and the ability for China to destroy America, comes as close to a sure thing as any war in history. It must pose an enticing prospect to China’s generals to strike during this internal strife.

It is why putting down the resistance in those cities plagued by riots is a matter of national security. And definitely falls within the realm of the military. But General Mark Milley, through his apology for supporting this nation against its enemies, becomes one more problem in preparing for the coming conflagration.

Among other problems, if the conflict goes beyond a few months, there is a draftable population who believes communism is an acceptable form of government, due to K-12 brainwashing. Many will simply not serve. On top of that, an out of shape and obese youth who sit in front of a computer, and do not participate in a competition where they might lose, it will be hard to train to a soldier.

Where would we find the numbers of men able to fight a war with China?

Only one in 10 could pass military physical requirements.

Where would we find enough willing to sacrifice to uphold the principles of our founding? Does freedom mean anything to a youth still living in their parent’s basement?

We are in a very precarious situation, where those patriots among the fighting age will have to shoulder the load for the majority of this nation. If we are to continue as a nation, something needs to change, and very soon.

If not, God help us all, because as of today, our military does not have the right stuff to beat China.

The good news is that with the replacement of only a few flag officers, we would be back on top once again.


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.