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What if the Charleston killer is not white?

Written By | Jun 19, 2015

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2015 — In an act of evil, a 21-year-old Caucasian man murdered nine people in a predominantly black South Carolina church. The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston started Wednesday night with the traditional bible study. Once the session was over, the shooting spree began.

One of the victims was the pastor, Reverend Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney was also a South Carolina State Senator.

Through a combination of luck and skillful police work, the killer was caught 240 miles away in North Carolina less than 24 hours after the shooting. While the necessity of hate crime legislation has been fiercely debated, there was one point of consensus. If ever a man deserved to be charged with hate crime, this man is it.

Liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites, and men and women all concluded that this was a clear case of a white man killing nine black people solely because they were black. He was heard yelling racial epithets at the victims as he shot them.

South Carolina has the death penalty, as does the federal government.

While Americans are piously told not to play politics while families are grieving, far too many Americans never receive that memorandum. President Obama and Hilary Clinton both immediately called for more gun control even though no gun law short of total confiscation would have prevented the murders.

The Emanuel AME shooting requires prayers, not politics

Calls to deal with mental illness were predictably ignored. Returning to the days of forcibly medicating and forcibly quarantining mentally ill people is most likely a non-starter. Fox news was blamed since they have television hosts who sometimes disagree with President Obama. As expected, racial politics played a key role. The killer is white, and this matters a lot.

There were no calls of police over-reach by liberals or members of the black community. If the killer was black, these groups would have lambasted the police for being too aggressive. In this case the South Carolina police were clearly the good guys. With a Caucasian killer, there were no calls for police restraint.

Conservatives quickly labeled the killer a domestic terrorist, and for once liberals were quick to agree. What if the killer were a minority? Worse, what if the killer was Muslim? The For Hood Shooter committed practically the same act, except he was motivated by religious hatred instead of racism. He was a radical Islamist Jihadist, but his act of evil was dismissed as “workplace violence.” Since the Charleston killer was a white non-Muslim, liberals were unafraid to label him a terrorist.

This begs the question of why the killers behind the Charleston and Fort Hood murders are sitting in civilian jails. There is perfectly good real estate in Guantanamo Bay that makes a great detention center for terrorists awaiting military trials.

Civilian trials are for the civilized, and terrorists are not civilized.

Racial delusions: The Devil’s playground


Al Sharpton went to Charleston but even the usual cast of agitators could not figure out why. There was nothing to protest. Yelling “No justice, no peace” makes little sense when everyone expects justice to be done and people were mourning peacefully. There were no police to protest. They caught the killer, and the case is strong. Blacks and whites hugged each other and vowed to rebuild Charleston together. The police were not willing to let the killer free just so Sharpton could shake his fist.

As much as liberal demagogues may have wanted to blame South Carolina leadership for continuing some white Republican racist redneck Old South and producing this situation, that dog refused to hunt. The female South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley is of Indian descent. She fought through tears and promised action. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is a black Republican. The Palmetto State is a reliably Republican state. None of this prevented quick action. Republicans did not need a Twitter hashtag to know that black lives matter. They allowed their common decency to lead to swift, decisive and caring steps. They could not save nine black lives, but they would prevent one more death.

The killer was caught, admitted he did it, and has showed no remorse. On paper he looks to be on the slow track to the death penalty. The only thing that could save him is racial politics combined with a public as delusional as it gets. A defense attorney could try a version of insanity known as the Rachel Dolezal defense.

Dolezal is the white woman who keeps insisting that she is black. She recently resigned from the Spokane NAACP after being caught lying about her race and other aspects of her life. Since she is a leftist, leftists including many NAACP members have rushed to her defense. While she has been a subject of derision and manna from heaven for comedians, the Pandora’s box she opened is not so funny.

What if the Charleston killer just decides he is black? Race used to just be the color of a person’s skin, a function of pigmentation caused by a certain level of melanin content. Then liberals declared that race is about feelings and attitudes. Anything involving dressing properly, speaking clearly, and working hard became “acting white” and “selling out.” If the Charleston killer says he is black, who are we to say otherwise?

NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal recreates white as the new black

Of course this is preposterous, but is it any crazier than anything else race hustlers and crazed activists are peddling?

Taking things a step further down the absurdity train, what if the killer in prison decides to become a Muslim? Is he then no longer a terrorist?

All it takes is one Johnny Cochran or F. Lee Bailey to confuse one out of twelve people that up is down, left is right, and white is black.

To imply that the Charleston killer was engaging in black on black crime would be sheer madness. What is madness is somebody deciding their race is whatever they say it is solely because they say it is.

The Charleston killer if convicted deserves the harshest punishment possible, the forfeiture of his own life. He is a terrorist motivated by his race against the race of others. He was a racial zealot.

The Fort Hood shooter was a religious zealot. The name of the religion is as simple as black and white. It as plain as Rachel Dolezal’s race, regardless of her words or her face.


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