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With less than 100 days to elections, what about amnesty?

Written By | Jul 28, 2014

WASHINGTON,  July 28, 2014  A lot will change between now and then.  The college football season will be almost over and the pro football season will be half over.  The scorching temperatures of July will be replaced with the mild to cold temperatures of early fall.  And in 99 days, we will see if the Republican Party has once again managed to blow its chance to save America.

There is one overwhelming issue that face America today.  There is one issue on which the GOP can create a governing majority.

That issue is amnesty.

There are a few on the Republican side who get it.

There are some who do not. Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader was one of them.  Amnesty was the issue that lit up Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Cantor desperately wanted Amnesty. His constituents did not.

They had the final word.

In Tennessee, Amnesty is the number one issue that is dogging liberal senator Lamar Alexander as he tries to secure a third term. A significant majority of the voters supporting Joe Carr cite Amnesty as their top issue.

Amnesty is a disaster for America.

It is already being seen in border towns where hospitals and other social services are stretched beyond the breaking point and schools are wondering how they are going to accommodate hundreds or thousands of new students this fall.

Students who don’t speak English and are not up to the educational standards of America.

Some conservatives are even invoking the dreaded “I” word.

Some commentators think that Obama’s endgame is that he is daring the GOP to impeach him. Some think it would bestow upon him the ultimate victimhood status and would energize the left to come to the polls.

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in Washington is too afraid to do anything. House Speaker John Boehner quickly indicated that Impeachment is not an option.

Impeachment may not be an option.

Even if the GOP takes control of the Senate in 99 days, there are not enough Republicans to remove Obama from office.  Obama could be caught committing any crime and as long as he was still supporting the far left wing agenda of the Democrat Party, no Democrat would ever vote for his removal.

The House can defund the government.

But John Boehner would rather waive his freshly laundered white flag of surrender than to fight. Unfortunately now is the moment when the Republican Party needs a leader who is willing to fight.

If Obama is not checked, we will see millions of migrants moving north to the United States.  The wave will crush social services and will destroy America’s economy. The Republicans should be leading the charge against this.  It is right for the nation and it is an issue that will unite a majority of Americans

Instead, the GOP is busy listening to the Chamber of Commerce and big business lobbyists who believe that Amnesty will drive down wages. Unfortunately, they are right.  It will drive down wages and destroy the middle class.

Many conservatives are demanding that the Republican Party do something to protect America and fight back against Amnesty.

If the GOP is unwilling to do that, the Republican Party doesn’t really serve any meaningful purpose.

This is a time when we need politicians to stand for America and fight against this invasion.

If the Republican Party won’t stand against Amnesty, what good are they

Jacquie Kubin

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