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Obama’s media shield, Jay Carney, quits – won’t be missed by Press Corps

Written By | May 31, 2014

LOS ANGELES,June 1, 2014 — In a move that is pure White House smoke and mirrors, the Obama administration announced that press secretary Jay Carney would be resigning. The announcement came on the heels of the resignation of Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki. Carney, the nerdy-looking foil of the press box, is moving on to — something. He may, like his predecessor Robert Gibbs, take an analyst slot on MSNBC, or become a lobbyist, or take on an even more lucrative role as a private-sector consultant. People who carry the water for this administration and its chaos get rewarded handsomely.

From David Plouffe to Timothy Geithner to Kathleen Sebelius, not one of them is hurting. One wishes the same could be said for our veterans, who are the latest roadkill of this fraudulent White House.

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As a news person, which story do you chase? Or does one automatically render the other a “non-story”? My bets are on the Obama administration hoping the latter will happen. If there are no longer outcries of resignation in order to “fix” the VA problem, then the spotlight on that problem may well go away.

This seems to have been the modus operandi for both the IRS and the Benghazi scandals, and they appear to be working. Beyond a handful of reporters and certain conservative sites, there has not been much ink or bytes given to either one of these tragedies; even though both still require further investigation and someone to be held accountable.

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Going viral on Twitter is the photo image of the goodbye hug President Obama gave to Jay Carney after the President made the announcement of Carney’s resignation. Carney’s face says it all, registering not only distaste for the action, but instead of returning the embrace, his hands clearly indicate that he wants to end it and get away as quickly as possible. It speaks volumes about how words and actions rarely approximate with this White House.

Even more ironic is that Carney is being replaced by deputy press secretary Josh Earnest. So the new White House dissimulator is someone with the last name of “Earnest”.

Obama spoke glowingly of his incoming press secretary: “His name describes his demeanor. Josh is an earnest guy and you can’t find just a nicer individual.”

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One wonders if Obama’s Hollywood pals came up with that one. Carney was fortunate enough to have the front row seat in the Scandalpalooza that has become the Obama White House’s second term: Benghazi, IRS, and now the VA.

Was there design in Robert Gibbs stepping down as press secretary a year before the 2012 elections, or just pure bad luck? Did Carney have any idea that he would be overseeing this crap storm of political mendacity—but I repeat myself—coupled with smug self-importance? Google “Jay Carney Lies” and you get 84,200 results.

With the amount of obfuscating, white-washing, and tap dancing Carney has done, one would think it would be more.

Unlike Robert Gibbs, who left on a relatively high-water mark with the passage of the President’s signature Obamacare legislation, Carney got the raw end of the deal; and that is exactly what he deserves.

For Obama’s second term, the bloom is well off the rose, from the incompetence and mismanagement of the Obamacare rollout, to the cover up and corruption of the Benghazi deaths, to the boldface targeting and castigation of American citizens in the IRS debacle, to the blatant negligence and disregard of our veterans in the VA scandal. Like H.R. Haldemann and John Ehrlichman, Carney will forever be associated with a weak and tainted presidency. Not just associated, but a poster child of an administration that not only lacks integrity, but the requisite humility to be ashamed of its moral desolation.

It makes no difference whether any of these scandals reach the level of impeachable offense; the stench of America’s treasures being lost unnecessarily, and people’s lives being marginalized and destroyed is not something you can easily wash away. You spend that much time in the mud, it embeds underneath the skin. You can try to cover it up with different clothing, but the dingy pallor and the whiff of filth is always evident.

So, fare-thee-well, Mr. Carney. Good luck bleaching out the stains of malfeasance.


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