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Welcome to the Resistance 2.0: Biden’s call for unity is anything but

Written By | Jan 24, 2021
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By The White House, and United States Senate – (composition)File:Joe_Biden_official_portrait_2013_cropped.jpgFile:Senator_Harris_official_senate_portrait.jpg, Public Domain,

During his fake inauguration speech Biden said: “Without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness, and fury. No progress, only exhausting outrage. No nation, only a state of chaos…This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward”.  Biden used this speech to offer hope and to argue that the nation must be united in facing the challenges ahead. That it has to move past its current “uncivil war.”

Really? To prove that Biden really wants to bury the hatchet and reunite all Americans, shortly after uttering those words, White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, announced the national security threat that officials see as posed by American extremists motivated to violence by radical ideology.

She cited the attempted “insurrection” of the U.S. Capitol as justification for the shift in Department of Homeland Security and FBI resources from international terrorism to domestic. (Biden Press Secy. Jen Psaki announces efforts to combat domestic violent extremism – video)

Yep, not even one day in the office before declaring war on patriots.

Of course, Psaki, talking for Biden, was talking about the threat presented to his rule by patriots who want a Constitutional government.  It surely was not a concern for the violence by Antifa conducting revenge riots against the new Biden administration.  (Antifa Riots Follow Inauguration: “We Don’t Want Biden, We Want Revenge”)

Biden, as well as his entire administration, have already labeled any patriot who challenges that Biden is a legitimately elected president as a terrorist. If Trump would have treated those who challenged his presidency in the same way, he would still be our president, and Democrats know this. Unfortunately, Trump and Republicans chose to not take the low road, recognizing that all Americans are Americans.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we, to remember what happened since January 2017 when President Trump also asked for unity during his inauguration speech.  However, Trump’s call for peace went unheeded and terrorists on the left declared war on the 45th President and America. They called their movement to impede Trump “the resistance.”

As Donald J. Trump was taking his oath of office, riotous demonstrators were destroying blocks of Washington D.C.

As D.C. burned, the reviewing stands at the inauguration were mostly void of Democrat Congressmen and Senators, who boycotted the event in massive numbers. Trump was not their president.

This was after Biden, as Vice-president, directed the FBI and all of the intelligence agencies to spy on Trump and his entire staff. Did Biden think that it was a unifying event to use a fictitious document, paid for by Clinton and the Democratic party, to launch a surreptitious investigation against the president? Trying to overturn the will of voters? (Peter Strzok implicates Obama – Biden in coup plot against Flynn, Trump)

The unifying three-year Russian investigation that everybody in the Democrat party knew was a false flag

I’m sure, using Biden logic, that it unified the government every time someone flat out lied and said that they had seen the evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

How wonderfully unifying it was when every Democrat congressperson refused to pass any legislation that would have helped working Americans. All so Donald Trump would not have any accomplishments to run on for a second term. In the very same way that Biden and Democrats cheered every time a whacked-out leftist celebrity talked about cutting off Trump’s head or raping his teen son. Yes, that united this nation. (Peter Fonda tweets he wants to ‘rip Barron Trump from his mother’ and put him in a ‘cage with pedophiles’)

It was almost as unifying as watching Democrats unanimously sitting on their hands at the State of the Union when Trump introduced patriotic servicemen and their wives. That demonstration united this nation almost as much as watching Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of Trump’s speech.

Speaker Pelosi goes on a tear at Trump’s State of the Union

Not to be outdone in unifying this nation, Pelosi, with the full support of Biden and every Democrat, then presents a kangaroo court. Her goal to falsely impeach President Trump over a telephone call to the President of Ukraine. A call asking him to weed out corruption in his government. Unfortunately, Pelosi;s accusation is of a pay-to-play. Which is laughable, if not so tragic. See we all know that it was Biden and his coke-addled son Hunter who are guilty of pay to play, both there and in China.

It was wonderfully unifying when Biden accused Trump of xenophobia when the President placed a stop on travel from China as soon as he understood how damaging the COVID-19 virus was. Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer so breathtakingly ignorant with the ongoing sham impeachment to notice a pandemic was on its way to America.   (Nancy Pelosi visits San Francisco’s Chinatown to encourage people amid fears of coronavirus)

At the same time, nasty Nancy and fellow democrats, including senior killer Andrew Cuomo, try to convince the nation that President Trump was overreacting.

And then, at the turn of a dime, Biden accuses him of doing nothing and causing millions of deaths over his not doing enough during the pandemic. It unified us all watching Biden and Democrats as they flip-flopped on the issue that no one knew anything about.

But the most unifying event in American history was the way Democrats encouraged rioting, looting, and total disrespect for law and order. Kamala Harris even raised funds to get those rioters freed on bail so that they could go back out to loot, riot, and kill again. Biden approved of that plan.

Those rioters trying to take over the federal courthouse in Portland were among Democrats shining moments of glory. Rather than calling it an insurrection against the United States government, which it was, Biden and others declared it mostly peaceful protests, well within the Constitution’s guarantees.  (ABC, NBC Spike ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Protests Leaving $2 Billion in Damages)

Organized riots the next step in Democrat’s coup against America

Those attacks against the American government lasted well over sixty days and nights, continuing on after Biden’s fake election. The riots caused untold millions of dollars in damages and shut down that courthouse so that the cause of Justice in the Portland federal district could not continue for months.

Over 300 federal officers were injured when attacked by violent leftist mobs.

The Department of Homeland Security reports that anarchists were throwing bricks, baseball bats, explosives, and other violent weapons. Some officers may have permanent eye damage from industrial layers pointed in their eyes to blind them.

Protests and violence that Biden Democrats supported.

Yet a demonstration by mostly peaceful Trump supporters, that lasted for only a few hours, and yes, did stop the government from conducting business for a few hours, was termed an armed insurrection. And a reason for the second impeachment of President Trump for inciting violence.  Despite the reality that Democrats have been calling for and encouraging violence for the last year.  (Here Are 10 TIMES Democrats Called For VIOLENCE Against Trump and Republicans Since Election Day)

Unlike Portland, Biden demanded every branch of federal law enforcement to round up, arrest, and prosecute, to the maximum, everyone who was on federal grounds.

And then to unify us more, Biden tasks the full weight of the federal government with targeting patriots. Declaring them the threat. Certainly, that level of hypocrisy will bring us all together in one giant kumbayah moment. And they stick to the narrative. Even as Antifa, with the tactic approval of Pelosi and McConnell for the Capitol incursion, is responsible for the violence. (More Proof of BLM/Antifa Capitol Riot Involvement Emerges [UPDATED])

To codify our reuniting, Democrats impeached President Trump for a second time saying his words caused the Capitol takeover. Of course, Biden ignores the years of violent incitement from Democrats, including Biden and Harris. Democrats’  encouraging riots, looting, arsonists, and killers destroying America. When will the impeachment of the Democrat for inciting violence begin?

Of course, the most unifying memory of all is the total theft of the 2020 election

Democrats, Rinos, and the media have conveniently just ignored the facts of election fraud. Not one bit of curiosity from them about the thousands of reports of voter fraud. No curiosity about votes switching from Trump to Biden by way of fraudulent election machines.

None, nada, nothing but denials that it was not true. Of course, if election fraud did not occur, then Biden, Democrat politicians, and the MSM should wish to unify us by proving that the stories of widespread voter fraud are false. But they don’t disprove allegations of fraud.  Or allow investigations.  Biden and his cronies just ignore us, happy to steal the Oval Office, not earn it. That will unite us, knowing Democrats won’t even acknowledge that a legitimate grievance needs to be heard.

Everyone believes that if Biden wanted to pull us all together you would want an open and fully transparent investigation into those spurious allegations. Just to clear up the air. But Democrats don’t, do they? In fact, even mentioning election fraud makes one a domestic terrorist to Biden, federal law enforcement, and Democrat politicians.

Millions of Americans will not forget the lies, the deceit, and manipulation by Democrats and a complicit media. Crimes against the Republic, including those fostered by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Americans will NOT be unifying with you, the Democrat Party, or your globalist-Marxist partners. This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect that you gave President Trump. (Huge Percentage of Biden Voters Already Regret Their Vote)

Welcome to the resistance 2.0

Welcome to the Resistance 2.0.  Seventy-Five or more million Americans can stop Joe Biden and the Democrat’s horrible policies.  Biden’s overturning the XL Pipeline causing some estimate up to 100,00 direct and ancillary jobs. The overturning of Trump’s orders to provide affordable insulin and EpiPen to those most vulnerable, which will cost lives. Reducing the reduction of Abortion funding, leading to more American babies slaughtered in the womb. Declarations that conservatives are domestic terrorists.  The continued occupation of Washington, D.C. by the National Guard.  We are not China.

How can we stop it:  Call, write, email your representative in the House. Your senator in Congress. Your legislatures in your state.  Demand that they stand up for America and Americans and put a stop to Biden’s horrific plans to destroy America – all for the hatred of President Trump and the millions of us that support him.

Do something.  Contact the men and women in Washington DC and demand they give our voice back to those who they govern. And don’t forget to send your letter to the White House.  75 million mail-in demands count. Send a different letter, email, or phone call for every policy.

Contact Joe Biden and state elected officials
  • Contact  Joe Bidenonline, or call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours.
  • Locate your Senator’s contact information.
  • Find your State Representative representative website and contact information.
Local Elected Officials
  • Locate your mayor by name, city, or population size.
  • Find your county executive (the head of the executive branch of government in your county) by map search or your ZIP Code. The county executive may be an elected or an appointed position.
  • Get the contact information for your city, county, and town officials.



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Lead Image: By The White House, and United States Senate – (composition)File:Joe_Biden_official_portrait_2013_cropped.jpgFile:Senator_Harris_official_senate_portrait.jpg, Public Domain,

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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.