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Why Gov. Kasich defiantly offers sanctuary to DACA Recipients

Written By | Sep 9, 2017

CLEVELAND, September 9, 2017 — Ohio Governor John Kasich has found one more way to show his defiance toward President Donald Trump and his efforts to enforce America’s laws. Defiant of the president’s earlier efforts to use executive orders to protect the nation’s security, Kasich has now decided to offer sanctuary to DACA recipients.

Kasich, a former presidential candidate, refused to attend the RNC convention in Cleveland last year. This had zero impact on Trump, who handily won the state’s blue-collar Democratic and Republican voters. Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan defied Kasich and other globalists who have sought to neutralize the nation’s legal immigration policies.

In his open invitation to illegal immigrants, the so-called “dreamers”, Kasich said, “We’re putting kids, young people in jeopardy, this is not the America that we all love, this is a melting pot.” He added, “If the DREAMers want to go somewhere and live, come to Ohio, we want all the immigrants to come to Ohio, we know how much immigrants contribute.”

Despite the fact that he took an oath to uphold the U.S. and state constitutions, Kasich appears woefully ignorant about his role and responsibility to lead. Former President Barack Obama created the DACA program even though he had admitted on at least 20 occasions that he did not have the constitutional authority to do so.

Now Ohioans have an elected state leader who admonishes the President of the United States, who says an illegal action taken by a previous president should be ended. But what Kasich and other cloth renders don’t understand is that it is up to Congress to fix the laws that will allow those who fall under DREAMer status to remain in the U.S. and on a pathway to citizenship.

Kasich’s inability to grasp basic laws makes one wonder what other laws he feels he can choose to ignore. If America is truly a nation build on the foundation of law, then where is the line drawn when Kasich-like officials decide to look the other way and ignore our laws?

Can anarchy and disruption of the social order be far behind?

It appears that Kasich feels an attachment to disorder and disobedience to the law, as does Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This week, Emanuel joined the “kick the Constitution to the curb” gang when he said,

“To all the DREAMers that are here in this room and in the city of Chicago: You are welcome in the city of Chicago. This is your home. And you have nothing to worry about.”

One expects liberal officials like Emanuel to show disdain for constitutionally enacted legislation. He has consistently fought the president on all efforts to enforce his temporary immigration travel bans. Now he’s launched his new anti-White House immigration enforcement effort by declaring Chicago schools “Trump-free zones,” according to Breitbart.

As the nation continues to grapple with a potential nuclear threat from an unhinged North Korean leader who has no regard for the rule of international law, will the nation have to unleash federal enforcement officials on Ohio and Chicago because it leaders ignore America’s laws?


Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975. He has been published in the "New York Times," and has written for the "Detroit News," "Michigan Chronicle," “GOPUSA,” "Soul Source" and "Writers Digest" magazines as well as the Ann Arbor and Cleveland "Examiner," "Free Patriot," "Conservatives4 Palin" and "Positively Republican." The former daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on conservative News Talk WDTK - 1400 AM in Detroit, he is also a published author. His Christian children’s book, “Is There a Lion in My Kitchen,” hit bookstores in 2014. He writes for Communities Digital News, and his weekly show "Standing at Freedom’s Gate" on Community Digital News Hour tackles the latest national and international issues of freedom, faith and protecting the homeland and heartland of America as well as solutions that are needed. Fobbs also writes for Clash Daily, Renew America and BuzzPo. He covers Second Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Pro-Life, patriotism, terrorism and other domestic and foreign affairs issues. As the former 12-year Community Concerns columnist with The Detroit News, he covered community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, business, government relations, and community and business dispute resolution. Fobbs obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1978 and attended Wayne State University Law School. He spearheaded and managed state and national campaigns as well as several of President George W. Bush's White House initiatives in areas including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform, and Faith-Based Initiatives.