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Why Hillary Clinton needs ex-President Bill on the ticket

Written By | Dec 31, 2015

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30, 2015 — No matter what happens,

Hillary is accomplished in the art of lying, but most people don’t care. A large part of the American electorate believes that lying is a prerequisite for holding the highest elected office in the world.

Hillary has had more practice at lying to the American public than any candidate on the national stage. Her deceptions make Donald Trump’s whoppers seem tame by comparison: She dodged sniper fire in Bosnia; she knew nothing about Bill’s affairs; the bimbo eruptions were part of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy”; the Benghazi killings were caused by an anti-Muslim film, not by terrorists.

To hear Hillary, our failure in Benghazi wasn’t a failure of intelligence or force deployment or to fight radical Islam, but a failure to curtail First Amendment speech rights.

Hillary Clinton: Scandal yes, prison absolutely not

Hillary lied when she might have been better served by the truth. When the American diplomats’ caskets were delivered back to the United States, she knew the truth, that our country had been attacked by terrorists, but President Obama was weeks away from re-election and terrorism didn’t fit into the Obama game plan.

Despite her extensive baggage, Hillary can convince her core supporters to disregard the truth. That skill should not be discounted. In American political campaigns, the truth has become shrouded in lies. Fact checkers try to sort out the mess with “truth-meters” and lie revealers, but no one cares. Pollsters try to capture the public temper and chart the impact of lies, but the only poll that counts is the one on election night.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will have a large arsenal of political bombs to throw at Hillary and her running mate. Attack ads will dominate the airwaves until November. Already, a group of women who claim to have been raped or sexually harassed by Bill Clinton are joining forces to inform the American public that Hillary Clinton is no friend of women.

Women are a decisively influential voting bloc in national elections. Women’s votes will be courted incessantly, and picking the right person to serve as running mate may be the single most important factor in securing the general-election win.

Running mates are often chosen from swing states or to “balance” the ticket. In recent elections, Florida and Ohio have been crucial to victory. The failure to carry these swing states will doom a campaign. In 2000, Bush/Cheney won the Florida’s all-or-nothing electoral vote contest by 537 popular votes over the Gore/Lieberman ticket. Those 537 votes put Bush and Cheney in the White House for eight years.

Whom will Hillary pick? Her running mate will be a man. This will balance the ticket and help her with voters skittish about a female president. Many won’t admit it on national TV or to their friends, but a lot of men and even women harbor “politically incorrect” ideas about how the country should be run. Call it misogynistic, but that is a reality of politics.

The logical choice for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats would be Bill. That’s right, William Jefferson Clinton should be in line to be the First Dude.

Why the nation should fear a Clinton-Clinton ticket 

“Wait!” you say, “he can’t do that!” Law professor William Bradford disagrees.

He thinks that Bill could serve, as the Constitution only prevents him from running for another term as president. It doesn’t contemplate a former president who wants to encore his eight years as commander-In-chief with a stint as No. 2. It has never been done before. Then again, no husband in American history had a wife who decided to succeed him as president.

There are many reasons why the potential First Dude would be the first choice for vice-president, but here are a few to consider:

  • The Clintons have already survived the “bimbo eruptions” of the 1990s, and they could dismiss new ones as old news;
  • they already know how to sneak around the White House without getting caught;
  • Bill could live in the vice president’s house and stay out of Hillary’s way;
  • Hillary could stay at the White House and stay out of Bill’s way;
  • Bill’s sole practical duty as vice president would be to wake up in the morning every day and ask a question coined by Will Rogers: “How’s the president?”
  • Bill can’t run for re-election;
  • the only way for Bill to regain the presidency is for Hillary to die or be unable to serve.

Now consider this: The first Clinton presidency governed a nation with no national debt during eight years of peace. For that reason alone we should give Bill Clinton a cigar for his accomplishments as president.

Thus far in her campaign, Hillary acts as if her husband of 40 years died at the end of his term. Maybe she’s hiding him until the convention, but don’t hold your breath.

Mark Becker

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