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Why Bill Clinton is far worse than Bill Cosby

Written By | Jul 9, 2015

LOS ANGELES, July 9, 2015 — Heathcliff “Combustible” Huxtable’s alter ego has seen his entire career go up in flames. After repeated denials of sexually abusing multiple women, Bill Cosby was disgraced when his 2005 deposition was made public. When asked during that deposition if he had ever purchased Quaaludes for the purpose of having sex with women, he replied, “yes.” Asked if he ever slipped the women these drugs without their knowledge or consent, Cosby was instructed by his lawyer not to answer the question.

Those who love the man for his life’s work can hold out the slimmest of hopes that these drugs were party favors, that he handed the women the drugs and that they voluntarily consumed the drugs. Sadly, the more plausible explanation is that “America’s father” had a dark side. He did wrong, very wrong. If it was anybody other than “The Coz,” the language would be stronger.

Bill Cosby: Why would ‘America’s Father’ rape?

While Cosby himself is not a partisan issue, the reaction toward him by liberals contains more than a touch of hypocrisy. Plenty of conservatives have criticized Cosby, but it is liberals saddled with trying to defend the indefensible man. As bad as Bill Cosby’s behavior was, Bill Clinton’s was far worse.

Let liberal heads explode. Let them engage in their typical righteous indignation. Let them deflect the issue with irrelevant attacks on Fox News, talk radio, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. It will not change the truth: In the annals of sexual predators, Bill Clinton is worse than Bill Cosby.

After the liberal bluster phase ends, the next step is screeching about how Monica Lewinsky was no big deal. Then will come the point that Bill Clinton did not drug anybody. The Lewinsky point is false and the drug issue is irrelevant.

Monica Lewinsky was the tip of the iceberg. Juanita Broderick accused Bill Clinton of rape. Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey both accused him of varying degrees of sexual assault. In any normal corporation, Bill Clinton would have been fired for sexual harassing Monica Lewinsky. People cannot have a consensual relationship if they are unequals. He was her boss.

Drugs and alcohol are one tactic sexual predators can use to take advantage of women. Threats, extortion, and blackmail are another approach.

Cosby was just an entertainer. Bill Clinton was the Arkansas Governor and then President of the United States. He was the Commander in Chief. He had the entire American government at his disposal. He had dozens if not hundreds of people ready to cover up for him at a moment’s notice.

Cosby’s deposition finally became public. Clinton has used everybody from the Arkansas state troopers to the Secret Service to hide his deeds.

Cosby violated women, but then he left them alone. Even after they accused him, he stayed silent. Bill Clinton has a vindictive streak. A former IRS employee told Judicial Watch in 2002 that the Clinton administration used the IRS to audit Paula Jones. James Carville, Clinton’s go-to man, then went on television and refered to her as trailer trash. Clinton used his position and his supporters to smear his accusers by name in a way meant to inflict as much humiliation as possible. Clinton violated his accusers twice.

Bill Cosby was given a free pass for a long time because he made funny faces that made children and adults laugh. He gave kids Jell-O pudding pops.

Bill Clinton was given a free pass because he is a liberal Democrat who supports abortion rights.

Hillary Clinton’s accomplished lifetime of looking busy

Those who deny this bias can reflect on legions of liberal Democrats who abused women without consequences. Ted Kennedy even killed one, yet was lionized as a liberal hero who stopped Judge Robert Bork from reaching the Supreme Court and overturning Roe vs Wade. The 2015 version of hypocrisy comes from the leftist Sheriff of San Francisco. In 2012 he was arrested for beating his wife. He was reinstated because the City Council could not bring itself to fire a loyal leftist.

The Bill Cosby situation is something liberals would rather not discuss. The Democrat party that thrives on identity politics is a collection of disparate groups, and Hillary Clinton does not want to risk offending them. Blacks are primarily supporting Cosby. Women are mostly against him. Entertainment industry personnel will side with whoever benefits their wallets most. Hillary needs them all.

The National Organization for Women will certainly not dare criticize Bill Clinton. They even praised him for groping a woman only once and then stopping after she demanded he stop. According to NOW, this showed respect because he listened.

The quote of all quotes about Bill Clinton was delivered in October of 1998 by former Time Magazine writer and White House correspondent Nina Burleigh.

“I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

The liberal media was willing to back the most vile abusive Democrat over war hero Republican Bob Dole solely due to the abortion issue. Those believing the ends justify the means can continue to pillory Bill Cosby while making excuses for Bill Clinton.

Those same people will have zero credibility when discussing the war on women. They will be seen as morally bankrupt when saying that when it comes to abusing women, “once is too many.” Mothers will be disgracing their daughters by teaching them that Hillary Clinton is anything other than a sexual predator’s enabler who chose power over decency and humanity.

Either women are human beings who deserve to be treated with equality and respect, or they are cattle who should return to their lives before that pesky 19th Amendment. There is no middle ground.

Some of Bill Cosby’s staunchest defenders are throwing in the towel because the deposition contains his words.

Clintonistas will never throw in the towel. They desperately need the first woman president and she must be a progressive. Winning at all costs does not allow for qualities such as integrity and decency to gum up the march to progress. The only way to get the truth from these people is to repeatedly and publicly demand it.

It is time for the king and queen of transparency to release more than Hillary’s email server. Bill Clinton’s depositions must be released. Americans have a right to know the entire depths the Clintons would go to for the sake of protecting their political power.

Bill Cosby is a comedian. The Clintons are seeking control of the American government, and that is no laughing matter.

Bill Cosby denigrated women by drugging them. Bill Clinton denigrated women by bringing his entire powerful government apparatus down on them. Hillary Clinton covered it up for personal political gain.

Nobody should respect a woman with such a lack of self-respect.

What Bill Cosby did was very bad. What Bill Clinton did was worse.

Only a blind Democrat partisan and Clinton enabler would dispute this. The American people can support violent abuse of women by voting for the Clintons, or say enough is enough and vote for any other candidate, whatever their political ideology.



Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”