Obama’s media shield, Jay Carney, quits – won’t be missed by Press Corps

Jay Carney - President Obama hugs
Jay Carney - President Obama hugs

LOS ANGELES,June 1, 2014 — In a move that is pure White House smoke and mirrors, the Obama administration announced that press secretary Jay Carney would be resigning. The announcement came on the heels of the resignation of Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki. Carney, the nerdy-looking foil of the press box, is moving on to — something. He may, like his predecessor Robert Gibbs, take an analyst slot on MSNBC, or become a lobbyist, or take on an even more lucrative role as a private-sector consultant. People who carry the water for this administration and its chaos get rewarded handsomely.

From David Plouffe to Timothy Geithner to Kathleen Sebelius, not one of them is hurting. One wishes the same could be said for our veterans, who are the latest roadkill of this fraudulent White House.

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As a news person, which story do you chase? Or does one automatically render the other a “non-story”? My bets are on the Obama administration hoping the latter will happen. If there are no longer outcries of resignation in order to “fix” the VA problem, then the spotlight on that problem may well go away.

This seems to have been the modus operandi for both the IRS and the Benghazi scandals, and they appear to be working. Beyond a handful of reporters and certain conservative sites, there has not been much ink or bytes given to either one of these tragedies; even though both still require further investigation and someone to be held accountable.

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Going viral on Twitter is the photo image of the goodbye hug President Obama gave to Jay Carney after the President made the announcement of Carney’s resignation. Carney’s face says it all, registering not only distaste for the action, but instead of returning the embrace, his hands clearly indicate that he wants to end it and get away as quickly as possible. It speaks volumes about how words and actions rarely approximate with this White House.

Even more ironic is that Carney is being replaced by deputy press secretary Josh Earnest. So the new White House dissimulator is someone with the last name of “Earnest”.

Obama spoke glowingly of his incoming press secretary: “His name describes his demeanor. Josh is an earnest guy and you can’t find just a nicer individual.”

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One wonders if Obama’s Hollywood pals came up with that one. Carney was fortunate enough to have the front row seat in the Scandalpalooza that has become the Obama White House’s second term: Benghazi, IRS, and now the VA.

Was there design in Robert Gibbs stepping down as press secretary a year before the 2012 elections, or just pure bad luck? Did Carney have any idea that he would be overseeing this crap storm of political mendacity—but I repeat myself—coupled with smug self-importance? Google “Jay Carney Lies” and you get 84,200 results.

With the amount of obfuscating, white-washing, and tap dancing Carney has done, one would think it would be more.

Unlike Robert Gibbs, who left on a relatively high-water mark with the passage of the President’s signature Obamacare legislation, Carney got the raw end of the deal; and that is exactly what he deserves.

For Obama’s second term, the bloom is well off the rose, from the incompetence and mismanagement of the Obamacare rollout, to the cover up and corruption of the Benghazi deaths, to the boldface targeting and castigation of American citizens in the IRS debacle, to the blatant negligence and disregard of our veterans in the VA scandal. Like H.R. Haldemann and John Ehrlichman, Carney will forever be associated with a weak and tainted presidency. Not just associated, but a poster child of an administration that not only lacks integrity, but the requisite humility to be ashamed of its moral desolation.

It makes no difference whether any of these scandals reach the level of impeachable offense; the stench of America’s treasures being lost unnecessarily, and people’s lives being marginalized and destroyed is not something you can easily wash away. You spend that much time in the mud, it embeds underneath the skin. You can try to cover it up with different clothing, but the dingy pallor and the whiff of filth is always evident.

So, fare-thee-well, Mr. Carney. Good luck bleaching out the stains of malfeasance.

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  • David Mulloy

    Yahoo is reporting that Sgt Bowe Bergdahl has been released by the Taliban.
    If true, this is awesome news!! Wish Bowe a safe and swift trip home!

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      Awesome news! I’m reading the article posted on CDN now.

      • Joel Palmer

        Benghazi BenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBenghazistill doesn’t work

        • Guest

          Try Ex-Lax.

          • You evil conservative, you are going to make Guest have a brain hemorrhage.

      • R.Sylvia

        Great news I’m watching it now on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC & Al Jazeera America they all have the news too…

    • LeeInOceanside

      In exchange for 5 Gitmo detainees. I thought we were not doing any bartering to get back prisoners. That’s now 5 more killers to face off with our troops.

    • lipfjl

      We do not negotiate with terrorists! unless it makes me look good…. I really hope the traded insurgents have tracking bugs planted in their brains.

  • milwaukeegregg

    One lire hugging another!!! Priceless!!!

    • LeeInOceanside


  • Bob Ubanks

    wow, you’re not bitter at all.

  • nobikiniatoll

    “… our veterans, who are the latest roadkill of this fraudulent White House.” I guess you’re not much into history.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      Very into history. Just because the VA problems span across many administrations (including HW and Clinton) does not mean this admin has not made matters worse. This admin has also made specific promises that they would be the ones to fix the VA problems. Don’t make grand declarations that you can’t fulfill.

      • EW Parris

        The only thing that made matters worse during this administration is that the previous administration started two seemingly endless wars and Obama, being competent, ended them. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the VA is straining under nearly a decade of war and the commensurate volume of veterans that result when those wars end.

        But then, you’re no genius.

        • Dizzy Dee

          Nor are you!!!

        • Andrew

          And you’re ignoring the fact that this administration did in fact follow through on its promises to fix portions of the VA system. They have cut the national backlogs by almost 45%. During this time, his Congress has vetoed bill after bill that would have eased the pains of our “roadkill” veterans, with 27 new VA hospitals, housing and work programs, etc. Last time I checked, the executive branch does not hold all of (or even a majority of) the power to make decisions on the VA system.

          • Wondering?

            Or that act that 41 Senate republicans vetoed a bill that would have helped the VA

          • ROTELLO47

            The bill may have been about the VA, and its various pork barrel riders may even have been tolerable to some, but the 41 Senate Republicans who voted against it evidently thought other solutions were preferable. You can’t force elected officials to vote for something just because of its title. That’s how we all fell victim to the “Patient Protection Affordable Care Act”. Who was not in favor of patient protection and affordable care? And look what we got.

          • peteserb

            Obama has a phone and a pen.

          • Donald Managan

            Last I checked POTUS uses his executive Privilege without the Congress or Senate approval…. But only when it fits his need.

        • peteserb

          Obama Competent?

        • Guest

          So if a company ran by 2 previous CEO’s ran that company into let’s say in the minus and they hired you to fix the problem because you swore you are here to change…. only to spend more time on other issues not related. I know I’m going to add more burden on the company so I make sure the company is ready for the big flood… In this case people are dying….. ,that’s OK because you inherited it. This Admin spent 0 time and thought on this issue, too busy making up new laws to fit his agenda…wake up….

    • Auto Motive

      Do you really believe the VA was so very clean during the Bush era.? You are living under a rock.

      • trixiewoobeans

        Enough of this whiney, “but so-and-so did it too!” Gawd this isn’t the playground, it’s people’s lives!

    • Frak Please

      “… latest roadkill…” Uh, latest does not mean oldest history.
      Get a new brain. Thanks for playing. Oh, if you have some later roadkill, do share, brainiac.

  • martykayzee

    What about Benghazi? Is this all a distraction from Benghazi?

    • Rightsright1

      Line them up. Fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, VA,..I’m sure I forgot some. The traditional media gives the WH pass after pass and the Republicans can hardly get together enough to give a decent retort. The federal Liar-in Chief and his cronies move on to the next lie. Politics in the 21st century America. Makes me sick.

      • R.Sylvia

        Republicans can hardly get together enough to give a decent RETORT. Okkkkkkkk the definition of RETORT: answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner. Republicans have spent the last seven years doing nothing else but RETORTING. Name one piece of legislation that they have passed or been party to?

    • Xi Whang

      Don’t forget outing a CIA employee in Afghanistan, which had the Bush admin done, the Leftist media would be howling for impeachment. Yawn.

  • GarryOwen27

    Well, at least this Press Secretary didn’t have to explain being asleep at the wheel on 9/11/01, or the moronic invasion of not one but two other countries with no plan and no way to pay for it, and he did not have to explain why they destroyed the economy. But yea other than that, what a horrible job.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      At least the past press secretaries under the Bush administration (Snow, Fleischer, Perino) did a better job at actually answering questions–you might not have liked the answers given, but at least they were given. You cannot say the same for this administration. This President apparently learns about every crisis from the newspapers.

      • GarryOwen27

        Yea well, ask Bin Laden. Oh that’s right he sleep with the fishes. Guess Obama was on top of that one. What, we are no longer losing troops in Iraq…..almost out of Afghanistan. Wow someone is going to have to pay for that.

        • PandCreturns

          Bin Laden’s body is about as mythical as Obama’s birth certificate.

        • Nathan

          obama needs more voters like you. Stand strong and proud! Whatever you do, keep refusing to look up any information. It was obama that was responsible for the 2011 troop withdraw, and if anyone tries to tell you that it was President Bush who set the 2011 withdraw date back in 2008, they are racists!

        • Frak Please

          Well, ask the Navy SEALS, and President Bush who put all the machinery in place, ignorant troll.

      • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

        Yeah. When Bush allowed NYC to be attacked as he dozed or read “My Pet Goat”, his press secretaries did a MUCH better job of lying for him than any of Obama’s could.

        • Bush did not allow NYC to be attacked. If you read your history, you would know that Clinton passed Bin Laden off to Bush. Clinton was warned about Bin Laden and he did nothing. So, how do you blame Bush when Clinton knew about Bin Laden and did nothing to dissuade AQ from attacking?

          • Andrew

            How do we blame him? Because there were several memos identifying “a very real and credible threat of an AQ attack on US soil” that were ignored by his administration. Clinton didn’t ignore those memos, Bush did. That would be how.

          • Merlinsscience

            That answer is just dumb… Not even 9 months into office, his admin had a dozen memos indicating that the previous admin failed to dissuade AQ. All generic, no details and intermittent… No one could react to that. But, when it did happen, he didn’t blame Clinton- he blamed OBL, the Taliban and all who gave safe haven to them. The whole country, nay, the whole world supported the Afghan war. So you may park your armchair quarterbacking and revisionist history in the library, right next to all the books no one has read or ever will entitled: The Collected Revisionist History of the World, by Andrew…

          • Guest

            President’s Daily Briefing of August 6, 2001….ignored during the President’s month-long vacation after only six months on the job. At the very least, a directive to beef up airport security could (should) have been issued.

          • wilder5121

            Why talk any logic or reality with these right-wing losers? If they didn’t figure it out after the total corruption and disaster of President Cheney’s administration…they’ll never figure anything out. Don’t waste any brain cells…they’re not worth even a single one. And they never will be.

          • Merlinsscience

            Agreed. Liberal revisionist historians do not have the brain cells to waste on logic or fact.

          • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

            Um, maybe, BECAUSE HE WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

        • J. Miller

          Everyone is looking for an individual to blame for bin Laden rather than a broken foreign policy. This began in 1979 with the Soviet war in the middle East – we supported the “Freedom Fighters”, rebels against the Soviets, with one of the leaders being bin Laden – he was an ally. We gave him weapons and training. After we abandoned their cause, remained in their country, we became bin Laden’s enemy. An enemy that would strike us decades later after warning us he would retaliate if we did remove our military bases from his country.

          As for the press secretary leaving – honestly, who cares. He, as all others, is a mouth piece for the current president.

        • Terry Ponick

          Bush allowed NYC to be attacked. Sort of like FDR allowed Honolulu to be attacked, right? The one thing that unites all you trolls is your invincible ignorance.

      • Andrew

        Just Googled “Ari Fleischer lies” and got 86,600 results…
        …”Tony Snow lies” – 1,080,000 results…

        …where were you going with that Jay Carney figure again?

        • Well, considering the fact that about 94% of “journalists” identify themselves as “liberal” or “democrat” I’d say that is about right. The MSM used to have a stranglehold on the news and now that’s not so much the case anymore. I really detest the intellectual dishonesty of the left.

          • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

            And the “words” that you “write” as you “try” to get people to “Click” on your “stupid” “click-bait” “site” are designed for “Morons”.

          • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

            If people like you ever really run America, the word “intellectual” will be banned. Along with “science” and “education”. People like you would pass the reins of power to Sarah Palin who thinks “The Flintstones” was a reality show.

          • Paul_A

            The correct figure is 28% of journalists identify as democrat. 7% as republican. Their job is not to tell you what you want to hear. Those media outlets that do are for entertainment purposes only, as in the talk shows on Fox and MSNBC. And to Jennifer, there has been plenty of ink and bytes dedicated to IRS and Benghazi. Some 11 congressional committees and thousands of pages of documents. T
            he fact that no evidence of wrongdoing by the adminisration has been found does not mean congress hasn’t tried.

        • NOYB

          How about 107,000,000 results for “Obama Lies”. Obama’s administration of corruption and incompetence are not negated by the sins of past administrations. He is held accountable for his own actions/inactions.

        • Jennifer O O’Connell

          Exactly where I arrived.

      • Guest

        Wonder why you forgot to mention Scott McClellan.

        • Jennifer O O’Connell

          I didn’t forget. He didn’t do a good job–the ones I mentioned did. Pure and simple.

      • Right-Sided Mom

        And television, let’s not forget. But since NBC, See BS and the All Barack Channel formerly known as ABC, CNN, MSNBC et al don’t seem to be covering Obama’s scandals, he must be watching Fox News after all, since, of course, he needs to be in the loop of the lies they’re making up about him. #sarc

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      Say hello to Jennifer O O’Connell, the host of “The Amateur Hour”.

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      This site is financed by the Koch Brothers.

      • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

        We are on to you guys.

      • Frak Please

        Another far left wing nut preoccupied with…Koch.

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      If you want to know who’s bankrolling this site, type M o o n i e in with no spaces for an automatic banning.

    • Merlinsscience

      If this were the Liberal Revisionist Historian Olympics, that ridiculous rant would have won you a Platinum Medal! Since it isn’t the LRHO, your medal will be made out of tears of laughter… I can’t stop re-reading your nonsense… You, my friend are hilarious! Seriously- you need to consider a career in comedy, I hear NBC is looking for a replacement for Al Sharpton over at the Cartoon Network- I mean MSNBC (same thing).

    • Frak Please

      Well, at least Bammy and crew never have to ‘splain anything, thanks to their moronic hypocritical voting base.

    • Terry Ponick

      I can see that the left trolls are out in force here. The Universal Answer for all this Administration’s problems: Bush did it! Getting a little old, trolls.

  • capt jim mcintyre

    As if anyone in this Mafia is working for anything but the filthy lucre they very much crave–war criminals both parties!

  • Donald Schuster

    If this guy ever writes an honest book (doubtful) both Hillary and O’Bumbler will get the forkin’ chair.

    • Guest

      Doubtful. Scott McClellan wrote an honest book and George and Dick didn’t get the forkin’ chair.

  • Donald Schuster

    If he ever writes an honest book (doubtful), both Hilarity and O’Bumbler will get the freakin’ chair for NSA and Benghazi-Gate!

    • Joel Palmer

      you must mean Hannity and O’Reilly; both world class liars and blivots (look it up)

  • Rom-No

    “Fraudulent” White House? Do tell. Unlike the George W. Bush, who actually lost the election but was fraudulently given the presidency because the majority of the Supreme Court decided to ignore the law? As for the IRS and Benghazi “scandals,” these are totally manufactured, unlike the actual scandals of GWB invading Iraq and causing the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians. Like other second-rate neocons, you shoot your arrows and hope one of them sticks. So far, none of them have.

    • Boatdrink

      How’s that new marijuana law working out for you out there in Colorado? You must be high as a kite.

    • Terry Ponick

      Even the Washington Compost finally admitted that Bush actually took Florida. So he actually won the election. I gotta hand it to you trolls, you’re pretty good at myth making. Shout it loud enough and long enough and it morphs into the truth, right?

  • Joe

    Think the author needs to return to her yoga mat and do some Ujjayi breath work, calm down, and then review some history. This article is shockingly biased and devoid of perspective, particularly historical context, IMHO.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      I’m a conservative writer, Joe–I make no pretense of not being biased. Go watch MSNBC if you want non-biased journal– Oh, wait….

      • Joe

        Don’t watch MSNBC. Don’t have a TV. Don’t wear a label either… liberal, conservative, vegan, paleo… What I do is read and try to be balanced. (Isn’t that a yoga sorta thing?)

        Anyway, you go do what compels you, and so will I.

        • I have never come in contact with a person who claims not to “wear a label” who wasn’t an extreme anti-liberty leftist.

          • Joe

            Geez, and I thought I had you fooled.

            Can’t get one by ole Wayne Crawford.

            That’s fo sure.

      • Michael Stillie

        Like every other modern day “conservative”, you(Aunt Tomita) live in a fact-free bubble. MSNBC may be biased, but they don’t lie or create news out of whole cloth. Can’t say that about conservative media.

        • AlexD.

          WOW! Did you really just call this lady an Uncle Tom (you said Aunt Tomasina, but it was not lost on me)? Are you really implying that because she happens to be black AND Conservative and brave-enough to speak her mind in the circlejerk that is modern American Liberalism that she is somehow “in cahoots” with the Great White Devil? That you just even used that reference makes you a racist, you troll. And this coming from the “progressive” party who supposedly abhors racism.
          I’ve always heard from racist Conservatives that white Liberals led the charge in the Civil Rights movement in order to secure the minority vote by way of guaranteeing and following through on promises of handouts and social reforms skewed in minorties’ favor. That there was some more devious and sinister motivation for the devotion of Liberals to the causes and problems of minorities, that this devotion would in turn create generation after generation of loyal, party-line-towing minority voters. And until now, I always thought that was just the crazy racist rants of bigots. But you’re assertion that this African-American author’s opinions differing from the mainstream Liberal view makes her an Uncle Tom makes you the worst kind of racist.

          • R.Sylvia

            My icon is a cartoon and is not my real picture … I wonder if other commenting individuals are using pictures that are fake? Makes you wonder.

      • Sam From Texas USA

        Thanks Jennifer. I loved this article. Finally someone with enough guts to speak the truth. Godspeed Ma’am

        • Jennifer O O’Connell

          You are welcome, Sam. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

        Oh, you are biased, all right. You can tell by reading your bio at the bottom of the article. I’m sure you wrote it yourself, you hack.

  • Joel Palmer

    what a load of garbage from a hate filled liar; CDN ? pure BS

  • one4All

    I guess the people who run this website don’t really care if the articles they publish are written by vindictive hacks without anything to say but BS – just as long as they get to spread filth

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      Oh, they care. Lying like this takes some real effort.

      • Sam From Texas USA

        Why don’t you tell us what she is lying about or should I just believe you. Mental giants

      • miguel

        I wonder why the writer can’t get hired at Fox news. She’d fit right in.

        • wilder5121

          Uhhh…don’t think she’s “a blonde”.

    • AlexD.

      Well it is an Opinion article. Maybe you don’t know what those are or how they work. Or maybe you’ve just been spoiled by the Liberal majority of the media who would have you believe that Opinion pieces and Op-Ed articles are only viable and publishable if they tow Liberal line in the opinions expressed, but the controversy and dialogue and discussion here are actually exactly the point of such articles. So i would imagine “this website” is actually pretty pleased with this article. Sorry it doesn’t fit into your worldview, man, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone is a bleeding heart Liberal.

      • Andrew

        Maybe don’t advertise it as news then…DigiNews

      • horatio

        Alex…there is opinion and then there are pieces written that are purposely deceitful and lie because their goal is not truth or accuracy but instead it is to create a disturbance or argument where there is not one. It is what writers with little talent who value a paycheck more than integrity do all the time…like this writer. Pure drivel.

    • Sam From Texas USA

      The only filth is see here is liberal boot licking metro sexual such as yourself one4All. God forbid someone has a different take on things. I can smell the yellow streak from here. So what now tough guy? Boycott perhaps? Your kind of makes me sick

    • Frak Please

      When website do you run, vindictive hypocrite troll?

  • yunclehead

    Hey, Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, you should be quite proud of yourself. Lizzie Borden couldn’t have done a better hack job.

  • Jakob Stagg

    What is a press secretary? One who translates the president’s lies into lies for the public.

  • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

    Your site is idiotic click bait. Go back to polishing Cheney’s 5 student deferments, you brain dead posers.

    • Then why are you here?

      • Andrew

        Because this idiotic click bait happened to have a headline spot on GoogleNews and I wasn’t expecting this level of partisanship from a “news” site.

      • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

        You know, even good dogs will smell poop or garbage laying on the ground, deposited by sick dogs. Doesn’t mean they are going to eat it, You are the poop.

  • cliffndort

    “prevaricator”? Not really. Just like everyone else in Obama’s staffers, they don’t prevaricate (which means lie), they just repeat the prevarications that the Administration tells them to say. They all are nothing more than talking heads using the talking points that they have been given and told to stick to.

    For being the good little gofers they are, they receive big bucks and healthy pensions when they resign.

  • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

    Thanks very much for the 5 seconds of memories. Happy hackdom in the land where no one ever reads. Bye-bye.

  • FinalOpinion

    The disintegration of Obama has been painful to watch. The hopes I had for him to be a great leader are now gone. Sadly Obama looks, and acts like a weak man in the eyes of the world. The “silver spoon” in his mouth that he was born with, has now tarnished to the point that his speeches all sound alike, I believe he had good intentions, but did not the leadership abilities to make them a reality. He has consistently made poor choices in the people he surrounded himself with. YES, he has done a lot of good even while his image has been deteriorating. So sad.

  • Brian Derrick

    “From David Plouffe to Timothy Geithner to
    Kathleen Sebelius, not one of them is hurting. One wishes the same could
    be said for our veterans, who are the latest roadkill of this
    fraudulent White House.” What a wonderful sentiment. Would you feel better if they were hurting? Given the hateful, vindictive tone of this piece, I’m certain you would.

    • martykayzee

      These veterans are Bush’s children. He threw them down the rathole and walked away. Now Obama has to clean up his mess. And you’re part of the problem.

  • Fotzilieber


    Who is this Ben Ghazi guy? Is he by any chance related to that old TV and movie actor from the last century, Ben Gazzari? Or was that Dr. Ben Gacey?


  • Jarhead

    Pinocchio, the musical ?

  • SnifferDog

    Well I’ll be!

    That, Jennifer McDonnell is how journalists used to write articles every single day back when people were intelligent and the news organizations catered to that intelligence.

    It was a real pleasure to read your work. I honestly don’t even care about the subject matter.

    Just being exposed to your professional, educated, erudite writing made my morning.

    • Guest


    • wilder5121

      Good one!

  • jeff perrin

    First time reading ‘news’ on this site. And, last.

    • pedrofuego


  • wilder5121

    Hey…you forgot to scream “DEATH PANELS!!!” and “KENYAN!!!” and “SOCIALIST MARXIST DICTATOR!!!”. Next time, get your Fox “News” Propaganda Channel talking points all together before making a laughable clownish fool of yourself, you partisan hack.

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      Try typing M o o n i e in without spaces for an automatic censorship. That’s who’s bankrolling this mess.

  • PatrickSchrote

    Unlike some comments here, O’Connell, I hope your piece receives widespread exposure. It personifies the hate filled agenda of the right wing: obfuscate, distort, reinvent … anything but a balanced, accurate, and sensible analysis of the facts. This kind of article is designed to provoke, not inform. Communities Digital News implies that information is contained within. This article contains the kind of information that is currently being disseminated by the right in an attempt to further influence their “base”: old white people, the ignorant poor white people, the evangelical white people, and those who are confused and afraid. It helps foster the us versus them mentality, allowing the aforementioned groups to be part of the “club” – all you have to do is hate the scapegoated President and everything he does and you are officially a member. None of the so called scandals have shown anything scandalous, but time and again they do point back to right wing decisions to deny what is actually going on, or a history of not funding it and a direct link to why it happened, or deny funding for fixing it, or to say no because it comes from the President. These responses are the case whether the issue at hand origins are right wing or left. The president has accomplished a lot during his presidency, and more to come, but can you imagine what could have happened had he not had to fight this stream of hatred from the left?? Basically, the racial hatred of the groups mentioned?? Has anyone heard even one idea from the right wing that doesn’t disrespect the rights of individuals but does enable the right wing to wield even greater power and influence away from the people?? So yes, O’Connell, the more people who see your hateful musings, a paid hack and smear artist, and your font of vile, the better. Dragging people like you out in the open and letting everyone see how empty headed you really are – I think that’s the way to put an end to your silly nonsense.

    • AlexD.

      “The Hate-filled agenda of the Right Wing”. HA! Is that the same agenda that condones calling someone an Uncle Tom because she doesn’t tow the party line of her EXPECTED party. I mean, how much more hate-filled can you get than EXPECTING the loyalty of someone based on their skin color and then chastizing them as a racial sell-out because they form their own opinion? It’s actually quite sickening, the Liberal Agenda:
      First, you EXPECT that because she’s black, she HAS TO BE Liberal. As if she and other African-Americans automatically owe their allegiance to the Democratic Party. Then, you criticize her for forming her own opinion simply because it flies in the face of yours. It seems to me that the underlying theme here is that African-Americans are expected by Liberals, from birth, to be unable to form their own intelligent opinions and therefore required to vote and opine following the strict edicts of the party. What a bunch of underhanded racists. But your keep telling yourself that you are the righteous party.

  • Philip Buzter

    I’m no Carney fan, but geez, who the f*** cares if the White House spokesman at daily press conferences resigns. This is a two-paragraph story. Like every press briefing lemming, whether working for a republican or democrat, Carney’s job is the massage the truth around. In fact, these press conferences rarely amount to much because Carney is authorized only to say what he’s told when he meets with Obama to script his answers before the assembled media.

    Come on here. The guy is just a flack. Why are we making a big deal out of this?

  • klutch14u

    Don’t mind all the liberal commenters. They are so used to having nothing but Obama puff pieces blown up their azzes that ANYTHING else sends them reeling.

    • wilder5121

      Gotcha. Now put another layer of tinfoil on your head and trot on back to your Fox “News” Propaganda Channel like a good little poodle.

      • klutch14u

        YOU guys are so unbelievably slanted that the ONLY thing you can ever cite is Fox News. Yes, they ARE more conservative but not nearly as bad as you think. You’re just so used to being surrounded by constant liberal “news” sources even the slightest deviation and you flip out. Do the rags you even read anymore have anything BUT “Opinion” pieces? Don’t you get sick of reading nothing but things that fall in with your own opinion and challenge your thinking?

        I could only imagine what the “News” would be like if everything that’s happened under Obama had been Bush sitting in the chair.

        • wilder5121

          Spoken like a good little Fox “News” Propaganda Channel poodle. Now trot along. And don’t forget that extra layer of tinfoil for your head.

  • stevo

    Why are liberals blinded by the true facts. This administration and the people who work for it are just aweful. I would take Bush a hundred times over the guy we have now. Wake up libs America is dying because of this administration

    • wilder5121

      Why do you have the craving to humiliate and embarrass yourself publicly like this? Does your shrink know you’re doing this to yourself?

      • stevo

        Why are you so angry, did the administration forget to send your hand outs? Stop smoking crack and wake up.

        • wilder5121

          There you go again.

      • AlexD.

        You DO seem to be quite angry. Just hold on, the first of the month is right around the corner. Just one more day till you can go collect your “paycheck” comprised of MY hard-earned money and buy some more Djarums and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I know its tough that we bullies out here earning your check make you wait sooo long for your handouts, but literally just one more day….

        • wilder5121

          I’m retired. I retired at fifty. But you wouldn’t know what that means.

    • Wondering

      Can you explain how America’s dying?

      • Guest


  • madzonie

    Why weren’t former Bush and other Republican staffers mentioned as having gone on to extremely lucrative “after lives” once they left the White House? Why is this article pointing only to Dems? Oh….that’s right…because the Dems can do nothing right and the Republicans do everything so right….GEEZ…

  • Jimmy Miller

    Hi teabaggers! You know, you’d have a lot more credibility if you all weren’t such hateful, disgusting people afraid of your own shadows.

    • wilder5121

      Not to mention their scraggly beards, sagging beer guts, trailers held together with duct tape, and protest signs reading “KEEP YOUR GOVERNMENT HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE!!!”.

      • Nathan

        I like how the party of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ is always the first to drag up stereotypes to attack any who oppose their view.

    • AlexD.

      HA!!! Then I hope you find it just as ironic as I did that the most hateful and racist comment on here came from one of your “less-hateful, less-disgusting” Liberal counterparts who labeled this author an Uncle Tom because she didn’t tow the party line that apparently ALL African-Americans are born into. Funny how “hateful and disgusting” we “Teabaggers” are yet it is one of you noble, humble, and righteous bleeding hearts who spews racist vitriole.

      • wilder5121

        Nice job at perfectly proving Jimmy’s point there, “Alex”.

    • Vince Clancy

      Avowed liberals will never admit that they hate anyone, but their actions invariably point to the trait they appear to deny. They are less acceptable of those who don’t agree with their opinions(if you may call them that). Nice article, Jennifer, and extremely well done.

      • R.Sylvia

        “They are less acceptable of those who don’t agree with their opinions” hmm usually those are the folks that tell you “I’m a Christian” Notice I said “Tell You” because you see I know “Real Christians” and they spread love and not anger.

  • Rob

    This article is so funny! I laughed and laughed at the ridiculously biased viewpoints and assertions.

    • Sam From Texas USA

      You laughed and laughed. typical metro sexual, I laughed and laughed. Grow some nuts robin

  • wilder5121

    Clearly, this site uses writers who have yet to pass an eight-grade Basic English Composition class. And don’t get me started on the infantile reasoning in this mess of an article…

  • pedrofuego

    “As a news person”? Clearly you are not referring to yourself.

  • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

    This site is financed by the M o o n i e s .

    • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

      If you want proof, try typing in that word without the spaces in between for an automatic flagging.

    • jkubin

      Communities Digital News is not affiliated with the Unification Church in any way. We have no connection, direct or indirect, to the church. We were once associated with The Washington Times, but we are not anylonger. You are wrong.

  • Yolo65

    I don’t think you should call herself a news person unless she uses that term freely.

    • yolo65


  • Michael L Hays

    Jennifer Oliver O’Connell does not even know the meaning of the word “prevaricator.” So what else need be said about this trash?

    • wilder5121

      Oh…I wouldn’t say that. From the looks of this trash…she – like all right-wing hacks – appears to be an born expert at the term.

      • Michael L Hays

        Intuitive knowledge and skill does not imply an understanding of the term.

        • wilder5121

          I’ll give you that.

    • Sam From Texas USA

      Michael you and your G-friend horatio need to calm down. Calm down girls calm down

      • Michael L Hays

        Sam, my Daddy used to say, little boys who play with fire wet their beds. So playing cowboy and owning a firearm won’t put lead in your pencil, and it won’t stop your bedwetting. Grow a beard so that we can tell you from the girlies.

  • horatio

    this is journalism….what a load of prevaricating garbage.

  • Deb Bacon

    ‘Prevaricator’? Oh, no agenda here…political hack!

  • Whirled Peas

    “Google ‘Jay Carney Lies’ and you get 84,200 results.”

    Meanwhile, Googling “Right Wing Media Lies” gets 16,700,000 results.

    • wilder5121

      What’s even funnier…84,199 of the Carney results are from this single piece of hack writing here.

      • Whirled Peas


    • Nathan

      How long was Jay Carney press secretary? Plus you compared a single person to a large network of people. You may as well compare the amount of sand in a fish tank in your living room to the beach.

  • Disgusted

    You cannot say “…the latest roadkill of this fraudulent White House” and then just a few sentences later utter, “As a news person.” It’s comical, quite frankly.

  • misterjag

    This administration and its spokesperson Carney have been far more truthful and transparent than the preceding administration.

  • desert_rat

    Goodbye to a worthless ………… lying ………………. turd.

    • wilder5121

      What does former President Dick Cheney have to do with anything? Stick to the subject.

      • Warren Peace

        No stand up comedy scholarship for you.

      • Sam From Texas USA

        They were referring to your mother

  • irished

    Who cares. Carney was never believable when he spoke. Shinseki took one for the team until he realized he was going to be the fall guy for Obama. I think he took the VA job with good intentions but maybe he just wanted a high paying fat cat job. Wonder what his “Golden parachute” looks like?

  • Duglas

    This link was picked up by Google News and I suspect a lot of people learned a brand-new word today. I didn’t realize prevaricator was an official title, although it certainly should be, along the lines of the Her Majesty’s Royal Spin Doctor. Perhaps he can use the title Prevaricator Emeritus, Primus Inter Pares.

  • John_Sellers

    What kind of news article is this? It is as bad as Foxnews, and Fox news is owned by the foreigner whose agenda to set U.S. Citizens at each other’s throats for his own purposes….namely to pull down the U.S. by making us look bad in the eyes of the 95% of human kind that are not U.S. citizens..

    When the site name has “news” in the headline, the news articles should of course show both sides of the political spectrum. But the nature of this article is not constructive for ANYONE.

    It is un-American to tear down the democratic process of this Great Country and push it into the gutter.

    Where is your patriotism? What fools you are to play into the game of tearing down this great democracy.

    • Warren Peace

      The pretender John Sellers talking patriotism. LOL LOL

  • Guest

    I’m having trouble finding the “witty” commentary in this opinion piece. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

  • JD

    Google “Jennifer Oliver O’Connell Lies” and you get 17,300,000 results.

  • JustWorld B

    What a hateful article intended to further inflame divisions in this country. Shameful!

  • Meteorsolution

    Yes Jennifer ( the author of this piecework!) tell us all why we should be outraged and divided against each other. A toilet cleaner at a fast food joint earns more dignity from what he does than you, by far!
    How’s the good life? You happy?

  • culturesmatter

    I’m wondering why Ms. O’Donnell capitalizes certain Words (i.e., faith, community, and yoga) in her Bio. Thought she might be German, then realized she did not use upper Case on all her Nouns. She might consider “reinventing” herself as a Writer at some Point.

  • HowsTheHope

    Jay Carney= Baghdad Bob.

  • Sam From Texas USA

    What a disgusting bunch of pathological liars we have chosen to lead our nation. I’m hoping that after Obama leaves office a passel of deep throaters will emerge and a few journalists such as Jennifer O’Connel will embrace them.

    • wilder5121

      You need to put another layer of tinfoil on your head

  • thinkforachange

    you are a token for the purpose of soaking up the attention you so sadly seem to crave.

  • Jackson

    Another racist liberal showing his true colors.

  • Brotha Man

    Sista girl, you need to loosen up those dreds. The nutrients that flow to your brain have seriously been stifled. It is clear you have an agenda but you are laying the blame at the only viable option for leadership we have right now. Maybe a hot comb and some Royal Crown will get you back in touch with your roots. Now reply to dat. BTW – Stokely Carmichael was right at least in your case.

  • the Heretick

    “the cover up and corruption of the Benghazi deaths”

    well, yes, there was a cover-up, but then that begs the question, exactly how does one go from fomenting an insurrection in a sovereign nation to getting an Ambassador killed?
    and how does this question never seem to come up? now the Dems are stumbling all over each other to heap kudos upon upon the lady who accomplished this trick. for shame, if that was in style anymore, which i guess it’s not.

    nice little essay Ms. O’Connell

    • wilder5121

      Not too bright, huh?

  • no1rightway

    This “article” is complete horse manure.

    • wilder5121

      Along with a hefty dose of horse flatulence.

  • tradertom2

    What junk

  • RobC2010

    Which is worse, having to lie every day for a living, or working for an obviously incompetent President?

    Not sure how Jay Carney faces his family, or himself.

  • Hmm. This writer’s column seems to be missing its editorial moniker. Either that or the site’s journalism standards are slightly below the Onion.

  • sensi

    Oh jeez, what a partisan and libelous garbage…

  • Trey

    Let’s see. My ‘freedoms’ in America under Obama are, I can engage in sexual perversion, smoke marijuana and kill babies. God help us!!!

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