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What you missed at Thursday’s CPAC 2020 – V.P. Pence and more

Written By | Feb 28, 2020
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NATIONAL HARBOR, MD:  Wednesday had the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC 2020) attendees bursting with anticipation. Thursday delivered the goods. It was time for policy, politics, and of course, partying.

Each CPAC is unique in its own way. Past years saw the Ron Paul libertarians, the Dick Cheney Neocons, and straw polls for the many candidates jockeying for the White House. 2020 is a year of conservative harmony, unity, and revelry. The economy is strong, the world is not at war, and the Republican Party is unified behind President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Meanwhile, Democrats finally announced an official winner for their Iowa Caucus nearly one month ago.

Chaotic South Carolina debates vs. a joyous start to CPAC 2020
Things are so good for most Americans that the angry left has been reduced to inventing crises.

Corona is their pandemic, even though zero Americans have died from it. The stock market has bled red ink on Corona hysteria, although experienced traders are treating the correction as a buying opportunity. The country is strong, and even liberals are torn between denying this or taking credit for it.

With plenty to be optimistic about, Thursday brought CPAC attendees a cornucopia of new experiences.

The big event of the morning was standard CPAC fare from a beloved attendee – Vice President Pence.

President Trump tapped Pence to be in charge of the Corona response and addressed the liberal and media-induced panic.

Liberals ridiculed the choice of Pence because they are against everything Trump says and does the moment he says and does it. The rest of us know that Pence has years of executive experience from his time as Indiana Governor. Pence is also a calm, reassuring figure.

Trump is unpredictable, while Pence remains soothing and safe.

He reminded the world that the Coronavirus is non-partisan. As Democrats hurl blame, Pence is the adult in the room.

Vice President Pence on Election 2020

Pence also showed his adaptability. The same man who spoke of unity in defeating the Coronavirs was able to switch into the traditional Vice President attack dog role. He presented the 2020 election as the serious choice it is between the forces of freedom and those pushing socialism and its inevitable despair. He let the audience know that there were absolutely zero moderate Democrats running for president. They are all captive to the anti-freedom socialist left.

After Pence, the action taking place was anything but traditional. For the first time in CPAC history, the main stage offered attendees a play.  Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are conservative filmmakers from Ireland. Their first major documentary “Fracknation” brilliantly mocked the eco-zealots on the left.

Now they were back with a stage adaption of the salacious texts between FBI coup plotters and lovers Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page. Actors Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson playing the lead roles, leaving the audience in stitches.

New Traditions at CPAC

In the early evening, the Residence Inn across the street from the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center offered a heartwarming new tradition.

The Israel Heartland Coalition and the Young Jewish Conservatives united to present an award to North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows. Congressman Meadows replaced the word Israel with the terms Judea and Samaria. (The Best Friend Israel Ever Had -President Trump’s policy has energized his Jewish supporters)

“The two-state solution is no solution at all,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said at Thursday’s reception, saying that what is called the West Bank should properly “be identified as Israel.” Meadows was one of three Republicans, along with Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs and former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who spoke at the Israel Heartland event. Walker, who has visited the Israeli settlements, emphasized the importance of these territories to Israel’s security. “Without safe and defensible borders, there is no Israel,” Walker said.

The devout Christian urged Jews to stop referring to settlements and call them what they are, “Jewish communities.” Meadows, Congressman Andy Biggs of Florida, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had the crowd of over 200 people mesmerized with their show of staunch solidarity.

Mort Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America, profusely thanked them all for their commitment to America and her ally Israel. Including President Trump:

“He has been the greatest friend for Israel any American president has ever been,” declared Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

This was not a typical pro-Israel evening. It was a biblical history lesson that took the audience from Lord Balfour to the present day.

Thursday night revelry gets controversial

Some stayed at the hotel bar and conducted business deep into the night. Others attended a party starring Gavin McGinness, who had earlier left CPAC, by request.

The main party was put together by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point, USA at the Cadillac Ranch bar near the convention center. Young people were able to drink, dance, and ride the mechanical bull. There was also plenty of politics. Dana Loesch was signing copies of her newest book. Kimberly Guilfoyle fired up the crowd.

Then came the main attraction, Donald Trump Jr.

Speaking to those gathered at the Cadillac Ranch, the younger Donald offered red meat including a scorching indictment of failed socialist policies worldwide. (Donald Trump Jr. Says Dems Hope Coronavirus ‘Kills Millions’ to End President’s ‘Streak of Winning’ (WATCH))

The event was closed to the press. Donald Trump Jr. was very much at ease among leagues of young adoring fans.  Mr. Trump will address CPAC 2020 today

Despite heavy security, he still took the time to offer plenty of selfies to those fans. After he left, it was back to drinking, dancing and bull riding.

Friday at CPAC 2020

President Trump speaks tomorrow, Saturday, however, Friday is anything but an off-day. Highlights include economist Larry Kudlow and Brexit hero Nigel Farage.

There will be plenty of great conservative speakers and the positive message of American growth and greatness. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo summing up the feeling in the crowd saying:

“Can anyone in this room remember a better time to be an American conservative? We are safer than ever, our economy is more prosperous than ever and President Trump keeps on winning.”


CPAC 2020 is live streaming on Fox Nation and videos of past speakers can be reviewed at CSPAN.

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