Where it is never Mother’s Day: The cruelty of Boko Haram and Islam on women


CHARLOTTE, NC, May 11, 2014 – Perhaps the most asked question in the past week has been “Why would Boko Haram kidnap 300 innocent schoolgirls?

The simple answer is because they wanted to and because they could.

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Americans and the West get hung up on the term “Islamic extremism.” Let’s get it straight now, political correctness aside, there is no such thing as “Islamic extremism” because Islam is, by its very nature, inherently extreme. Extremism in Islam is the norm. It is not a segment of the religion. It is the religion.

Just because there are peaceful Muslims does not mean that Islam, itself, is peaceful.

Once we understand that and accept it, we will have a far greater chance of solving the problems created by global terrorism.

Islam thrives among the dark shadows of ignorance. It cannot survive when it is exposed by the glaring spotlight of knowledge. Education is one of the greatest fears of Islam.

The first thing that must be done in the West is to educate ourselves about the cancer that is Islam. There are dozens of books about the subject and many of the best were written by those who once practiced the faith themselves. One book in particular, “Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out” by Susan Crimp and Joel Richardson is a great primer into the teachings of Islam.

To begin, take a few of the quotes directly related to Islam and women from various sources and the answers to the questions about Boko Haram’s kidnappings rapidly come into focus.

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For example, here is one statement among many from anonymous, for obvious reasons, contributors.

“The motive of Islamists is Islam – not terrorism, not Iraq, not Afghanistan. Terrorism is just a tool employed, but the Qur’an is the motivator, and Islam is the final goal. There can be no clearer message than this. The civilized world is at war – a war with Islam. The Islamists will surely confirm this truth.”

Here are the words of another former Muslim who dared to speak out.

“Understanding Islam means understanding Islamic texts. By reading these texts, we in the West won’t be surprised by the violence we see in the world. Islam does not deny its true meaning, so why should we deny it?”

Or what about this condemnation of Muhammad and the irrationality if Islamic paranoia,

“The Qur’an is full of errors. No Creator of this universe could be as stupid as the god of the Qur’an appeared to be. Allah could not have existed anywhere except in the mind of a sick man.”

Now mix women into this Islamic recipe for hatred and global domination,

“…while it may be hard for many to understand what women in these radical regimes experience and why, the words of the Prophet Mohammad himself allow us to gain insight into why this is permitted. Indeed it is from the mouth of the man most emulated within Islam itself, the Prophet Mohammad that we learn how women are regarded in Islamic culture and how many actions within the Islamic world toward women reflect Mohammad’s sentiments.”

That paragraph makes this sentence even more revealing. “I was standing at the edge of the fire (hell) and the majority of people going in were women.”

The speaker? The Prophet Muhammad himself. The man who followers of Islam believe was perfect. The man who dictated the final “perfect” text that cannot be disputed by any source without dire consequences.

Finally there is this Islamic saying, “A woman’s heaven is beneath her husband’s feet.”

It doesn’t take a significant amount of reading and understanding to recognize a pattern that easily answers the questions about the motives of Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations.

Now read the words of a woman who wrote an e-mail to Pamela Geller, the noted Islamic authority and author of the blog “Atlas Shrugged.” Here are some excerpts from a person who had eye-opening relationship with a Muslim man. (Note there are numerous typos and incorrect uses of English but the words speak for themselves.)

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“I know how aggressive Muslims can be. I dated one for 3 years. During those 3 years I use to believe that Islam was indeed peaceful, my Ex convinced me that it was very peaceful. While taking psychology courses I realized that Islam created people who are ignorant, dependent and selfish. I started to slowly realize that I was dating a massive manipulator. His logic made no sense to me. I couldn’t question Muhammad or Allah, and when I did, he would go ballistic.

“At times he was very sweet and kind but I felt like Islam limited his mind. He was afraid to make his own choices. I truly believe Islam IS a cult. I use to be naive and defend Islam because of all the “Stereotype”.

“I was a willing victim to my ex boyfriend and to Islam. I know for a fact that my ex hates Jews with passion and had no idea what the holocaust was.

“Everything in Islam goes against Psychology. It is highly impossible to have a stable mindset while raised in that culture. You don’t have a voice in that culture and religion. I had no Idea how bad Islam was until I dated a Muslim man.

“I hate Islam because there are potential good people in Islam but the more they are controlled by their faith, the more inhuman they become. The stories I hear from Muslim women breaks my heart and it angers me that it is the norm in the Middle East. I was stupidly willing to give up my freedom to move to Saudi Arabia. I took my freedom for granted.”

The above quotes are but a small percentage of volumes of material that have been written to expose the true hatred, violence and extremism of Islam.

If you see a pattern in these few words, then you can quickly understand that while dealing with jihadists and terrorists may be complex, understanding their motives is not.


Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com).

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  • Freedom

    I pray that all Islamic women will finally have unending happiness, joy and freedom in the Next Life. There is no need for any of them to go to hell, for they are living in hell every moment of their current lives. One day this current life will end and Death will come for them to take them over to the Other Side where they will be free at last.

  • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

    The only way for them to have unending happiness, peace, joy, & freedom in Eternity is for them to repent & turn from their sins, give their hearts, souls, & spirits to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the only way, the truth, & the life, to the Lord God Almighty & Eternal Life in Heaven!!

    • Ben Gilpin

      aren’t you doing exactly the same thing my claiming your religion is right and the only way? can’t we just do what our feelings tell us are right instead of what some book written thousands of years ago says is right? like hugging puppies, there soft and loveable and i just feel its right to hug them :3

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    college women should READ and take NOTE! Some American college women marry the charming well-mannered Islamic guy…and then..later they realize they married into a whole world where women are not worth much. Even if their husband still loves them, they are considered of little worth in the full Islamic culture.