Why President Obama can’t fail – even as America burns around him

America's Demise by Jon McNaughton (Litho's available at http://www.jonmcnaughton.com/the-demise-of-america/)
America's Demise by Jon McNaughton (Litho's available at http://www.jonmcnaughton.com/the-demise-of-america/)

FRESNO, April 24, 2014 — Six years into Barack Obama’s presidency, problems he promised to vanquish seem more vexing than ever.

Domestically, America is facing the weakest economic recovery in our nation’s history. Globally, world leaders openly defy Obama, often in a mocking manner. Ethically, the Obama administration is facing a significant number of serious scandals including Benghazi and IRS abuses.

Despite repeated platitudes about America having turned a corner, a majority of Americans feel America is in significant trouble.

Despite all of this, a large majority of liberal Democrat Obama voters insist that the Obama agenda is working. Anything that is not working is because of GOP obstructionism and forces beyond Obama’s control. If he cannot fix this, nobody can.

Obama has been turned into the Goldman Sachs of politicians. No matter how low his stock crashes, he has a support base determined to give him a political bailout. At this point the big question needs to be asked.

Is Obama too black to fail?

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Even alluding to the question will cause many liberals to reflexively howl charges of racism, but that only makes the question more valid. It is liberals who are constantly saying that America needs a national conversation about race. Conservatives find such navel-gazing exercises to be at best pointless and at worst destructive. Honest dialogue is impossible when the liberal position is deemed from the start to be the only valid viewpoint.

The question deserves to be asked because even President Obama, in an all too rare moment of candor, admitted the very possibility of positive support based on race. He stated that some people voted against him because he was black, but that some people voted for him because he was black. He is right on both counts.

It would be completely incorrect to castigate American blacks for voting for Obama because of his skin color. Blacks were marginalized, and the pride blacks felt at seeing one of their own reach the highest level of world power must be acknowledged. Whether Obama was a socially promoted affirmative action hire was not the issue. He won the election, ending that part of the discussion. What mattered is what he did once he took office. He had the job. Now it was time for him to do the actual work of governing. By any honest metric, he has governed ineffectively.

Every American president has faced a hostile legislature at some point. Many presidents have been frustrated with Supreme Court decisions. President Obama has been unique in how petulantly he reacts to people who disagree with him. Another quality of his is that of an introvert. He deeply loves his wife and children, but does not enjoy forging relationships with outsiders. He tends to be a loner, putting cold logical analysis over feelings and emotions. He would rather be left alone with his family than arguing with people who he feels do not listen to him. He is right, they are wrong, and they should just be quiet, agree with him, and leave him alone.

Truly honest liberals would have to concede that Obama is being treated exactly the way Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry would be treated had they won the White House.

Truly honest liberals would admit that the hostility toward George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and most conservative leaders is every bit if not more intense than what Obama has faced. Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder keep complaining that the harsh treatment they receive is unprecedented. Most people would see this assertion as false. Some conservatives would fairly argue that the harsh treatment is a reaction to the harsh governing methods of the Obama administration. Obama is reaping the animosity he has sowed.

Obama has a media apparatus that for the most part blindly supports everything he does. Despite a poll finding 61% of respondents deeming Obama a liar, his supporters keep defending him.

A large part of support that borders on fanaticism can be traced to Obama’s skin color. Because he is the very first non-white president, he is elevated to being more than just a man. He is a symbol, the culmination of an entire generation’s hopes and dreams. When an entire movement becomes wrapped up in the cult of personality of one man, the fall of that man drags down the entire movement. Many liberals truly believe that an Obama failure would prevent Americans from electing another black president.

This farcical thought process assumes that Americans are racists unable to judge a president based on actual job performance. Professional sports, sales industries, and the military are areas where blacks have excelled in leadership positions. If a black head coach gets fired, another black head coach is part of the talent pool waiting to take his place.

Obama is a prime example of why bailouts are counter-productive. Letting failed companies go bankrupt leads to management shakeups. Incompetent executives are fired and replaced with turnaround specialists. A black conservative named Herman Cain is a prime example of somebody with expertise in taking failed entities and turning them into successful ones.

“Too big to fail” just led to more risk-taking. Once businesses became too big to fail, the next step was cities claiming they were too important to go bankrupt. Detroit wants a federal bailout while keeping the same failed executives in power.

Now America has a president who was never allowed to have his training wheels removed. Propping Obama up and insulating him from any discussion of where he could improve his leadership abilities just led him further down the path of failed leadership.

For Obama’s sake and the rest of America’s sake, the cheerleading of this man needs to stop. Bad news has to stop being treated as good news. Failed policies from Obamacare to Russia to Syria have to stop being touted as successes.

Those who keep artificially inflating one man who happens to be partially black are no better than those who artificially prop up an over-valued stock market. When Obama inevitably crashes, people of all races will be hurt.

This crash is already accelerating. Only liberals wearing black-colored glasses are too blind to see that their obsession with Obama’s race is hurting us all at a rapidly accelerating rate.

By letting Obama fail, Americans will see if he has the content of his character to succeed.

That is the American way.



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  • elizabeth burgess

    Excellent read. The truth always hurts, but it can only help the situation we’re in. If our president was honorable, he would take advice from those with experience in various fields. And, he’d be listening to us, the Americans of the United States. He’s arrogant, and thin skinned. He has mad our country the laughing stock of the world. I am constantly praying for our country. It’s becoming a place that I don’t recognize anymore.

  • Phillipe Violette

    I did not vote for obummer because of his name, he has a muslim name and after 9-11 I just cannot bring myself to trust islamists. The moderate muslims are afraid to stand up to muslim terrorists because they will receive the same treatment as infidels. Moderate muslims don’t want their throat cut and their house burned down.

  • Siafuyu

    Jesus, are you kidding me? An article supposedly written by informed people still saying obama is black? HE IS NOT BLACK, HE IS MUSLUM! Good God, catch up. No wonder the evil powers are winning!
    Second, the reason he floats through everything is the fact that he is a mere pawn for the corrupt powers that have been running this country from behind the scene for decades! Hint- they control the countries finances. If you don’t know
    who this is, you need to quit writing.

  • toongail

    I think he let the panda go on because he was scared when he sail the Obama joke. I am noticing he has borrowed some Johnny Carson mannerisms – noticed especially in the beginning.

  • One would expect the añswers of support coming from the left and the very communist tactic of race dividing to pursue Obama’s communistic goals, but to take Boehner out of the equation is foolhardy. This so-called Speaker is a disgrace to the GOP and could just as easily run government on the other side of the aisle !! Another Speaker following the Constitution would have an impeachment bill already in Congress. Don’t let anyone kid you, Boehner is a sellout and must go NOW, NOT AFTER ELECTION !!!

  • Babylonandon

    That idea “if Obama fails Americans will never elect another Black President is ludicrous”.

    The real fear the elites have is that a whole Hell of a lot of us would elect a TEA Party Black President who’d turn out to be a combination of Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Patton … a man who would rain fire and brimstone on all of their cherished corrupt government institutions, smash all the racial handouts (who could call him racist?) and crush the groups like the Unions, the college professors, AND who’d be no friend of elite families (most of who are former and want-to-be-again Slave Masters) with no respect for the powers that be because the American people would be so behind him that their very lives would be in jeopardy opposing him … especially once the jobs started coming back.

  • w0die-san

    and Obama is not even black, but mixed race!!