What far too many liberals still fail to grasp

The left has gotten everything it wanted...why is it still angry?


LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2016 — In 2009, liberal Democrats controlled all the levers of power. They had the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. President Barack Obama had media members falling all over themselves to be in his presence. The world’s leftists gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize for his mere being. Obama also had administrative agencies to carry out his executive orders. Democrats rammed through the largest expansion of the federal government in history. After nearly eight years of leftist control, one question remains.

Why is the left still so angry?

Between Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, and other offshoots, the Democrat Party has formed a government of the protester, by the protester, and for the protester.

Despite receiving more free stuff than they could have ever hoped for, the left’s insatiable desire for taking has not abated. More stores are burned down. More electronics and sneakers are stolen. Then more angry protest rallies are held. No amount of power brings these people happiness.

Perhaps the left wants to be perpetually miserable. When people are happy, they do not need government to help them. Rather than psychoanalyze the angry left, it is long past time to teach the worst of the miscreants some simple life lessons.

1) People have the right to disagree. For some reason far too many liberals cannot handle this simple concept. Rather than reflexively see conservatives as evil or stupid, liberals may wish to leave their unenlightened bubbles. People become more intelligent by challenging their own assumptions. Anyone who feels rage at a person simply for seeing the world differently has deep internal problems.

2) The ends do not justify the means. A deep belief in climate change does not justify using fraudulent data or suppressing contradictory studies. Belief that campus rape is a problem does not justify rape hoaxes. Insistence that racism is systemic and institutional does not make it acceptable to launch false charges of racism. If hoaxes are needed to advance an agenda, then maybe the underlying problem really is overstated.

3) In a Republic, people cannot be forced to care about what they find boring. Activists who obsess over climate change have spent billions of dollars in a desperate attempt to sway public opinion. The effort has failed. Most Americans look at climate change activists and see insufferably boring individuals.

4) There is no Constitutional right to violent protest. Every activist believes their cause is righteous. Leftists are the only ones outside of Islamists who consistently resort to violence. Believing corporations are evil does not justify burning down a corporation’s headquarters. Shouting down speakers is not free speech. It is the suppression of speech.

5) Government by force is not tolerance. Policies that last stand the test of time. This happens through broad consensus. Social Security and Medicare were broadly popular. The Affordable Care Act never was. Using administrative agencies, paid violent protesters, and other forms of bullying to advance ideas means the ideas were never that good to begin with.

6) Most people want to be left alone. If liberals want to destroy their own areas, conservatives would stay out of the way. The problem comes when liberals try to force their progressive vision on everybody else. Conservatives want people to be able to drink a beer, smoke a cigar, own a gun, eat a hamburger, and live their lives free of interference. The left’s desire to have power and control over everything from healthcare to education is antithetical to the American ethos of freedom and liberty.

7) Time is finite. Focusing on nonsense comes at a price. Every minute spent on climate change or promoting free marijuana is a moment not dealing with what matters. Liberals say they care about education right before the billionth teachers’ union strike. People want to have food on their table. They want a decent job and to be safe from criminals and terrorists. They want elected officials to fix the potholes, not to explain that potholes are part of the white male power structure. Get little things right before planning grand visions that have never succeeded anywhere.

8) Hyper-tolerance leads to high crime. Liberals obsess over diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance. The result is spiraling crime everywhere liberals govern. San Francisco and New York City have an increase in criminals smashing windows and relieving themselves on public streets in broad daylight. Under conservative governance, law-abiding citizens have more rights than criminals and terrorists. Liberals beg for more illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees. Conservatives put keeping people alive over political correctness.

Liberals resort to the tired cliche that it is unfair to blame all of them for the actions of most of them. The decent ones have done nothing to rein in the violent ones. If anything, Democrats have deliberately stoked the anger. By promising the moon and failing to deliver, liberals are setting their own deepest supporters up for failure. Candidate Barack Obama made wildly unrealistic and contradictory promises. When he inevitably failed, his only option was to unleash a wave of protesters to blame everybody else. Various conservative straw men have been knocked down over the last seven years.

The left can win elections. They can seize even more power. They will never drop the anger. This is what happens when anger is required for an ideology to survive. Happy people do not need liberals. Therefore, the leftist anger, rage and violence has to remain the means and the ends.

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