Williamson vs Greuel: Calif. fight for the 33rd Congressional District

Marianne Williamson vs Wendy Greuel = Candidates for California 33rd District
Marianne Williamson vs Wendy Greuel = Candidates for California 33rd District

CALIFORNIA, March 31, 2014 — The primary in California District 33 is shaping up to be the most profound and most interesting House race anywhere in the country. And it isn’t just a good (Marianne Williamson) vs evil (Wendy Greuel) contest.

Greuel, a former Republican who stands for nothing whatsoever beyond her own ambitions, is certainly counting on other progressives in the race, particularly, state Senator Ted Lieu, to split the progressive vote and let her slip in through name recognition alone.

Is there any candidate for Congress anywhere like Marianne Williamson? Short answer: “No.” Slightly longer answer, “Alas, no.”

Williamson, running for California District 33, just released a remarkable video explaining why she’s running for Congress and what she expects to achieve if she gets there. It’s almost Grayson-like or Bernie Sanders-like in its scope.

We don’t do that in America. No, no, no… we repudiated an aristocracy 200 years ago. And I have the sense that we need to repudiate it again… Both of [the parties] are beholden to the same monied interests. As long as this is the case, we will never be able to deal adequately with global climate change because fossil fuel companies continue to dominate the system. We will never be able to deal adequately with GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, and other ways that our food supply is being corrupted. Chemical companies and big agricultural companies dominate the system. And we will never have universal health care as long as health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies dominate the system.

We have shrinking civil liberties; we have expanding corporate influence; and we have domestic surveillance. This is a very toxic brew. This can put American democracy into a death spiral. We need a serious pattern interruption. It is not enough to just tweak it here and tweak it there. We’re past that. We can’t any longer just deal with the effects without dealing with the cause of all this. We can’t any longer just deal with the symptoms without calling the disease what it is. There is a cancer that is eating our democracy. There is an issue that is underlying all these other issues– and that is the issue of money in politics. That’s why getting the money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation.

It is highly unlikely that her opponent Wendy Greuel, the Big Money Establishment favored candidate, has even ever thought about the issues Marianne talks about.

Greuel is the worst kind of business-as-usual exemplar of political dysfunction at the heart of everything that’s wrong with the system Marianne wants to course correct.

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  • LA Times Assistant

    Marianne Williamson is has absolutely no experience in any office and thinks its so simple to change things in Washington DC. Not to mention she hates Republicans, how do people expect someone like Marianne is going to do well when the majority in the House are Republicans?!

    Ted Lieu is tied in with Senator Leland Yee and his campaign contributions. CORRUPTION!!!!!

    Wendy Greuel will have my vote in this race. Good luck.

    • Michael

      Yes, and experience has really done us well. Greuel will just be like the rest . . .

      • Guest

        But Greuel is hotter…

    • RichDavid

      Dear Assistant: You should do your homework. and not speak for Ms. Williamson.i.e., about hating repubs or her experience. Marianne Williamson is a BRILLIANT, Internationally know author and lecturer. Founded Project Angel Food, Sister Giant, and worked with Dennis Kucinich to establish the Department of Peace. Greuel is a political hack, did a lousy job as Controller for the City of LA. and does not have the respect of voters. I agree with Klein’s remarks about her. She represents noting and stands for nothing. After losing the Mayor’s race we thought she would just go away and I hope he does after losing this one! Go Marianne!

      • LA Times Assistant

        Please explain to me what experience Marianne has…. Let me help you there… ZERO!!!!! If Marianne went to congress, we would all be screwed!! Its already hard enough for freshman congress members because they are new. Wendy is a genuinely nice person and an excellent candidate. She identified all the wasteful money taxpayers are paying today. She was an amazing councilmember, worked hard in the City. You should look up the great work shes done. And by the way, I I have never heard of Marianne, EVER! So for you to come off like that, sounds like you work for her campaign. I hope you guys lose. Instead of working on NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN, you should focus on the positives. Stop trying to bring good people down.

        • JustMe2013

          I guess, in a sense, you are right. Because people like you keep voting in cronies and political lap dogs, the system is horribly corrupt and broken. In that sense, you are totally correct; her lack of experience would get her stabbed in the back, repeatedly. And yet, the country would be better off with more PEOPLE in government instead of POLITICIANS.

    • Kelly17

      She’s the type of person to have in congress. She seems to genuinely speak for the people. It’s unfortunate I’m not in California so I can’t vote.

      • RichDavid

        Thank you Mr. Klein….your assessment of the Greuel is right on the money!

        • LA Times Assistant

          Hes talking good about Wendy dumb rich lol. can’t you read?!?!? haha

    • Pat


      • LA Times Assistant

        Reality check – spiritual teachers are no body! Doesn’t mean she should win an election just because she is a “spiritual teacher”. I think people should be qualified and have experience before getting hired for the job.

    • warner

      What about the corrupt DWP money that Greuel took in her losing bid for mayor.

      • JustMe2013

        I guess LA Times didn’t want to comment on this. I can understand that.

    • Ajackphd

      It seems to me it is the career politicians who are causing all of the problems in Washington and caving in to Big Moneyed interests. I think not being tied into the system and coming in WITHOUT a lot of legislative experience is a plus for Williamson

    • JustMe2013

      Good, that is what we need. More seasoned politicians.

      Are you completely blind. Your country was great once. It was founded on the idea that there are no career politicians. The entire problem with your country todays is CAREER politicians.

      You should vote for her. You deserve her. And Bush. And Obama.

      And you deserve the coming fall of America; something that I am so sad to say, is on the way. I am sad to say it because America has been — until career politicians — the best national experiment yet. And when it falls, it will take so much of the world with it.

  • Truthinpolitics

    The writer should comment that he runs a PAC and should also point out that “awesome” candidate of his never uses the proper campaign disclosure in the video. Knowing this as a PAC director it is rather shameful he would push this video out.

    • LA Times Assistant

      Agreed… These people trying to take over our newspapers.

  • LanceF1

    After reading that Marianne was a life long Democrat and would caucus with Democrats if elected, I sent her an email asking how that would change anything. Democrats run a tight ship when it comes to compliance with their agenda. I also refrenced how the Democrats threw Joe Lieberman under the bus and forced him to run as an Independent, which upon winning re-election went right back to caucusing with the very party that tried to eliminate him. I don’t get it and she never answered my email. Now we see how a 1 party system works in California. Several Democrats are involved in corruption charges. I’m not implying that Republicans are angels, we need to rid our country of career politicians of any brand and get people stop voting for candidates simple because of party affilliation. It is fashionable to blame Republicans for everything wrong but seriously? Both parties need to go and I question the so-called Progressive movement which appears to be little more then another word for Socialist.

  • Al Fortis

    Very unobjective article. Love Marianne but I wouldn’t call Wendy evil. Good people run for public office. Do your research and vote for who you like. Don,’t pay attention to articles like this. It is just more dividing propoganda.

  • SDhomo

    Truly hope Marianne wins this…….to to have her voice in the halls of political power could steer this nation in a positive direction!

  • Dr. Paul

    We need a “None of the Above” box we can check. If no one gets over 50%, you hold another election and all of the parties that were listed cannot run.

  • lanah

    LA Times,,, in this case, experience is a negative. The type of experience that ALL of our politicians have is just the thing that we need to get rid of. The experience of lobbying for you biggest contributor is exactly what’s wrong with this country, be it Republican, Democratic, Indie, whatever. We HAVE NEVER had a single politician that based their decisions on humanity instead of economics and yeah it seems far-fetched but the fact that is so far-fetched to us should be scary to everyone!

    • LA Times Assistant

      you’re right. why don’t we send our graduates straight out of university to congress. this shouldn’t be a popularity contest. look at this article, its written by a marianne’s consultants….. who are we suppose to believe?

  • Muffy

    Um, LA Times Assistant, pardon me, but who are you to know what Marianne “thinks” or who Marianne “hates.” Are you psychic? “Hate” is not a word in her vocabulary.
    And, if you really do represent the LA Times, you should be fired. It is against journalistic ethics to make such statements about a candidate on a public blog.
    BTW – She is tough as nails, and do not underestimate her grit or her intellect.