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Why Mid-Term Election voters need to climb aboard the Trump Train

Written By | Sep 10, 2018
Durango Silverton train

Durango-Silverton train, Silverton, CO / Image: Jim Picht for CDN

WASHINGTON. As members of both political parties remind us almost daily, the coming elections are very important. Indeed the future direction of the country will be greatly affected by the result. Both the DNC and the GOP are predicting victory.

Even as many Americans are trying to decide their votes.

The GOP – Trump Agenda
Fixing the American Economy

The GOP is inviting everyone to board the Trump Train to help drive the U.S. to prosperity. Prosperity being something Americans have not felt in nearly two decades.

The GOP will further note that since Trump reduced thousands of regulation in February and March of last year, the economy has been growing at about a 3% rate. He cut taxes this year. The cuts were felt starting in January. By April the economy was growing at more than a 4% rate.

It is likely that the third quarter GDP growth number will be more than 4.5%.  We will know the number ten days before the election. The growth will bring higher incomes, more opportunity and a higher standard of living. It will also eliminate much of the anger now felt by Americans.

This is the right direction for the country.
From foreign policy to immigration

Our foreign policy is now following the well proven “peace through strength” philosophy. While Obama decimated the military, Trump is rebuilding the military. Trump is demanding that allies who rely on America’s military protection participate in the cost of maintaining the world’s strongest military.

Our allies have been taking advantage of us in trade agreements. Trump wants to change that quickly. He does so by creating a sense of urgency to bring our partners to the negotiating table. Already its working and within the next few months, it will yield positive results by opening foreign markets to US companies.

The GOP is concerned with clean air and water. They are just not so overly concerned that the policies strangle business and slow growth.

President Trump has offered a compromise to come up with a solution to the immigration problem. Unfortunately, Democrats will not come to the table. The only solution is for Republicans to have the House and Senate, eliminating the needs to appease Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters.

The GOP also recognizes that there is a healthcare problem.

Market-based solutions tend to provide higher quality products and lower prices.  Republicans want to fix the health care law. With more Republican in Congress, there is a path to fixing health care.

By November the country should see that the president did not collude with Russia and he did not obstruct justice. Payments made by a candidate to pay for a nondisclosure agreement are legal. He has broken no laws and any talk of removing him from office via Impeachment is just plain poppycock.

2018 Mid-term elections: Will Trump Republicans keep their heads?

Many of the problems Trump is solving today are the result of Obama’s agenda

Virtually all of the economic problems and many of the social problems are due to the economic stagnation that began in 2006 and was pushed to 2016 by the prior Democratic administration. During that time period, economic growth averaged just above 2%. A pathetic number that Obama and his advisors told America was the new normal.

The Obama administration’s top policy goal was to cure perceived social injustices, which occurred in the areas of health care, income taxes, wealth distribution, regulation of corporations and income maintenance programs like food stamp and welfare. Each action taken to cure the injustice served to slow economic growth.

The cost of the Obama agenda

The Affordable Care Act raised the cost of labor to business which slows economic growth. In 2011, income taxes were increased by 10% for the highest income earners only. This reduced the amount of capital the wealthy had to invest, which slows economic growth, especially considering the capital-intensive economy we have.

Regulations, especially the ones that are not needed and are actually counter-productive, tend to slow economic growth. Giving low-income earners more food stamps, more welfare, and free health care reduces the incentive to seek employment. That reduces the input from labor and slows economic growth.

Democrats are insistent that the country is going in the wrong direction

Unfortunately, the Democrats fear has nothing to do with the country, but all to do with the President. The claim is that despite his dozens of accomplishment,  he is not capable of doing the job. Relationships with formerly strong allies have become strained, say the Dems.

They find fault in that the Iran Treaty has been canceled and the president fails to confront Russia as an enemy despite the fact that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had cozy, live mike revealing relationship between Putin and Obama.  Or the midnight payment of billions of dollars to Iran.

The Dems claim Trump may be colluding with Russia. The reality is that the only collusion is Clinton Foundation’s financial support of Russian Spy Christopher Steele, the dossier author.

President Trump and the history of misunderstanding Russia

Despite average American’s seeing a larger paycheck due to the tax cuts, the crumbs as Pelosi calls them, the tax cuts went almost entirely to the wealthy. They cry that Trump has started a trade war which is likely to bring on a worldwide recession.

The EPA has stopped trying to keep the air and water clean. Helpless immigrants are treated like prisoners and are separated from their children, Democrats cry.  While showing photos of Obama’s immigration camps, children in cages.

In addition, they yell,  Trump is trying to break the unions and push millions of Americans off of the health insurance rolls.

The narrative of a scared Democrat electorate afraid they will never regain power again.
The Trump Train pulls into the station

With the economy booming, unemployment at record lows, incomes rising, foreign conflicts being met from a position of strength, foreign markets opening up to US manufacturers and a willingness to comprise on many key issues, it’s time for everyone to board the Trump train.

Trump’s style is that of a businessperson from Queens and not a politician who vacations at the Hamptons. Instead of the mainstream media allowing the Democrat party to manipulate them with balderdash, the GOP says that Americans should take a more objective view.

Even if you believe that Trump is a bad person, he is a good president. As noted economist Walter Williams points out, bad men can be good presidents. Look at Bill Clinton. He was a bad man but a good president.

When voters are in the booth and ready to vote, what is mostly on their mind is the economy. If that is the case, the GOP does well in November and the Trump Train pulls from the station, filled with Americans.



Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.