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“Whistleblower” Hoax: Ties to Biden, Deep State ICIG, rogue Ambassador

Written By | Oct 12, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The Deep State ‘Whistleblower” impeachment hoax stepped up the action with new revelations about the veracity of both the so-called “whistleblower” and the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. The ‘whistleblower” past working with Joe Biden in the White House and allegedly traveling with Biden twice to Ukraine when he was Vice President.

According to “Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal – Washington Examiner“:

As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden and likely that he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of the six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.
Another Deep State coup attempt – coordinated and planned

The Inspector-General becoming exposed by a number of his actions showing he was facilitating the Deep State “whistleblower” hoax. In a coordinated, nefarious, devious, untruthful and calculated fashion.

And, apparently, in conjunction with Adam Schiff.

The coordination between the ‘whistleblower” and Adam Schiff’s staff is underscored by the fact that two members of Schiff’s committee staff worked with the “whistleblower ” on the National Security Council in the Obama Biden White House. (REPORT: Rep Adam Schiff Has Two Staffers Who ‘Worked with Whistleblower at the White House’ – Sean  Hannity)

Durham probe targeting Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Obama

The entire process thus far has mirrored the Christine Blasey Ford hoax during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. A carefully planned coordinated strategy to create an uproar over Trump’s Presidency. Based on venality rather than truth or reality.

The self-righteous never-ending prattle of the coup plotters. Outraged by everything.

Cloaked in lies and deceit.

The Whistleblower – A partisan Democrat who worked with Joe Biden

Among the revelations about the whistleblower was a memo he wrote for himself. Unlike the actual whistleblower report, which was clearly written by a committee of lawyers. In the memo the whistleblower describes being told that the call was “crazy” and “frightening”.

The release of the transcript showed that that was a complete lie.

There was nothing crazy or frightening about it.

As were the quid pro quo accusations. So was the number of times Joe Biden’s name came up.

Never mind about the facts. We have characters to assassinate. We have coups to mount. Democrats are undeterred by the truth or their own vicious bloodlust.

They have no limits and play by no rules.

As soon as the disclosures about the first whistleblower began to erode his credibility and Democrat momentum, lo and behold, there was a second “whistleblower”. Except that the second whistleblower turns out to be the source for the first whistleblower.

Undermining the “whistleblower”, Schiff, and Pelosi

Both the opinions of Schiff and Pelosi and their whistleblower status are completely dismantled. The partisan nature of their action is obvious. The transcript that has been released bears no resemblance to the facts presented in either the whistleblower report or his initial memo.

Never mind the truth, says Pelosi. We have witches to burn.

Adam Schiff makes a completely false and farcical rendition of what he wishes Donald Trump had said. Somehow his fake version of the transcript gets more airplay than the actual facts of the actual conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

Then we discover that it was a Christine Blasey Ford hoax all the time. The “whistleblower” coordinated with Schiff and his staff. They were referred to lawyers who had worked with Hillary Clinton. The entire scheme was highly partisan.

It was a perfect fit because the whistleblower is a partisan Biden supporter.

The whole process is just another coup attempt from the intelligence community, in league with the Democrat party and the Orwellian left-wing media.

The Deep State ICIG Michael Atkinson

The whistleblower report is turned in on August 12th. Schiff and his committee were initially in touch with the leaker, or rather “whistleblower”, a few days after the July 25th phone call. The whistleblower report itself had a fatal flaw.

It was second and third-hand information. Hearsay.

Whistleblowers are to have first-hand knowledge of the information they are blowing the whistle on. IC whistleblowers should only be reporting about members of the intelligence community. Which the President is not.

No problem with Michael Atkinson. He proceeds to unilaterally alter the standards for first-hand knowledge which whistleblower reports have always required. To specifically allow second and third-hand information to be allowed as a valid complaint.

Specifically to allow this whistleblower report to be manipulated into an impeachment scam.

Deep State ICIG Atkinson is in on the whistleblower hoax

In testimony Thursday before the Senate Judiciary committee Atkinson was evasive and contradictory in his answers. First, he said the policy was altered after press reports had questions about the policy. Then he revealed that the regulations effectual dates had been backdated to August 1st to allow the Whistleblower complaint to be filed under the new regulations.

The Coup against Trump: Is John Brennan a Russian Agent?

He would not provide an explanation that made any sense. Enraging Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Lindsay Graham of South  Carolina. He could not explain how the complaint could be considered “credible” and “urgent” after both the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel and the acting head of DNI told him it didn’t meet the standards.

Star Chambers, smears, and Deep State seditionists

But Atkinson was determined to play his part and get the smear campaign toward impeachment underway. If you need to loosen the standards. Backdate the effective change in standards. Subjectively call it ‘credible ” and ‘urgent” when it was neither. Then there are clearly other, darker motivations at heart.

Schiff has been conducting these Star Chamber hearings like a Bolshevik.  Leaking deleted quotes. Leaving out context. Refusing to release the nine-hour deposition of Ambassador Volker that exonerated Trump’s position. Denying due process. Making up testimony on camera.

Basically doing what he did for two years during the original Russia Hoax.

Ambassador Yovanovich defends the indefensible

But the impeachment over nothing continues to be a delusional passion play for Democrats. Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovich attempted to butcher Donald Trump in her testimony.

All while denying she has any bias against Trump at all.

AG William Barr and Atty. Durham closing in on the Obama,
Brennan coup plotters

She denied she was a conduit of information to the State Department and the DNC of dirt that was manufactured in Ukraine on Paul Manafort and Donald Trump. Yovanovich denied that she had urged the Ukrainian government not to investigate a George Soros entity in Ukraine that was manufacturing and spreading dirt on Manafort and Trump.

Yovanovich: Badmouthing Trump, removed with cause

She reportedly spoke bluntly and poorly about Trump to staff, coworkers, and Ukrainian officials. Going so far as to say that since the President will be impeached, his orders and policies should be ignored. In spite of her denials, she was clearly a partisan hack with documented allegiance to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,  but not the President of the United States, Donald Trump

Yovanovich claims to have been blindsided by her removal as ambassador. She seems to have forgotten that Trump is President. She serves at his pleasure. Obviously he was not pleased with her. Can you blame him?

She repeatedly and actively undermined his position in Ukraine.

Yovanovich: Carrying water for the Clinton’s

A country as important as Ukraine should have an Ambassador the President trusts and who will carry out his policies. But Yovanovich reportedly turned away Ukrainians seeking to provide information about Hillary Clinton’s operation to get dirt one her political opponents in 2016.

Ukraine and Biden: Deep State “Whistleblower” stages Russia Hoax II

She was not the least bit curious about the Steele Dossier and Sydney Blumenthal’s Ukrainian informants. If she thought her behavior was acceptable, then she is delusional.

That’s largely because she helped facilitate both transactions. She was an active participant in the Biden/Clinton corruption in Ukraine in 2016 that Donald Trump is attempting to bring attention to. The President has a duty to root out corruption, at home and abroad.

As importantly, William Barr and John Durham will have a lot of things to look at in Ukraine.

Trump asking about corruption cause for Democrat persecution

A comic the other day notes that Trump would be the first Republican President under impeachment for the crimes of a Democrat.

What happened in 2016, with the abuse of power of the Obama White House and the weaponizing of the intelligence agencies against Donald Trump, doesn’t seem to interest Democrats on Capitol Hill. Any more than it interests Ambassador Yovanovich.

Or the farcical Orwellian left-wing media.

Because to explore the actual truth would be to destroy the titans of the Democrat Party. Unearthing the horrific corruption that lies behind the impeachment charade. Now the Southern District of New York has upped the ante with indictments of Ukrainians close to Rudy Giuliani.

SDNY continues its partisan vendetta against Trump

It sounds like Michael Cohen all over again. Indeed the rogue action of the SDNY seems to have a lot more to do with attempting to cripple a sitting President than it does with law enforcement.

The Russia Hoax: What Obama and Brennan knew, and when they knew it.

Now they are seeking to indict Giuliani for his role in Yovanovich removal. It is a weak premise. From a clearly biased office. The trial would expose everything Democrats are trying to hide. It is a vendetta. A clear attempt to sully Giuliani and Trump. Dirty them up, and deflect from the ongoing coup attempt.

None of these people seem to understand the unilateral power of the President to conduct foreign policy under Article 2 of the Constitution. But that would require an honest understanding of the constitution.

Democrats are well past caring about niceties like due process. Right to counsel. Right to cross-examine witnesses in public. The precedent of taking a vote before launching an impeachment inquiry. They are too busy laying down a phony narrative.

The leftwing media is only too happy to help.

 A never-ending procession of coup plotters.

Its all a smokescreen of lies and character assassination. Meant to distract from the criminal behavior of the Obama White House, the Intelligence Community, the DOJ, and the Democrat leadership from Pelosi to Schiff. It is Russia Hoax II. The Coup ‘d’etat part two.

Democrats actually intend to pass articles of impeachment. Regardless of facts, truth, decency, or honesty. Their wretched tactics are offensive and unrelenting. They will stop at nothing.

Except there is one problem.  The Republican Senate will never convict the President. The whole exercise is not only an abysmal charade. It’s McCarthyism on steroids. The horrific repercussions for our Republic are staggering.

Adam Schiff and the Bolshevik Star Chamber

Whether you are the lying former Ambassador of Ukraine. Or the lying head of the Intelligence Committee.  Whether you are the corrupt ICIG who has been caught manipulating the process. With no logical explanation for any of it except to target the President. It is important to expose the web of interlocking co-conspirators to reveal the horrific truth of this sad unconstitutional Bolshevik Star Chamber.

Obama Brennan coup involved State Dept., DOD, DNI, DOJ, CIA and FBI

Nancy Pelosi won’t even hold a vote to legally start an impeachment inquiry.  If she does, and it passes, and they bring articles of Impeachment, as it looks, Democrats will be decimated the following November. What Pelosi and Schiff are doings appalls independents. Enrages Republicans.It is more than bad for the country.

Trump’s removal from office an invitation to civil war.

Maybe we should just hold an election in 2020

Maybe the people who always talk about undermining our democracy while they are carrying out an unconstitutional coup d’etat should just allow the democratic process to take place in November of 2020. Democrats can’t.  They know they will never beat Trump fairly.

The American people are not stupid. In Manhattan, only 10% of the people voted for Trump. In DC only 4% voted for Trump. Yet these are the power centers of the biased anti-Trump establishment and their minions in the Orwellian left-wing media.

Amassed against the rest of the country. Indifferent to anything but their own power and control.

They have no idea what the truth is anymore. They are all too busy destroying the very fabric of our country, regardless of the consequences. The whistleblower hoax and impeachment farce is just another insipid chapter of this sad affair.

All in order to try to destroy a President they viscously despise, but can’t defeat.

Lead Image: Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash


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