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With a regime out of cash, uprisings against the Rouhani party are fated

Written By | Jan 8, 2020

FRANCE: The budget bill of 2020 has been published by President Hassan Rouhani’s government. However, the regime is having an ongoing debate over the bill. Supporters and opponents of the Rouhani party agree on the unrealistic funding resources and the extraordinary lack of funding of the budget.

At the same time, the conclusion of supporters and opponents of the Rouhani party is that he intends to compensate for the extraordinary lack of funding by reaching into the people’s pockets. This has raised concerns among various parties in the mullahs’ government, and as a result of this policy, there are warnings of yet another uprising.

“The budget of 2020 is the most unrealistic budget ever presented,” said Hossein Raghfar, a governmental expert and Rouhani supporter. Approving a budget based on exporting one million barrels of oil a day is unrealistic; budget practitioners know this. This budget will make another part of society poorer. ”(Etemad Government website 26.Dec, 2019)

Former Member of the Etemad Daily Newspaper, Safaee Farahani said,

“Governance is facing a society where on average more than 70% of its citizens face a livelihood problem and a livelihood problem that is not just a word; that is, the head of the household is unable to provide the simple needs of his/her family and this means a widespread crisis in many families.‘’  (Etemad Daily Newspaper 29.Dec .2019)

Given that the new budget is expected to increase the pressure on those below the poverty line, the fear and concern of another uprising are incredibly strong.

In this regard,  Siasate Rooz Daily Newspaper, while remembering the budget 2020 of the Rouhani government”is far from justice and pay no attention to the livelihood and the lives of deprived people”, reports,

“It can be interpreted from the budget of 2020 that all foreign exchange reserves of the country will be depleted and the Islamic Republic will face numerous crises and public discontent in the upcoming years.”

This government daily newspaper added that as a consequence of people’s anger due to the budget, the regime may eventually succumb to worse negotiations than JCPOA. (Siasate Rooz 25. Dec, 2019)

In this way, the budget of 2020 is a mirror of the unsolved crisis of the regime.

The mullahs’ government has been in a deadlock on the one hand because of the global community and the tightening of sanctions on the regime’s neck. On the other hand, there’s the uprising of young people who have overthrown it.

Surrendering to negotiate and fulfilling the United States and European demands means that the Iranian regime must completely abandon its policies of exporting terrorism and militancy offshore. It must abandon the “behind closed doors” assassination and suppression and that means loss of two retaining pillars of the Iranian regime.

Dear President Trump: When it comes to war in Iran, remember Caeser

In contrast, surrendering to negotiation means that, in the next step, the regime must take responsibility for at least 1,500 people killed in the uprising. following that,  they must respond to years of suppressed people’s demands.

The medieval Iranian regime, with the slogan of Death to America, for years, has suppressed the libertarians and the Iranian people’s demands for freedom. Surrendering to negotiating with the US means the end of the supreme leader, as well as the Iranian regime.

Undoubtedly there is a reason for the representative of Khamenei in Friday prayer of Hamedan to say frighteningly,  ‘’We have to be aware that, as the supreme leader said, the greater sedition is on the way, the (sedition) is great, and the (sedition) is great and it is great. ”


Hamid Enayat

Hamid Enayat is an independent Iranian political analyst and writer based in Europe.