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Why are Democrats hiding Biden from public view?

Written By | Mar 1, 2021
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President Joe Biden participates in a CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper Monday, Feb. 16, 2021, at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Where is Joe Biden? Yes, inside the White House ever since leaving his basement, but has anyone seen him do anything? The answer is that Biden is the best kept secret in the nation. He is being hidden by political partisans, whether in politics, or the press, out of sight for over a year. Why he is kept out of the limelight is the real story.

A story not being told by the legacy media. Joe has been removed from sight because his mental acuity may be severely diminished.

Everyone knows this. While this article will not list all of Joe’s gaffes, it has been an open secret ever since the Democrats nominated him to be their standard bearer that some mental condition is affecting him. (Dementia Joe: Sky News Australia tells truth about Biden’s mental decline)

We don’t know if it is a temporary affliction or a more damaging, longer term malady.

And we don’t know because he is carefully hidden from public scrutiny.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided the perfect cover necessary to keep Biden out of sight during the campaign. In order to elect him. Joe’s presidential campaign’s primary tool was recording political messages from his basement.

As someone who has produced marketing and advertising videos, I assure you that a trained monkey can be made to look good for public scrutiny if enough retakes are properly spliced together. It is an art form. Enough so that watching Joe’s videos makes him appear vibrant and dynamic.

That’s what professional video editors get paid the big bucks to do.

The pandemic also gave him the excuse to cover his face.

Wearing a mask hides facial features that provide clues as to his comprehension, and understanding of where he is and what he is doing. How many times did Joe say that he was in a state other than he really was in? How many times did he state that he was running for Senator or Congressman? How many times did he introduce his wife as his sister? (Turning a probing eye toward Joe Biden Gaffes and Bidenisms)

Those were not mere gaffes, they indicate a serious cognitive problem. Ask any medical professional who deals with the elderly. These can all be symptoms of a greater problem. But we don’t know because after every gaffe, he stayed in his basement for a very long time, only to be seen in controlled videos.

By keeping his in-person rallies small and fully contained, it limited interaction with both the press and public. So, no one really knows if Joe is suffering from cognitive decline or not. However, since entering the White House he hasn’t ventured outside its walls.

The only time we see Joe is when he signs executive orders, in a finely choreographed display where there is no chance for him to go off script.

But take Joe away from the direct control of his handlers, and he appears frail, weak, confused and disoriented.

He cannot hold a thought long enough to answer basic questions. Even with all this careful direction, get Joe in front of a camera and he falls apart. And that is why we don’t see Joe in front of reporters answering questions as we did with Trump and every president before ole’ Joe.

This country is in deep trouble with Joe at the helm. But this writer is not alone in this assessment. Thirty-one House Democrats asked Joe Biden to make an unprecedented move for the United States’ national security. They asked him to relinquish control over the nuclear codes. (House Democrats ask Biden to give up sole power to launch nuclear bomb)

The letter from legislators reportedly asked for the procedure surrounding access to nuclear codes and launching a nuclear attack on another country, be removed from one man control, a procedure that every president since Harry Truman, has maintained. Without specifying why, these Democrats have come together to coax Biden into abdicating to others his most important job as president.

This indicates exactly what Democrats know about Joe’s mental condition.

Not even under Trump, whom they despised, was this level of removing presidential control ever suggested. Democrats are afraid that Joe cannot lead this nation in times of crisis, and are taking steps to usurp presidential power in order to better control the optics.  

Biden would not be the first president that has been incapacitated while in office. That dubious honor goes to Woodrow Wilson. During his second term, in 1919, Wilson suffered a severe stroke. It totally disabled him. That medical condition was serious enough that he was unable to perform his duties as president, but that condition was hidden by his wife, Edith Bolling-Wilson, and the White House physician.

The daily presidential duties were carried out by Edith and passed to subordinates.

When his condition was uncovered there were only a few months left in Wilson’s term of office.

Replacing a President who is mentally or physically unable to perform

The big problem for Democrats, after learning of his inability to perform the duties as president, was that there were no provisions within the Constitution to replace Wilson, other than impeachment.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution, regarding death, resignation, removal, or disability of the president, was so full of ambiguities that a clear line of succession could not be identified. So Edith continued to direct daily presidential activities until a new president moved into the White House.

Congress amended the Constitution to remedy the problem. In 1965 legislation was introduced to clarify the order of succession of the president, which also provided for the removal, or temporary removal, of a sitting president, and his replacement by the vice-president. In 1967 that legislation was ratified by the states under the 25th Amendment.

However, the question of what constitutes inability to perform the duties of president is still unclear in either the Constitution or within the 25th Amendment.

To remove Joe will not be as easy as it was getting him elected.

So, the 31 Democrat Congressmen are trying to limit Joe’s powers as much as possible. Not entirely an imprudent move in this case.

Yet the question still exists as to what Joe’s mental condition really is. Watching him give a speech of more than three sentences is embarrassingly painful. Does that mean that he does not have the cognitive abilities to logically form his words, or is it simply a matter of Joe stepping on his tongue? It is hard to tell, but he is hidden from the normal sight of a president in the 21st Century, so we do not know.

The State of the Union address (SOTU)

Which brings us to the State of the Union address, which is typically given soon after the new year. As Biden wasn’t sworn into office until January 20, a February address could be expected. But there will not be one this month.

The annual State of the Union (SOTU) address is not a Constitutional requirement. In fact it was a 20th Century development given more to bolster the president rather than to inform as to the state of this nation. So other than a Constitutional requirement for the President to periodically “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,” there is no necessity to hold a SOTU address each year.

And conveniently, Acting Capitol Police Chief, Yogananda Pittman, stated in testimony before the House Appropriations Committee:

“We know members of the militia groups that were present on Jan. 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union.” which provides the pretext to cancel this year’s SOTU.

Pittman said intelligence agents, likely from the FBI, have come across the threats of mass violence in chatter on encrypted internet forums, underscoring that the prospect of more far-right attacks is of key concern to U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Of course no one was interested enough in the “intelligence” to question its reliability.

If it is from the FBI, they are as unreliable as they get today. That once proud agency is today no more than an arm of the radical Democrat party. Nonetheless, the seed has been planted to cancel this year’s SOTU.

Yet, to appease some, mixed signals are being given as to when this years SOTU will happen.

Nancy Pelosi, who must provide the invitation to the president to speak at the joint session, has been ambivalent as to when it will be held. Her last postulation on the matter was that it will not happen until after the Covid bill is signed into law.

Putting a date somewhere in March.

The SOTU address will be important this year for those of us who are skeptical about Joe’s mental condition. If it happens, and with few gaffes, our fears will be put to rest. But if it is canceled, and there seems to be an attempt to justify canceling it in progress, then we really have something to worry about.

Weaknesses from our president gives China, Russia, Iran,, and North Korea an opening that they have never had before.

Which may be why Harris is said to be making calls to foreign leaders.(Kamala Harris takes foreign calls on behalf of Biden)

Thankfully there was a retaliatory strike against Hezbollah in Syria after the death of an American contractor due to a terrorist missile attack. It demonstrated that we are not completely leaderless. But a simple air strike is not the same thing as repelling a full out attack against this nation.

Our enemies are watching very carefully what is happening at the White House, but our MSM is not. It is vitality important that Joe’s health is known worldwide, yet he continues to hide away from the world. And that is a frightening prospect.

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.