Why liberals are wrong about politicizing the memory of 9/11

9/11 Memorial Museum
9/11 Memorial Museum

ATLANTIC CITY, May 15, 2014 — The opening of the 9/11 museum in New York City has created an everlasting memorial for all of the victims. The story of every one of the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11th, 2001, is being told.

Children and grandchildren of the fallen will get to know about the final hours of the people they spent far too little time with on this earth.

Unfortunately, as more time goes by, it becomes clear that many of the 9/11 victims died in vain.

At the risk of offending the half of the country that needs and deserves to be offended, Democrats’ liberal policy and tip-toeing around the issue of whether 9/11 was the result of radical jihadsts are the reason why there will be more terror victims in the years to come.

This is a political issue.

Let liberal heads explode. Let them scream about how 9/11 must not ever be politicized. 9/11 must stay non-partisan.

Wrong. Totally, completely, unequivocally wrong. 9/11 and this museum must be politicized.

Bill Clinton’s response to terrorism was to treat it like a law enforcement problem. Multiple acts of terror against America on his watch went unanswered. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed. Then came attacks on the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

In 2000, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole happened without consequences. In each situation, radical Islam was to blame. In each situation, radical Islam was ignored.

Liberals desperate to avoid the radical Islam narrative clung to the Timothy McVeigh bombing in Oklahoma City. McVeigh was a terrorist, but his lack of a connection to radical Islam was a statistical aberration. Liberals treated Oklahoma City as the rule rather than the exception.

Clinton had several chances to take custody of bin Laden from the Sudanese government, and refused him out of fear of offending radical Islamists.

After 9/11, it took Republican President George W. Bush to grasp that an enemy was at war with the United States. Bush led the Global War on Terror that removed the Taliban from Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein from Iraq.

Moammar Khadafi voluntarily turned over his weapons program in Libya, once again proving that force works.

Most liberals declared the Global War on Terror a failure, but what they really meant was they despised George W. Bush because of the disputed 2000 election. But facts are inconvenient things.

The Clinton approach failed. The Bush approach worked.

Democrats became determined to implement their failed approach rather than concede that Bush could be right about anything. Along came Barack Obama, with all the failures that accompany liberal Democrats.

The only Obama successes came from continuing Bush policies. Bush-Cheney interrogation methods allowed U.S. forces to find and kill 9/11 leader Osama bin Laden. Aggressive use of predator drones took out some al-Qaeda leaders. On every other front, Obama reversed the Bush approach. The result was a return to repeated terrorist attacks against America.

There was the Fort Hood shooter. There was the “shoe bomber” and the Christmas Day “underwear bomber.” There were the Boston Marathon bombers.

There was Benghazi, which occurred on the eleventh anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks. All of these attacks were the result of radical Islam.

The evidence is in. The conservative Republican approach to handling terrorism works. The liberal Democrat approach gets more people killed.

At this point liberals are so desperate to protect their narrative of a successful approach to foreign policy that they just make up words. “Workplace violence” and “overseas contingency operations” replaced terrorism, radical Islam and war.

Foreign policy used to be bipartisan because both major parties were determined to keep Americans safe. The Democratic Party of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Henry “Scoop” Jackson is dead.

The Democratic Party is now overrun by the counter-culture George McGovern supporters who never understood how the real world works. Democrats elected leaders such as Michael Dukakis, a Massachusetts liberal who coddled criminals. Then came Bill Clinton, a draft dodger who loathed the military. Al Gore was more concerned with environmental nonsense than global terrorism. John Kerry threw his ribbons away and called American troops murderers and butchers no better than Genghis Khan.

Clinton got elected and gutted the military. Barack Obama did the same. The rare Democrat offering sanity on foreign policy, Joseph Lieberman, was kicked out of the Democratic Party.

Now Democrats want to elect Hillary Clinton, a woman without any foreign policy accomplishments except getting innocent Americans killed.

Rather than admit their failures, the left tries to equate their bungling to the Iraq War. People die in war. They should not repeatedly be murdered during peacetime. No sane individual would blame Bush for Iraq War deaths or Truman for World War II deaths. So sane person would make excuses for deaths of American diplomats, even if it shines bad press on a liberal president.

All the museum exhibits in the world will not mean a thing unless those who claim to be against civilians being murdered actually do something to stop the murders.

9/11 must be politicized until liberal Democrats are either shamed or dragged kicking and screaming into accepting the conservative Republican approach to fighting terrorism.

If liberals want to stop being blamed for getting people killed, then they should stop getting people killed. Democrats need to stop focusing on their own bruised egos and start saving lives.

Anything less than the neocon George W. Bush approach is surrender. All the museums in the world will not absolve those who surrender in the face of radical Islamists wanting to bring about more 9/11 tragedies.

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  • Mari

    I was so disappointed that Pres.George W. Bush wasn’t at the 9/11 Museum dedication to speak! He is one of our greatest 9/11 Heroes! And Laura Bush as well. I’ve decided never to visit the 9/11 Museum. I don’t believe that Pres.GWBush was included. Uncomfortable seeing Clintons & Obama there. Not cool.

    • Bren Pool Vignaroli

      I wondered about that myself Mari…both he and Laura really should have been there. Would like to know why they weren’t..and I would prefer to only hear it straight from them not the liberal spinners.

      • Mari

        Right, but keeping with his protocol not to comment on current presidency, I doubt GWBush will comment. Perhaps he was invited, but knowing democrat stronghold New York, his invitation was probably late; an afterthought, and he wasn’t invited to speak.
        Gross to see Obama speak. Only reason he was able to get binLaden was due to the military infrastructure and war efforts of GWBush. Gross to see Clintons there – 9/11 occurred after 8 years of Clinton’s presidency! Was he doing his job?? GWBush is our greatest 9/11 hero, but lefties/dems won’t allow it known or remembered! I won’t visit that museum in New York democrat stronghold! Never been to New York and not going now!! No longer interested!

        • Bren Pool Vignaroli

          I hear ya Mari…and agree wholeheartedly. Personally I think he should have been there. Lord knows with this current administration, there are things going on that most all of us are not aware of…and maybe President Bush knows something we don’t. But would have rather seen him and Laura sitting front and center for no other reason but for the families who lost loved ones on that day. I’ve always felt Clinton played a huge role in what went down that day..and nobody will convince me otherwise. It made me sick to see him and Hillary sitting there..where the Bush family SHOULD have been sitting.

          • Mari

            Absolutely Bren!! Pres. Bush and Laura should have been sitting exactly where those reprehensible Clintons were sitting! How wonderful it would have been to hear Pres. Bush speak at the 9/11 Museum dedication instead of …you know who (yuk!) Seriously makes me ill!

        • amen! makes me sick to listen to him brag about that. he opposed the very policies that made it happen. everytime he brags, i keep hoping he will thank bush, but no, he doesn’t. sad

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Well, if Chris Dorner, Lakim Faust, Ed Schultz, Troy Gilmore Jr., John Muhammed, Hussein Obama, Lee Boyd Malvo, Demetrius Glenn, Allan Brauer, John Van Allen, and Aaron Alexis are any indication, it’s pretty obvious that today’s liberals are becoming increasingly unhinged, violent, and aggressive.

  • GWB is probably tired of hearing it.
    The whole thing is still muddled in so much garbage I doubt I could maintain composure if I were Bush having to occupy the same space with those of the mentality that ignorantly brought that horror.
    Clinton was given a heads up by numerous international intel agencies, including Israel, that radical Islam had been nurturing the possibility of passenger jets used as missiles.
    Instead he blew up pill factories while his wife dodged imaginary bullets in Bosnia.
    I would wait till all the garbage pageantry and bs expediency wore off so I could visit in peace and give those the thoughts they deserve.

    • Mari

      If Pres.GWBush isn’t properly and truthfully represented in the 9/11 Memorial Museum -its a travesty. He, along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani were our great sources of strength after 9/11. Pres.GWBush did all the right things to start to make the US and world safer. The democrats obtained the White House by denigrating those efforts. Democrats are sick & disgusting. Unless Pres.GWBush is accurately represented as one of our 9/11 heroes, then democrats are re-writing history and using the 9/11 Museum to do it!! We just cannot allow this!! if we are honest and true Americans!

  • thank you. im at the point of tears. i was wondering when somebody, anybody, would give bush the credit he so richly deserves. he put his own popularity on the line to do what clinton, his father failed to do. instead of thanks, he gets crucified for it, not just by dems, but also the gop threw him under the bus. all i ever hear is how great reagan was. i agree, reagan was awesome. but this is 2014. reagan has been dead for a while now. [God rest his soul] when comparing economies, they should compare bush vs obama. reagan was pres 30 years ago. i was 2 years old when he was sworn in! things are far different now. anyway, thank you for this article. i feel its about damn time! i miss bush so much. i felt safer under his leadership. i know he was not perfect, no president is. i will never forget 9/11. God bless the 9/11 families & our troops serving. to protect us.

    • Mari

      Obama and democrats worked very hard to denigrate Pres.GWBush (still do) and not give him credit for 9/11 action after because that is how they obtained the White House. About 2003, democrats (Clintons, Pelosi, etc.) saw their opportunity to get the White House by deriding and denigrating Bush and the war efforts. It was completely disgusting and deplorable getting the White House on the backs of our military. Pres.GWBush did the right things after 9/11. So did our awesome military. But democrats cannot admit it. Riling and turning Americans away from the war efforts is how they maneuvered their way back into the White House!! And have made the world much LESS SAFE since.Sickening. I will never vote democrat at any level in any election as long as I live. Neither will my descendants! And unless Pres.GWBush is properly and accurately represented in the 9/11 Memorial Museum, I’ll never visit there!

      • feels great knowing im not the only one who feels this way. there are times i think im the one who is nuts. hahahaha! thanks so much! you are so right, it made me sick too the way the dems behaved. whats worse is, the damn media went along w/ these lies!

        • Mari

          Good to know you’re out there too, Stephanie! Follow me on twitter, if you want! =mari rao @raomaribeth We aren’t ‘nuts’ ; we’re just paying attention!!