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Will Radical Extremism gain traction in America?

Written By | Jan 20, 2015

PASADENA, January 20, 2015  – The recent resurgence of radical Islam and members’ attacks against western powers has dominated the news cycle lately, especially after the Charlie Hedbo tragedy in Paris.

Horrifying murders have touched every part of the globe from Australia to Canada to France and even the United States.

Despite several domestic attacks, most notably the Boston marathon bombing on American soil, most Americans seem pretty comfortable with the idea that a large scale terrorist attack is unlikely to occur within our borders.

At the very least, conventional wisdom suggests that radical Islam could never establish a large following in America.

Reports have already surfaced detailing the “no-go” zones that exist in Europe where the government has essentially abandoned control of Muslim communities, allowing them to self-rule and establish Sharia Law.

Most Americans would say it’s absurd to think that would ever happen in the United States. The Clarion Project, a Washington D.C. based non-profit organization, says otherwise.

20 Miles east of Downtown Los Angeles lies the quiet suburb of West Covina, CA. In this working class town of about 100,000 people, there is a the Masjid Al-Nabi mosque, owned by the Hejrat Foundation, which according to the Clarion project, is essentially a terrorist organization.

The founder of the mosque, Seyed Mamoud Mousavi, was a former interrogator for the Iranian National Guard. He was arrested in 2007 and convicted of six felony counts of failing to accurately report Iranian business transactions to the IRS.

Mousavi was reportedly paid $45,000 by a Kuwaiti company to broker business deals with Iranian authorities. Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. The mosque has also praised radical Muslim clerics on it’s website, including Muhammad Lankarani who issued a fatwa ordering the murder of a writer who criticized Iran. That writer was stabbed to death five years later.

West Covina location is not the only example of a facility promoting terrorist activity on American soil. Video has surfaced of an actual guerrilla warfare training camp in Hancock, NY on a 70-acre piece of property known as Islamberg.


The group that owns the land is called Muslims of America and the FBI has been investigating them for decades. In the early 90s, a federal raid into one of their facilities in Colorado yielded evidence of weapons stockpiling and bomb making.

That investigation was mysteriously called off. However, members of the group were convicted on criminal charges later, without the help of the federal government.

In Northern Virginia, there is a mosque led by a radical Imam who has called for all Muslims to arm themselves for jihad. This is the same mosque once led by notorious terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011. It is also believed that Nidal Hassan, the radicalized Muslim who killed 13 people at Fort Hood, worshiped at this mosque when he lived in the DC area.

Last year, a 54 year old woman was decapitated by a radicalized Muslim while she sat at her desk at the Vaughan Foods plant in Oklahoma.

Several religious leaders claimed that the killer, Afton Nolen, had visited a local mosque around the time he became radicalized and decided to convert to Islam. That mosque has come under scrutiny over the past few months.

The existence of terror cells in America is a very real possibility.

On Sunday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said that while he is not aware of any sleep cells currently existing in the United States, we should assume they do exist. Johnson, who is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, went on to say that due to the spread of radical Islam through Europe, “I think you have to assume that that is a risk that we have to consider.”

To make matters worse, the Clarion Project, reported last week the government of Egypt has warned the United States that the Muslim Brotherhood has a hidden lobby in Washington. The Muslim Brotherhood is a strict Islamic group with ties to radical Muslim organizations, including Hamas. It is outlawed in Egypt because of its radical ties, and has been branded a terrorist group in that country. According to the report, the Muslim Brotherhood “has a network based in the US and is operating through civil society organizations engaged in community service domains there.”

Several organizations operating in the United States were mentioned in the report, including the Islamic Society of North America, The North American Islamic Trust, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The report claims that sufficient evidence has been shown to the United States government indicating these groups have direct ties to Islamic extremism but the complaints have fallen on deaf ears and the feds have not taken action.

Given all this information, it’s fairly naive to assume that radicalized mosques do not exist in the United States. The Clarion Project has uncovered a handful of examples of Muslim extremism festering in our midst, and the federal government has exposed others.

President Obama is correct when he says that radical Islam is on the run, but it’s not running away as he implies.

It’s running full speed toward every city and suburb from Paris, France to West Covina, CA. What remains to be seen is whether the federal government will seek and destroy these sleeper cells or if they will bend to the will of fear and political correctness and turn a blind eye.

The world is watching.

Andrew Mark Miller