Why Obama’s victory laps may cost democrats in November


CHARLOTTE, NC, April 18, 2014 –  Barack Obama has been doing a lot of braggin’ lately. The great Hall of Fame pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, Dizzy Dean, used to say “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” It is certain that Obama has done something, but it is questionable as to what he has achieved.

The president has done a lot, but it is arguable that most of what he has accomplished is disruption rather than anything positive, which hardly seems to be something to “brag” about.

Many media pundits believe that Obamacare is going to come back to haunt Obama and his party in the mid-term elections in November. On the surface that might be the most obvious reason but there is something else more underlying and subtle that could actually take the democrats down.

Taking victory laps is standard operating procedure for any president. Barack Obama got numbers that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has now topped eight million enrollees, so it is only logical, and justified, that he should tout his “success.”

Whether or not the figures are legitimate or bogus really doesn’t matter. This president, and his administration, has been so loose and vague with virtually every political issue they undertake that the American public, for the most part, has already tuned Obama out.

What American have not ignored however, is the manner in which Barack Obama conducts his announcements. That is the subtle aspect of his orations that may eventually come back to bite him.

Everyone knows the president is an avid sports enthusiast so let’s use a couple of sports metaphors to clarify the issue. One facet of American culture that is particularly distasteful in any competitive endeavor is the act of “showing up” your opponent. Even when Americans do not like a particular player or team, when their competition makes them look bad to humiliate them, we will almost always rally to defend the underdog against the bully.

In football, be it professional or college, it is an unwritten rule that teams do not try to score touchdowns or go for a two-point conversion when the final outcome is no longer in doubt. Out of respect for their opponents, and the sport itself, the victor will usually take a knee or do something that does not run up the score.

The same is true in baseball. Hitters do not bunt for base hits or steal bases when their team has a big lead. Fattening one’s individual statistics at the expense of another team is simply unacceptable, and players who attempt such shenanigans are likely to find a fast ball coming toward their head the next time they come to the place.

Barack Obama got his eight million enrollee number. Naturally such positive news would lure him to the microphone to boast about his victory.

The problem for the president is that taking credit for what he has done is never enough. It must always be followed by an “in your face” comment or a “spiking the football” gesture. Those are the moments that stick in the craw of the American people, regardless of whether or not they agree with Obama’s policies or not.

Like pornography, we may not be able to define it, but we know it when we see it. Americans want their leaders to have dignity, statesmanship, diplomacy and tact. We do not respond well to bashing an opponent when they are truly down or even just perceived to be down. Americans may not be able to express their feelings, but they sense them every time they happens. They may not understand why they don’t like something but they do know they do not accept it when they see it.

Who knows? Obamacare by itself may actually survive the negativity that the majority of Americans feel about the program. But the democrats better be careful, because they will not survive the “attitude” exhibited by theie presidential leader.

While “It ain’t braggin if you can do it”, the debate still lingers as to whether Barack Obama really has “done” anything other than create five years of anxiety for American citizens and businesses.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com).  

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  • MissDiane47

    Well said, Mr. Taylor! I didn’t even bother watching the press conference the other day. I have better things to do than to waste my time listening to his drivel about his so-called “accomplishment.”

  • RGZ_50

    Bob, the 8 million sign ups claim is a semantic slight of hand in which the actual details don’t justify any kind of high fives from anyone. But the legacy media allows him to float these fallacious proclamations without question. He wouldn’t try it otherwise.

    • vietnam6871

      Up to 3 million are Medicaid transfers (non-contributors to the cost) , another 3 million already had insurance and were forced to switch to something they did not want and in most cases cost a lot more and, in the mean time 4.5 to 6 million lost their insurance . That leaves between 2-3,000,000 who may have benefited – IF THEY PAID. And as for the ridiculous premise that this was to cover all those 30,000,000 uninsured, there will be even more uninsured if this ever stays law after a very serious law suit against it hits the Supremes within this year. As anyone who has studied this from the beginning (and has bothered to read it – man was that a chore) this has nothing to do with health insurance, it is strictly about control of another, very important, aspect of our lives. Cradle to grave is what the elitists are aiming at. And as to the “death panels”, that aspect is real and is covered by pure bureaucrats who know nothing about medicine. If you are very young or very old and it will take megabucks to fix you – get the coffin ready. And trolls, don’t even bother trying to refute what I have put forward, I will crucify you – I read it.

      • margo1942

        very well said !

      • RGZ_50

        agreed, you’ve done your homework. Kudos.

  • I_M_Forman

    I noticed his “street arrogance” in 2007 when he scratched the side of his head with his middle finger in the debates with Hillary and then with McCain. Don’t tell me a guy who “attended” and Ivy League School doesn’t know what that was about. Afterwards I recall when he told the GOP “Heads up – I won the election.” We’ll see come November how his legacy becomes a lonely place for DEMS.

  • Jim Delaney

    Barry is pretty wiley, a super-accomplished politician and manipulator, so his attempting to come across as a poor-me, “I’m-doin’-my-very-best-for-you” demeanor could have the desired effect.

    That said, can you imagine committing to living your life in such a virtual world of make-believe? Carefully orchestrated theatrics v integrity and reality. Amazing what some folks will do to maintain power and control over others. For these sorts, even one’s soul must surely be up for the highest bidder.

  • jgreencyclist

    After a number of years trig to work with conservatives, only to repeatedly get kicked in the teeth, he’s finally learned it doesn’t pay. I know you guys hate him, and like FDR, I think he has come to welcome your hatred.