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Who are the new “Religious Left?”

Written By | Feb 5, 2017

WASHINGTON, February 5, 2017 — The demonstrations, property destruction and pepper-spray assaults of the last month signal a clear uptick in leftwing violence. They also make clear the rise of a new religious left.

The religious right is composed mainly of evangelical Christians and Catholics. For them, there is a source of truth outside of the individual’s opinion: the Bible. For many of them it is the literal word of God. The Bible is thousands of years old and answers the most fundamental questions about mankind, our sinful nature and the redemption provided by the Savior, Jesus Christ.

The religious left finds its truths in progressive ideology; for the left, heresy isn’t deviation from biblical truth, but from political verities. For some, conservatism itself is evil. The source of their fundamental truths is subjective, from within themselves and their crowd.

The correlation between terrorism and perversion of religion

These liberal views are not thousands of years old. Most have developed over the last century. Belief in man-caused climate change is but 25 years old. In the 1990s the threat was a new ice age. In the new millennium, it became global warming. Now it is just climate change. While we struggle to forecast the weather a week in advance, liberals are sure that their computer models provide an accurate forecast of climate 50, 100 or more years out.

Nobody disputes climate trends which can be shown looking back at historical data. However, anyone who suggests that we may not understand the cause of climate change or its impact won’t find room for discussion with the left. Having denied leftist theology, they will be treated like infidels; there will be no scientific discussion about likelihood and error, but denunciations, inquisitions and witch-hunts.

There was no pro-life movement on the radar until the 1960s, when the liberated generation began the sexual revolution. Even then, nobody picked up the cause for gay or transgender rights. As those movements developed, the cry was for tolerance and acceptance of those who are different that ourselves. Now anyone who dares, out of religious conscience, object to spending tax money for such causes is shouted down and labeled a bigot.

Conservatives by definition see value in conserving fundamental principles that have served us in the past. They want to conserve the Constitution as it was intended by our founding fathers. They wish to conserve the concepts of personal responsibility, success through hard work and capitalism that made the United States the most successful, powerful and wealthy country on earth within 150 years of its founding.

Give me that new-time religion: Leftism

Beyond climate change, much of the progressive agenda is bolstered by the attitude of do whatever you think will make you happy and everyone else be damned. They look with contempt at the United States as a nation, seeing only past sins and never acknowledging our generosity or the good that America has done.

Most people think of religion as an association with a god. However, it really is the embracing of something that becomes a core of the person is as an individual. Many who trust in God are tolerant of others, even those who don’t share their faith and who live lives contrary to their values.

They love their country and wish to preserve their religious freedom and the religious heritage on which the nation has developed.

It seems that a growing segment of the religious left is intolerant of anyone who doesn’t think like they do, live like they do and vote like they do. With the Trump administration setting a new course for the nation, they are in full panic mode, grasping at anything in hopes of turning the clock back on the election. How long will this last? I suspect it is here to stay.

It will make little difference if the economy improves under Trump, if we are safer or if our lives improve in other ways. They will cling to their decaying values and shout down anyone who disagrees. Violence may well continue as they have so little self-control that it is a natural relief valve for their frustration.

Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer operates small businesses in Arizona and Colorado and is a follower of politics.