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When I was a Child, I spoke as a Child. Now I am censored by Big Tech

Written By | Jan 21, 2021
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Studs Terkel orates at Washington Park, Bug House Square, in Chicago

You would have to live on Mars to not be aware of the hoopla about censorship that is conducted by what is referred to as “Big Tech.” But it seems the consensus is that Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) can do as they wish saying only the government is disallowed from preventing free speech. We can do as we damn well please.

Too, many so-called conservatives seem to timidly submit to this concept. The truth is, Big Tech is comprised of private companies and therefore is exempt from censorship laws “they repeat.”


Private companies went out, insofar as being free and not being under dominant government control in 1865.

But no point in boring readers with the details. There are volumes already written on the subject that go unheeded (particularly by so-called conservatives). Nobel Laureate James Buchanan once commented on the lack of economic freedom without a sovereign state’s God-given right to secession. But no matter. Life goes on with a national government absent a federal one. (Buchanan’s Tensions | Mercatus Center: F. A. Hayek Program)

For now, we are forced into our Orwellian masters’ life control, which includes our speech, and the God-given right to use it. Big Tech has as much use for God as Big Government does.

Big Tech is controlled by the government the same way government controls anything it wants.

Either by legislative fiat, Judicial fiat, or executive fiat—the constitution be-damned. So-called checks and balances DO NOT exist. Remember, you can’t leave the state. The state, now under martial law, says so!

If the government wants to alter something like Rule 230 then it can. It can, as Ayn Rand famously pointed out, because it has the power of the gun. It seems Mao had the same theory. But then, many in our government know more about China and its CCP masters than they do about the world’s most famous libertarian.

If you don’t think the state runs Big Tech, find out.

Buy a share of some public company,  Exxon-Mobile as an example. Now, if you wish you may attend the stockholders meeting. At that meeting a question you might ask (yes, you may ask a question): “Can you give me a list of the U.S. government regulations Exxon-Mobile must follow?” Not laws that the general public must follow, but special regulations that apply to the oil or energy industry.

A probable answer would be something like: “Certainly, but we’ll have to mail them by a caravan of trucks because if we tried to download them the world-wide-web would explode!”

There is not a business (public or private) that isn’t within the reach of government power.

The truth is that our “free” society has already been “reconstructed” as a socialist government.

The wonderful world of what is referred to as “the left” has so legislated and thereby infused the government into our businesses and lives that a rebuff by these Big Tech monsters is a rebuff by the government. The FTC, IRS, EPA, SEC a “department of commerce,” a national bank (Federal Reserve) that prints its own money that business must use for transactions are only a partial dump of bureaus that “We the People” have allowed to rule us.

Rule 230 alone stands as a government partnership with Big Tech through some law passed, and enforced by some government bureau. A rule that tells the industry that it is exempt from civil legal remedies? Now, the government tells “We the People”  of those special groups who may be made whole by the law, and those who may not—civil court in this case.

Good grief, big business, and one of its tentacles, Big Tech, gave up any protection from civil action when it took on a mantle of protection from the government. Big Tech is the public square, and the public square is a place for free-speech. As Washington Park, known as Bug House Square, has protected for decades (Exclusive: The History Behind Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates)

In the ’20s and ’30s, Chicago’s Washington Square Park was a hotbed of rhetoric as poets, preachers, left-wing agitators, and crackpots waxed radical before curious spectators. Popularly known as Bughouse Square, the park eventually fell into disuse, but in the ’80s its reputation as a mecca of free speech and public discussion was revived with the Newberry Library’s annual Bughouse Square Debates.

The destruction of journalism and personal opinion is almost complete

Those apostles of claptrap and nonsensical blather on the cable news outlets, and network news are living proof. No more than a bunch of pedestrian, prosaic, popinjays with as much academic merit as a B grade Hollywood actor. Reporters? Writers? Good grief. These slanderous, dwarfed scribblers of “reporting” are allowed carte blanche in their screeds by BT. But those who actually write from intelligent thought, regardless of political measure, left or right, are “fact-checked” into censorship oblivion.

Now Big Tech has begun “canceling” everyone from the president of the United States to any outlet it believes in not “factual,” graded by their personal “unbiased” fact-checkers.

The fact is that the government will do the will of those who are affixed within its dark bowels of control. And the sadder fact is, the recent presidential election was certainly rigged.  For those fake-journalists who say such is not true: Liars you are. But you knew, and know that.

Where is Patrick Henry when we need him? He finally did get death. But he got it after he got his preferred liberty. Today’s generation is going to get Big Tech, big government, and the shaft long before they get death.

Ahh, what the hell, Washington: Tread on Us!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell
“We haven’t seen the end of this” – Jack Dorsey



Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Lead Image: Studs Terkel speaking at Bughouse Square in 1989 – Uncredited Historical Image

Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.