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Where Antifa began, where it is today and where it is going

Written By | Apr 28, 2021
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Patriot rescues flag after Antifa sets it on fire in Portland, Screen Shot Hou_Rec

SAN DIEGO & FLORIDA: Anarchy has a role in society and politics as old as Greece’s hierarchical societies. As people found themselves under the thumbs of a ruling elite, anarchy emerged.  Today’s Antifa carries a bastardized torch of the anarchists who, through the centuries have fought, real or imagined, authoritarian rule.

But can we fight Antifa’s violent, America-killing ideology? Only if we understand it.

At the turn of the 20th Century, anarchists roamed throughout Europe spotlighting the divide between the rich and the poor during the Industrial Revolution.  Civil rights vigilantes confronting those in power, through chaos and violence.

The anarchist’s fight then was against the fascism of a white Nordic-Aryan race as promulgated in the 20th century by Mussolini and Hitler. In America today, Antifa is fighting to create a permanent, liberal ruling elite that is gathering power and wealth, while promoting a hard Marxist and LGBTQ agenda on America.

Comprised of mostly white, suburban angry children, they fight against the very United States of America that has given them the very privilege they malign.

The tools of anarchy have not changed.

Early anarchists used the same tactics being used by today’s Antifa. Protests, riots, arson, looting, and assassination. From 1890 through 1901 anarchists committed the murders of King Umberto I of Italy, Austria’s empress’ consort, Elizabeth, President Sadi Carnot of France, Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, prime minister of Spain, and U.S. President William McKinley.

McKinley, only the third U.S. President to be assassinated, was killed by 28-year-old Leon Czolgosz in a receiving line at the Pan American Exposition in New York.

An avowed anarchist, Czolgosz had arrived in Buffalo purchasing a .32 caliber Iver Johnson revolver. Coincidentally a .32 was the same type of weapon that another anarchist had used to assassinate Italian King Umberto I.

“It was in my heart; there was no escape for me,” Czolgosz later said. “All those people seemed bowing to the great ruler. I made up my mind to kill that ruler.”

Anarchy is more than an idea.  It is an action. A fight to destroy the idea of a ruling elite. But the fight is no longer to benefit the people, but those who would rule over them.

Anti-fascism is pro-communism.

Communism is a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and by default, the people. As the Democrat platform, today calls for, the goal is an authoritarian one-party holding power. All while claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

It is no longer a movement fighting against leaders like Italy’s Benito Mussolini who said that “Fascism was born… out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan and Mediterranean race.

Anti-fascism no longer for the people.

While the organization is difficult to define, Antifa is identifiable by its black helmets, bulletproof vests, and violence. Their goal to fundamentally change America by removing its “white” heritage and history. We see this in our classroom curriculums and efforts such as the 1619 Project that “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

Antifa, driven by progressives, see everything – from a traffic stop to arrest for felony crimes – labeled as systemic racism perpetrated by the White Nordic-Aryan class. Antifa works with, and blends with groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM),, and the George Soros funded Open Society in order to remove American sovereignty and move the republic into the New World Order of globalism.

BLM mobs rule streets with fear, aim Marxist sights on One party Amerika

One of the first steps towards controlling the populace is creating fear among “white” elites and other conservative groups, pushing them out of restaurants, off streets, and burning and looting communities as they have repeatedly done in Minneapolis, Portland, New York, and Seattle.

The Emergence of the New World Order

Today anarchists form alliances with global capitalists seeking to control America’s economy, and its engine, the middle class. Alliances they will initially benefit from but that will only last until America falls. Stopping America from fighting back is the only reason for the Democrat’s gun grabs.

Hungarian billionaire George Soros, one of the leaders behind the push for a One Global World – One Global Economy, is part of the new world order. A new world order that was part of Woodrow Wilson’s global zeitgeist during the period just after World War I. And a part of the formation of the League of Nations.

These efforts were continued by President Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor and continued on through the Bush and Obama administrations.

The effort of anarchist groups in the U.S. is not one of American exceptionalism, but fulfilling the concept of a New World Order or global economic society.

Where the wealth and poverty of one country are equally shared with others.  Where the majority of the world population lives under the Marxist rule with an ultra-wealthy elitist class filled with media, government and world military live in splendor.

At the top of this pyramid sits the United Nations who would, given the opportunity, rule with a Marxist fist.

With the UN in charge, Iowa farmers may find their crops and profits shared with India. Shared, not purchased by. This is the goal  – to take the profit and products of middle-class black and white workers in America – from farmers to computer programmers – and distributing it to the world.

America, lead by Antifa and anarchy, continues its Progressive March toward Marxism in America

We know Antifa is hostile to the rule of law and democracy. Its ideological claim as ‘antifascist’ is a deception. Their real intent is to overthrow democracies and abolish capitalism, a core element of American success.

They have been called a ‘de-centralized revolutionary organization’.

The controversy that Antifa is a ‘loose-knit movement’ is a distraction.

They are much more than jobless crybabies emerging from their parents’ basements when the call to the streets comes. Raising a ruckus when they don’t like something counter to their dogma. Otherwise, why did Trump declare Antifa as a “terrorist organization”?

He knew what most don’t know about Antifa.

“The group draws on dogma from Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School, considered the “father of the New Left.” It believes that there is no objective reality or truth; that tolerance means suppression of the intolerant; and that unacceptable opinions are “violent,” reports American Thinker.

They don’t come to protest – they come out covered in identity concealing black to destroy. They run tactical maneuvers to block and confront people in the streets. Weapons including pepper spray, batons, bats, and brass knuckles used to damage property and debilitate those unfortunate citizens caught into their street trap.

Black babies: Why their murders do not matter to BLM leftists

Cement ‘milkshakes’ are thrown into crowds.  Antifa militants receive training to gouge out eyes, break ribs and deliver powerful hits to vital organs.

Becoming Antifa in America

Retired USAF Colonel Jim Waurishuk makes a critical point writing in America Out Loud about Antifa’s training. (The Democrats’ Secret Battlefield Trained Insurgents).

Waurishuk states that over the course of the last eight years “a number of elements of Antifa were intentionally trained in Syria in the Syrian Civil War.

Training to come back to the U.S. to conduct urban warfare operations in the streets of America with the benefit of real world training.

Starting in 2012,

The Antifa elements formed into what became known as the International Freedom Battalion (IFB). The battalion served under a Joint affiliation with the YPG/PKK Kurdish [fighters] under the umbrella group created by the SDF (Syrian Democrat Forces). SDF was established during the Obama administration,” reports American Out Loud.

“They essentially were directed and ordered to fight with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) and the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK), who are Marxist Communists (following Marxist ideology) and a faction of Syrian insurgents. It should be known that this faction had been vetted specifically and selected by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to be the U.S. Government-funded rebel group in Syria,” writes Waurishuk,

Waurishuk also reveals that YPG was only one of the 32-rebel factions in Syria receiving Obama support. The Obama Pentagon and CIA warning Obama against supporting the YPG. That warning being overruled by senior Obama national security officials.

Obama went on to task U.S. Special Forces to vet and train the YPG. The Obama Administration, Hillary’s State Department, and Leon Panetta’s and John Brennan’s CIA targeted YPG to receive arms smuggled out of Libya.

The result of which is the precursor for the Benghazi attack on our consulate in which four Americans were killed.

This is why the Obama/Clinton lie that Susan Rice recited, was immediately spread. They not only stated but double-downed on the story of an anti-Muslim video being responsible for the attack. One key to the lies is the Obama earmarks of future defense budgets to facilitate funding of the YPG in Syria. (How Obama’s team set up Trump’s Syrian dilemma)

The Department of Homeland Security quietly released an intelligence report, titled “The Syrian Conflict and Its Nexus to the U.S.-based Antifascist Movement.”  

The report mentions several Americans who traveled to Syria to fight ISIS. The Nation receiving the report from a source who previously worked on DHS Intelligence.

Much of the data generated on the individuals by DHS’s Tactical Terrorism Response Teams.

“As the intelligence report states, “ANTIFA is being analyzed under the 2019 DHS Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism (CT) and Targeted Violence,” says The Nation.

Trump’s refusal to support the YPG rebel group that American activists joined led to  hostile condemnation from the Left saying he “abandoned the Kurds.”

Antifa shares the ideology of the rebel Kurdish YPG.

Which is to facilitate political change.  Trump did not want our troops in Syria dying any longer for a Marxist-communist cause and that outraged the Democrats and other pro-Antifa critics. Now, in America Antifa fights as trained Marxist-Communists.

George Soros, as well as other private entities, and corporate financiers, are funding Antifa.

Antifa now shares a common goal with BLM.

“They aim to abolish law enforcement, property rights, national borders, American jurisprudence, free markets, and free speech,” says American Thinker.

While claiming to fight racism, they are actually anti-capitalist advocating ‘their cause’ by breaking windows, looting, arson. and intimidating physical confrontation. Saying they are doing it in “self-defense” against  an “unjust system.”

The Liberal Left who strives to turn America into Marxist Amerika** identifies with Antifa. Media silences opposition and politicians keep them out of jail.

Antifa has a very long, very violent, and very destructive history.

They are responsible for two world wars, the rise of communism, and hundreds of millions of deaths.

Today Antifa is trying to overthrow America. They are willing to destroy those voicing opposition to its goals. Their history tells us a lot that we need to know about their objectives and what the future may hold.

But there is much more than meets the eye about America’s expanding army of anarchists and communists. And the first thing to know is they are anything but anti-fascism.  They are the very definition of fascism and they will harm, as fascists have throughout history.


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Jeanne McKinney, Joseph Ragonese

Senior Staff Writer for CommDigiNews, Jeanne McKinney is an award-winning writer whose focus and passion is our United States active-duty military members and military news. Senior Political Staff Writer Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.